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'How Many Books Are You Writing?'
A Man Question from Justin: Updated 11/30/23
© 2017 James LaFond
"James Lafond is a writer and boxing coach who until recently lived in the part of town in Baltimore where people hope they don't break down. He's written over a hundred books ranging from literary and social criticism, to novels, to boxing manuals, to charting his hometown's violent descent into the Third-World. He has lived in the belly of this monster and seen the ugly reality of its corruption first hand (as well as the occasional heroic attempt by some of its people to retain their dignity in defiance of it). However, other than for podcasters engaging in Wrong-Think who grasp the relevance of his work, the mainstream Right can't be bothered."
-Samuel Finlay, Author of Breakfast with the Dirt Cult
I am switching this worksheet to the Gaming page just so I can find it. I am adding the word count for each book in progress as I compile them from the site and back them up. 8/20/17
The answer is, man, I don't know.
So, as my favorite YouTuber, Varg would say, "Let's find out."
Actually, this may help my editor, Lynn and the proof readers, plan their various schedules. When it gets to the In Process of Publication list it's up to these three when it goes up for sale.
I will return to this and update it as books move up the composition ladder—I'm a boxing coach dude.
As of June 2023 am effort to put out as many unedited books as drafts is being made, to exclude history books.
Started = 9
I have begun the book, perhaps even written a few chapters, but the work is currently dormant and mostly incomplete.
-Of Ichor and War
-Norns of Aryas
-Battle 540 words
-Nihil, 777 words
-I could Not Kiss Ass!, 1800 words
In Progress = 5
I'm pecking away at this one, in no hurry. Check the tag for the last few posts to get an idea of the pace.
-In This New Israel: Planters
-In This New Israel: Reapers
-In This New Israel: Inheritors
-Shrouds of Aryas [51 chapters]
-SPQR 14 chapters
Nearing Completion = 1
If I did no writing but work on this book, it would be done in a week. Listed in order of projected completion.
-The Boxer Dread [19,200 words]
Being Prepared for Publication = 64
Is being edited, proofed, the manuscript ritually balanced on a stripper's ass as she pours wine into my mouth...
When it disappears from here, find it at the link below.
Print drafts can be accessed by clicking the tab at the top of this page.

2023 Completions =9
-Out Of the Cookie, journal 50,672 words
-Motherboard, novel at 14,947 words
-American Dog, novel at 30,497 words
-Immediate Post Life, journal at 12,171 words
-Spring Migration Journal, 48,010 words, May
-Cragmouth, RPG sourcebook, 29,500 words, April
-Winter Met, Journal, at 47,772 words, March
-Timejacker, a novel at 40,330 words, February
-Can, a novel at 14,914 words, January

2022 Completions = 24
-Letters from the Inner Reaches at 18,411 words
-Seeker Cain at 24,668 words
-Wife—36,690 words
-Ether & Nether at 23,679 words
-Graphomaniac Diaries at 22,285 words
-Destination Winter at 15,506 words
-Songs of Aryas at 61,696 words
-Moonbow at 16,468 words
-Holiday Blue at 34,909
-Dialogues at Dusk at 25,152 words
-Plantation America, at 92,051 words
-Awes West at 13,008 words, on 17th
-Writ Hate at 15,207 words,
-Dipping Out at 13,278 words
-Dystopia Now, 24,805 words
-The Search for Juju Quartermaine [37,000 words]
-Covidocracy [10,903 words
-Ranger? [64,919 words]
-In the Feedlot of Souls [24,100 words]
-Into the Gaslight [17005 words]
-Sea to Citay See, at 40,772 words
-Wake Christopher [20,014 words]
-Plague Journal [46,494 words]
-Sorcerer [37,050 words]

2021 Completions [10]
-Blunders of the Divisible World [108,079 words]
-In These Goings Down [136,076 words]
-Beyond the Pale [28,305 words]
-Bend Time [42,726 words]
-A Wrong Time Ago [43,468 words]
-Beasts of Aryas at 117,465 words
-Of an Iron Harp at 16,374 words,
-Baltimore Requiem at 29,726 words
-Fire and Vice [27,985 words]
-Uprising, 21,782 words

2020 Completions [6]
-Prentice Dolphin [17,567 words ]
-Search for an American Spartacus [140,798 words]
-Randy Bracken Goes to Hell: [40,000-plus words]
-Juan Stabone: Tao of the Last Good Cop [10,759 words]
-Might [63,617]
-Sons of Aryas [117, 403 words]

