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Beyond Stalin’s Wettest Dream
Tracking the Dark Flowering of Hysteria with Fred Reed
© 2013 James LaFond
I have just read five of Fred Reed’s columns for his site Fred on Everything, which is on our network page. He has 577 articles archived on his site. If I were drafted as a soldier in the Army Against Political Correctness, my first move would be to nominate Fred Reed as our commander. Never fear Charles, being taller than I, you would be brought along as my own personal human shield, not to be left behind on that milk crate.
From 12/17/10 we can find Fred’s prediction of a modern American media gulag in Awaiting The Storm. It goes to show that placing distance [Fred is living in exile with a babe south of the border] between yourself and a mess lends perspective and clarity. I am often accused of being too experiential, getting mixed up with my content. For those people who have made that case, Fred serves as a shining example that you do not have to be up to your elbows in a particular sewer to be able to smell something bad in the air.
There is a hilarious recent article, Ideas Whose Time Has Come, on why Fred believes that the noted biblical scholar, Reverend Al Sharpton’s call for reparations for slavery is just, and what he is doing to repay his own debt to the American black, including putting his own household slaves on a greyhound bus to Memphis.
In the recent article, Mudgeon at the Bat, he discusses the fuss over the Washington Native American’s football team, and proposes affirmative action for the NFL.
In his 10/27/13 post, Valentines?, Fred takes on ‘the pussification of America’ in a discussion about female teachers making life a living uneducable hell for boy students in America. Fred’s old school look at questions like why boys with higher IQ scores than girls do so much more poorly in school, and why males and females are not exactly alike, sure beats what the modern masculinity guys are saying about it. Fred describes what he calls ‘feminization with fangs’ with a flare that could never be tolerated in major media.
I do not argue with people, least of all women. However, if you are one of those inclined to argue over politically sensitive topics, like not drugging our boys into a nation of feminized speed freaks, then tune into Fred for some lines to spice your debate.
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