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Narco-state News #3
Planet Prozac
© 2013 James LaFond
Maybe it’s just because I’m a nut, but it never occurred to me until recently that poor mental health might be a driver for addiction. I have generally been pretty callous where the addicted are concerned, pointing out how I beat my peanut M&M addiction to nicotine slaves for instance. My pet peeve is what I call the ‘Instant family, just add alcohol’ complex, personified by the occupants of stoner bars who have two drinks and then start calling you brother and hugging you.
This past weekend, I was reminded that my own mental health is often called into question by those around me. Brett and I had just finished a savage stick-fight when a female karate instructor asked me, “Where do you find all of these crazy people? I worked in mental health for fifteen years and never saw anything like this!”
I retorted, “That’s because we have been hiding from you—beating each other in secret in basements and backrooms!”
Canadian Socrates to the Rescue
Stefan Molyneux is a philosopher I listen to on You—O’Sauron hasn’t shut it down yet—Tube. He makes his living through donations, and I cannot afford to donate, so I promote him here. The following revelations are taken from a few of his recent podcasts. The comments in italics are my own callous opinion.
20-40% of young females are mentally ill, depending on who is pointing the divining rod at them. Solomon Kane or Mohammad would have just burned the crazy woman, and Cochise would have moved his camp and left the angry bitch behind.
1 in 4 women are on anti-depressants—and the rest are smoking crack, shooting heroin, popping ills, sucking on cigarettes and knocking back booze.
Traditional human cultures have 4 educators [mom, dad, grandma, granddad] to one student [you, you little pain-in-the ass—the ballgame is on, get out of the way!]
Currently, government schools in the developed world have 1 educator to 25 students, resulting in horizontal cultural conditioning [a mob mentality peer-pressure/consumer oriented mindset] or children raising children.
3 in 4 civilized children are struck or otherwise abused by their parents. Come on Stefan, monkeys do it on Animal Planet, so it can’t be our culture’s fault.
The unconscious mind processes information 7-8,000 times faster than the conscious mind. This is why intuition and dreams were traditionally trusted by early man, and why less analytic-dependent women seem to be so good at picking out a loser at a glance, and maybe get depressed easier than their male counterparts who are still trying to quantify the cultural decay around them.
95% of people have a conscience, and are hence potentially well-meaning.
4% of people have no conscience and see people as nothing but tools to be manipulated. Politicians are naturally drawn from this segment of humanity. These are the creeps who manipulate the majority of the 95-percentile into doing bad things to one another in the guise of some perceived good cause. Military history would be pretty boring without these people. Do not threaten the quality of my nonfiction reading list Stefan!
1% of people have an anti-conscience and mean to harm others for the sake of enjoying the infliction of said negative action.
Since 1998 psychopathy has doubled
Have a nice day with your crazy lady of choice, and remember to thank Stefan from Free Domain Radio for the disturbing diagnosis of your matrimonial bliss.
I, for one, am feeling depressed just now—where is my stick?
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