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How You Can Use Hoodrats to Rate the Danger Level in Your Neighborhood
© 2016 James LaFond
Do you really want to know how dangerous a neighborhood is after dark?
Then ask the hoodrats!
How, you say, do you accomplish this?
Give out candy on Halloween.
This past Halloween, in the Baynesville neighborhood of Baltimore County, were a young lady has been abducted never to be seen, a cop has been bowled over and left lay on the sidewalk, a man was pistol-whipped at a busy intersection at 2:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, and mob attacks are common, there were mere handfuls of trick-or-treat children. The house I was having dinner at in Baynesville only had two knocks on the door, both before dark.
Baynesville is 15% black and has houses going for about 120k and has been targeted by Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the Federal Government as a resettlement zone for Baltimore City Criminals.
One mile down Loch Raven Boulevard, closer to the Pit of Crime that is Baltimore City is Loch Raven Village. Loch Raven Village is 20% black and 5% Latino. The houses go for 250k and the area has not only been bypassed for criminal resettlement but has benefitted from tax breaks for first time home buyers. The only crime in this area involves breaking into cars at night. Unlike Baynesville such ghetto amenities as liquor stores and convenience stores on back streets are missing.
My son handed out candy to the local children as well as the children from Baynesville. He gave each child one piece of candy of their choice and he bought good stuff, spent $45. He handed out 380 pieces of candy in two hours.
The numbers of black children were far in excess of the black residents—mostly professional couples without children—indicating that these Dindus came here for candy for the same reason that the car thieves and car looters from West Baltimore have targeted this area for their work—it’s safe.
Glenn quizzed the teenagers as to their costumes, which were not always apparent. The three favorite costumes for Dindu youth were:
3. Brand apparel model, with matching brand attire from sneakers to fitted hat [absolutely the most expensive costume]
2. Drug dealer in hooded sweatshirt
1. “Punched in the face” or “Knockout game victim,” dressed normally, with makeup blackening one eye
The best indication of a habitable suburban neighborhood is breeding Caucasians. However, absent this indication, heavy Halloween traffic, especially kids being car-pooled in by parents from other areas, is a good indication that the little criminal minds on your porch regard your place as both a safe haven and also a target for property crime.
Dindustan is here to stay, so if you’re not rich and must live near your job site, the best you can do is find a minimal crime locale and who better to advise you than Dindukind?
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Sam J.     Nov 7, 2016

I know this off topic sorta. It's a video on how to deter crime. Specifically Trump signs. This guy hooked a electric fence shocker to his Trump sign. A guy came along knocked it down, pulled out his &*&% and well you'll have to see. It's funny.
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