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Ax Food at the Stockyard
Jihad Update - 7 Injured, Suspect Arrested in Ax Attack at German Train Station
"There was blood everywhere. I have never experienced anything like that."
© Special police commandos arrive at the main train station in Duesseldorf, Germany, after people were... Image: Special police commandos arrive at the main train station in Duesseldorf
Alex Johnson and Carlo Angerer
A man wielding an ax rampaged through the main train station in Düsseldorf, Germany, on Thursday, injuring seven people before he was arrested after jumping off an overpass, police said.
Düsseldorf police said three of the victims were seriously injured in the attack, which was reported at 8:50 p.m. (2:50 p.m. ET).
The suspect — described only as a 36-year-old man from the former Yugoslavia living in the nearby city of Wuppertal — was also injured while trying to escape, police said. They said he is believed to have acted alone and "apparently has mental problems."
No other details were immediately available, including indications of a possible motive, police said. The train station reopened early Friday.
Read more obfuscation below:
Of course, there is no word as to the religious affiliation of this hombre. Once again, the editorial board at the Radio Free Dindustan News Desk [occupying a utility closet at CNN headquarters, Atlanta] must punt, and limit speculation to the most probable attacker type—Amish.
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