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Jeremy Bentham on the Lead-Slinging Case
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Baltimore Private Investigator Shoots Teen Displaying Fake Gun
Baltimore Private Investigator Shoots Teen Displaying Fake Gun
Posted at 10:03 pm on December 22, 2016 by Staff
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BALTIMORE (AP) – Baltimore police say a private investigator shot a 13-year-old boy who opened his car door and brandished what turned out to be a replica gun...
Jeremy, Southwest Baltimore is a patchwork of uninhabitable hellholes and nice looking enclaves that are patrolled by gangs of feral hoodrats from these same uninhabitable hellholes. The most dangerous thing a white person can do is sit and observe from a car as depicted in movies and on TV. These hoodrats look for parked individuals and will kill or carjack them on pure impulse. This began in the early 1990s in D.C., where at least five cops were killed while parking at observation points. When ever I go into such neighborhoods to interrupt one of my fighters from having sex while in training or simply to evaluate the area for the Baltimore Travel Guide, I always observe on foot. Ideally my driver stays behind the wheel. If you are both on foot, you may well be swarmed. If you are both in the car, you may be shot or jacked. But if one is out and about and another is behind the wheel the hoodrats tend to behave indecisively.
I used to work with Mister Bill, who was retired from Army Intelligence in the early 1970s. During the Vietnam War he tortured Viet Cong and NVA regulars at Fort Meade—no shit. he trained guys in field interrogations using real enemy. This guy looked like Eliot Ness—used to intimidate all of is coworkers just by the way he smoked his cigarette and wore his fedora. A 13-year-old kid stuck him up while he was sitting in his car. He told me that he was impressed by the kid's composure and thought he's make a good field operative...
Baltimore Woman shot in front of children in home invasion dies
Jeremy, this was definitely a drug war hit. 6:30 in the evening used to be too early to start kicking in doors in Harm City, but not anymore.
Life in Dindustan
‘I Was In Fear For My Life’: Man Demands Armed Robbery Be Streamed Live On Facebook
December 23, 2016 11:15 PM
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An armed robbery on Staten Island was streamed live on Facebook because the suspect wanted to be seen on camera during the crime.
Abdul “AK” Aziz usually has fun with his customers at his Jersey Street deli on Staten Island, but when 30-year-old Rasheem Harrison walked in Wednesday morning and pulled out a huge knife, the fun stopped, CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported.
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