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'You Think Men Are Mean, Just Wait!'
Akira on Organa and the Author's Writing Essays
© 2013 James LaFond
This week I received a handwritten letter from a reader, who is a civil servant and does not wish to go on record as having commented on this website. As she pointed out, “Since what’s-his-name did what he did and fled to Russia you-know-who has a filter on 70% of e-mail traffic. That is why I am using snail mail, an alias, and won’t click on any of those dissident sites in your network [page].”
About herself Akira had this to say when I called to ask if I could convert her letter into site content, “I’m from a small town in coastal North Carolina with one streetlight. I moved to Maryland to work for the MVA [Motor Vehicle Administration] so that I could get a handicapped tag and not have to walk from the back of the Wal-Mart parking lot. 'I’m goin’ to lunch bitch, so wait in line another hour for your driver’s license'. I take the best pictures though. You look good when I do your license, not like some post office mug shot.”
The lady reviews some of our sale and free content below.
Through a Glass Darkly
“In another life you must have been black or oppressed. Keep looking at things your way. It makes you stand out.”
On Writer’s Block
“‘Let me brag a while! I’m awesome! My mind works overtime all the time!’
You’re smart enough to get away with arrogance.
Be careful of what you say around James.
Stop bitching and invest in a padded chair.
Yikes! What a scary bitch! I hope you ass-f….. her.”
Where is Bill Clinton when you need him?
From Beyond a Dark Age Grave
“Hallucinations can be fun and thought-provoking. Why do people want to see you struggling? I guess it’s human nature. You now have a plan for future illness.”
Gay Incestuous Time-traveling Mutant Quadruplets
“The title really turned me off. Thanks for breaking down the concepts of science-fiction.”
The Chronological Alien
“Children and the elderly are so much fun. Your [fiction] writing takes an adjustment period for someone that doesn’t read sci-fi and fantasy to get into the story being told.”
The Sad Scientist
“You guys were crazy and I would have been concerned if I would have been a female teacher. As a male teacher, I would want to join you on the island. I wish you and Jonathan could have been friends. Quirky friends make the best characters. What type of girl did Jonathan select?”
I can’t recall, just a girl that never even showed up on Rick and mine’s sexual radar.
“What a beautiful story. Can’t wait for a female dominated world! You guys suck! You think men are mean, just wait! I liked the avatars, especially Lars and his outfits. He dressed for every occasion. Tray was cool. He was an unsuspecting hero. I was shocked the way it ended. What is Organa going to do? How long will she live? Will they try to kill her?”
Well Akira, it sounds like a sequel is in order. I’ll see if I can pull it off this winter. Based on your second, third and fourth sentences in this review, I think you just earned a spot as the villain. I think I’ll name her Akira Mons, Chief Executive of Dark Side Inc., a subsidiary of Luna Corp.
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