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Praying to the Black Gods of Death
The Charlotte Parking Garage Video—Evidence of the Silent Super Authority
© 2016 James LaFond
Cell phone video of a mob of thugs walking down a white male, backing into a parking garage, and then stripping his pants off as he cowered, has made its rounds on the internet. However, most will never know the full extent of this humiliating scene, as some super-authority, able to edit all versions of this video on the existing web hosts, has edited out the first portion of the video, which showed the embodiment of white emasculation on one knee, hands together praying, begging to the Dindu Gods of Death for reprieve. The existing video begins immediately after that cut. In some cases the video has simply been removed.
There is no sense in me even linking to this video, as it has become such an ephemeral football. The only thing that really matters—for the fate of the wimp in question is not worthy of consideration—is why edit out his plea for mercy?
Any editing of the film can only help the mob’s image, as everything they did was terrible. So this cut was about changing the image of the target of their rage, from one of whining, cowering sympathy to one that simply depicted a rout of a beaten man, maybe a member of a racist white group that had been defeated by the black hero-mob. The only logical interpretation of the edit is that “the powers that be” whoever or whatever they-it are, saw fit to only remove the clear evidence that this cowering white ape could never be a danger to anyone, an oppressor of anyone—could never be seen as the representative of a group that once coined the term “master race” to describe itself. A boy begging for mercy with praying hands does not make a good surrogate for the hated Whiteman, who must be perceived as powerful to fulfill his scapegoat role.
And as for Caucasian solidarity, as the hunt for our kind is infused with renewed vigor, Mescaline Franklin commented, concerning this dysgenic individual and his attackers:
“Really, we can see films of mobs of gun-armed black dudes fleeing from little Chinese chicks popping off her gun like Yosemite Sam, and this faɡɡot prays and begs to these Dindus like they are gods! Why not just put us all in a dress… I’m sorry, but I’m done with niցցers after this. You know, some white nationalists, including the ones I respect the most, say that even if we get what we want, that there should be a place provided for blacks to live. Fuck that—they’ve become like a race of killer mutants. I’ll still treat every individual on their own merits. But I don’t care if a single black person makes it out the other side of the century.”
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Mesc Franklin     Sep 27, 2016

I will addendum it that any decent black folk deserve to survive the epoch and fulfill their destiny, but not these dysgenic bastard mutants. I don't excuse them as being like animals because they are men (and women,) humans with free will and must pay for their choice to do wrong!

I am so angry because I think this thing could have worked..naive I know.
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