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No Christmas Truce for Harm City
As the holiday approaches, little letup in city homicide rate Justin Fenton
© 2016 James LaFond
There truly is no rest for the wicked, especially not in Harm City.
I would like to thank Jeremy Bentham for this link to an article written by The Baltimore Sun's only good crime reporter.
"The continuing violence has made 2016 the second-deadliest on record for Baltimore on a per capita basis. The homicide rate this week pushed past 50 killings per 100,000 residents, second only to the record-high rate of 55.2 killings per 100,000 residents in 2015, when 344 people were killed."
Justin does fail to give the Harm City Hoodrats score, which has me miffed. I now they have dropped about 320 bodies and are unlikely to last year's 344, but, this mostly seems to be matter of inexperience, with 899 shootings, the same as this time last year, but with less effect. If this keeps up Baltimore could eventually have the same poor kill rate as Chicago. The reason for this is largely that we are seeing fewer "friend" assassinations and more walk-up hits by strangers. These numbers are also being achieved in the face of BPD protection for drug gangs and their push to lock up as many members of the dominant BGF drug gang as possible. Interestingly, Justin pointed out that in 2015 three cities, D.C., Chicago and Baltimore, accounted for half of the murder increase nationwide. It is my opinion that, in Baltimore, this is largely due to the fact that Anarcho-Tyranny policies have been implemented, making this city something of a pilot program for future American cities. Incidentally, adjacent Baltimore County has been experiencing the increase that Baltimore City residents were expecting, because the City and Feds have been pushing these same policies and criminals into that municipality.
Check out Justin's report at the link below. I'm sure he's saving the body count for an end-of-year retrospective piece.
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