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Breeder's Digest #7
Postmodern Slavery, and the Priest-King of Gotham
© 2013 James LaFond
“You’re gonna have face-recognition software. People are working on that. We’re gonna have more visibility and less privacy…It’s scary, but what’s the difference whether the drone is up in the air or on the buildings.”
-3/23/13, NYC Mayor Bloomberg
Bloomberg’s oligarchical standing: 27 billion dollars; 7th richest oligarch in the U.S.A.
Bloomberg’s 5/20/13 career recommendation for aspiring university students: be a plumber
Since 5% of Gotham peasants live in public housing, and 20% of crime is committed by these same people, Bloomberg has suggested finger printing all public housing residents, igniting a storm of liberal scorn.
What is the sense in complaining about the fingerprinting, when, as Bloomberg pointed out on 4/26/13, “You’re never going to know where our cameras are.”
4.4 million New Yorkers have been stopped and frisked under Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial profiling initiative. 6% of these stops resulted in charges being filed against the suspect.
“Packing More Guns Than the Air Force”
The oppressed genius who rapped the above line was arrested and charged along with 19 others for running guns from South Carolina to Gotham. 250 guns were confiscated, and he was said to travel with up to 14 on his person. The ring largely relied on discount ‘Chinatown buses’ for transportation.
Rate of increase in diagnosed psychopathy from 1998 thru 2013: double
-source, Free Domain Radio
Worldwide value of people sold into slavery in 2012: 42 billion dollars
Common occupations of slaves: sex object; domestic servant; panhandler
Notable countries of origin for slaves: Russia and other former Soviet republics; Eastern Europe; Black Africa; China; the Philippines
Slaves are known to be shipped to and owned in non-black Islamic Nations, Israel, and the United States of America.
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