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The College that Kills
Death at 5400 Loch Raven Boulevard
© 2016 James LaFond
The night of my return to Harm City, in the wee hours of the dawning morning of 9/20/16, on a sidewalk I have walked hundreds of times, it what was once an upscale mixed-race neighborhood in the benign shadows of Church [now burnt], Hospital [where cops recently tasered a patient to death in the ER] and a historic university [that has its own police, crime rate and even murder rate] Morgan State University Sophomore, Marcus Edwards, was stabbed to death. This was not another Dindu on Dindone crime of the kind that propelled Harm City Hood Rats to the championship title in last year’s Urban League Thig Series.
I know a coach and a teacher at this historic black university who have reported a number of crimes against their students and players. These primarily involve wannabe thugs, attending college, waxing militantly black, in a Black Lives Matter kind of way, and then attacking fellow blacks with knives. The undercurrent of the Black Lives Matter movement has been twofold:
1. An all-out, day and night hunt for lone whites in the streets of Baltimore City and Baltimore county by teams of black men and youth on foot, in cars and on bicycles.
2. A commitment to dominance through the terror of menace and unprovoked mob attacks which is expressed via attacks on blacks that occupy the white ape game trails when the BLM teas are on patrol, which means that more blacks are being attacked by BLM thugs than whites and Latinos. All Latinos in Baltimore County now use cars to avoid the violence. The whites and blacks, with higher unemployment rates, and lacking the family support structure and ethnic solidarity of the Latino immigrants, are cutting back their work ours or quitting.
On the night Marcus was stabbed, I picked up a bus three miles up the road t the last major stop in use by patrons of the MTA after dark, and ghosted by for major transfer points swept clean of bus patrons of all races by BLM activity. The driver, a young, black, former military vet, who was easing off a recently shot black passenger in his wheel chair, confided that he was threatened by BLM militants early in the day. I found out later.
Later on, as a few blacks remained on the bus, too cautious to get off at my stop, at Old Eastern and Stemmers Run, which has been the most active hunting area for BLM thugs over these last 15 months, he wished me luck as I stepped off. While I was hitching up the new military backpack Ishmael had gifted me for our trek out west, the us pulled off with six black faces looking at me wild eyed like they were watching the next victim in a horror movie step out among the man eating fiends.
Across the street stood a terrified African woman in nursing scrubs, swiveling her head around as if looking for the bus that never came and for something ese that threatened. She fixated her eyes on me with what seemed a measure of hope, that I was staying and waiting for the bus that might never come. I stopped after crossing the street, checked the snaps on my pack, checked the three pens I had to expend in hood rat necks—as I could not transport a knife or razor through TSA security—and then watched her swallow hard and whimper, turning with pleading eyes on her heels and looking at me over her shoulder as I looked past her uncaringly to determine if I were being marked or followed.
She wrung her hands and scrunched her face and then darted behind the wall that backed the bus stop and I hiked out Old Eastern Avenue, in solitude. Every fifty paces I stopped and did a complete, slow 360-degree body turn, scanning for BLM thugs. I passed a nervous man and women walking a large dog.
After making Eastern Boulevard I passed a homeless white man in a white hard hat, sitting on the curb at the Insane Fat Woman’s Park, shielding his bag of tolls against the rain with his leather jacket. Little did I know that a hopeful police cadet and member of Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hard Work, was now bleeding to death three miles down the road from where I had boarded the #55, expecting an almost identical type of attack.
The Pagan Gods of Dindustan remain thirsty but they’re drinking someone else’s blood.
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B     Sep 22, 2016

You can put knives in checked luggage, no issues. They just don't want you stabbing anyone while in flight.

As for the Dindu martyr in Tulsa, he got high on PCP, parked his whip in the road facing oncoming traffic. When the video starts, he's down on his knees, hands up, cop has her gun drawn on him. Means the cop showed up and whatever he was doing spooked her enough that she drew down and put him on his knees. Then he gets up and walks away from the cops, and reaches into his truck, at which point they pop him.

I would have popped him, too. What were they supposed to do, wait for him to pull a gun out of the truck?
James     Sep 22, 2016

I didn't check luggage.

The guy clearly disobeyed people with guns pointed at him.

You know, cops always used to tell us—and still do—not to disobey criminals who point guns at us.

I do have a problem with bitch cops, because they only have the gun option. I had one screaming at me hysterically with her hand on her gun because some Dindu called the cops down on me for not wanting to get mugged. All I did was step back and stand my ground.
Sam J.     Sep 23, 2016

Noting the look the Black girl gave you at the bus stop. White people are supposed to save everyone yet we're also supposedly the most vile people on Earth.

One thing the Jews have done for a long time is to break people up into groups and declare one group to be suppressing the other. We should break up the Niցցers from the Blacks. Now I don't hang out with Blacks at all because the opportunity cost is too high. If I might end up around Niցցers instead of Blacks but I fully realize that there's lots and lots of decent Black people who just want to get along in their lives. We need to separate these people from the Niցցers and suppress the hell out of the Niցցers.

Allowing these people to just wander around murdering people is just crazy. It's insane.

As for the cops shooting lots of Blacks. That's tough. I certainly have no love for a lot of cops these days and I don't believe a lot of them are interested in keeping the peace. However I'm also fully aware that a lot do keep the peace and without them there could be major mayhem. Kinda like the dichotomy between Blacks and Niցցers. Most of all they need to ban any Israeli's or Jews training them in any manner.
James     Sep 24, 2016

Sam, the look this woman gave me was more than asking for help. She was terrified. last night no one was on the bus but me and three people—10% of former patrons. the walk to work up old eastern is becoming surreal. It's so bad I'm going to do it in fiction, in Skulker Jones.
Sam J.     Sep 23, 2016

"...The night of my return to Harm City..."

It must be depressing to come back there after all those wide open spaces. I've driven across the country about six times. It amazing the, I don't know the right words for this, feel, view and how big this nation is. It's really wondrous.
James     Sep 24, 2016

I miss the vault of heaven effect, the breeze, the luscious white women everywhere, the polite men who don't grovel...

If I were a young man I'd be out there starting a family.
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