2019 and before [15]
-Ghost Snatcher [14,597 words]
-Meat-Puppet Masquerade [62,696 words]
-Confessor [11,832 words]
-Seven Moons Deep [67,235 words]
-Knuckleheads and Wonderboys and Weirdworkers [70,055 words ]
-On Combat [40,962]
-Of Fear and Night [27,319]
-WrongThink Sink [66,835 words]
-Within the Reduction Engine [38,111 words]
-Vagabond Mind [47,872 words]
-Woke Devil [30,805 words]
-Why Grownups Suck [29,756 words] Vile Root included
-Harm City 2 Chicongo 1 [51,984 words]
-Of Dogs and Men, 5,845 words
Books In Progress =79
15 in writing progress and 64 in the publishing process.
God May Not Throw Dice
‘I Have Unwittingly Ruined My Country’
z-pill forever
the gods of boxing
fiction anthology one
barbarism versus civilization
winter of a fighting life
orphan nation
the fighting edge
thriving in bad places
on combat
on the overton railroad
into leviathan’s maw
book of nightmares
logic of force
night city
logic of steel
songs of aryas
the combat space
dark, distant futures
son of a lesser god
time & cosmos
broken dance
by the wine dark sea
blue eyed daughter of zeus
within leviathan’s craw
the greatest boxer
let the world fend for itself
the sunset saga complete
the first boxers
america the brutal
advent america
under the god of things
masculine axis
taboo you
solo boxing
the greatest lie ever sold
the lesser angels of our nature
menthol rampage
when you're food
song of the secret gardener
your trojan whorse
honor among men
the year the world took the z-pill
guest     Apr 18, 2017

I don't see "write proper Wikipedia entry" on this list.

It's the first stop on the internet, you miss a beat not having one!

Maybe something for this Lynn fella to do? *nudge nudge*
Paul Bingham     Oct 23, 2017

How much do I have to pay to get more articles by James and less by the rest of these guys?
James     Oct 23, 2017

I take that as a compliment, Paul.

Thank you.

My ratio of articles wanes when books are being wrapped up, of which I rarely post the last few chapters online. I'm wrapping up four just now.

However, this is frustrating for me. I outlined 37 articles, 13 on stick-fighting, 7 on masculinity, book reviews, etc., this past week, which I have not written yet.

What would help me at such points—and they are legion—is if a reader would point me in a certain direction. This energizes.

Towards this end, feel free, at any time, to assume managing editorial status and send in a comment or email suggesting—nigh, demanding—a subject you would like me to address, general or specific and I will do so.

For today, let me get to it and see what can be done.

As for payment, buying books or donating will do fine.

Best regards, James
SidVic     Feb 1, 2018

Paul, buy his books on amazon! He also has a patreon account, although that appears to be a hot mess currently. Nevertheless, you could easily become a patron of the arts. Some pretty classy, high flyin shit for guys like us!

Ahem, yes james appears to lack the instinct for self promotion. He also appears to repel money like garlic repels vampires. He needs a good (((manager))) although the lovely lynn has been helping him out alot.
James     Feb 1, 2018


I'm really sorry about the patreon account. It is like pulling teeth just for me to get on the back end of that site. The site barred me access today when I tried to write this. It seems to be designed for images, video and audio, not text. The only thing I create is text and to place text on the patreon page requires a separate copy and paste for every line of a verse, every paragraph of narrative.

Imagine writing a novel on Face Book.

Thus far just doing what I have done with patreon has set me back creatively by about a book.

I really appreciate folks signing up and pledging, but I doubt if I will be charging on many of those pledges or posting any additional text on the patreon page.

15 minutes of trying to negotiate a technical computer hurdle takes as much mental energy for me as writing 7,000 words over 10 hours. I am not writing the second half of a novella today because I tried to make a patreon post and failed and my mind is now exhausted.
SidVic     Feb 1, 2018

No worries. Maybe try something else on patreon based upon others successful applications of the site. For instance 50$, for 20 minutes discussions with you and lynn once a month. You could publish them as a podcast on your facebook page. You come off relatively good in that format as you have proved. I'm just spitballin, of course. Stay resilient, and cagey.
James     Feb 1, 2018

I appreciate the feedback, SidVic.

I will probably let the patreon site remain as a place for pledges to be posted but not charged until I get a photo study or video of a research site and see about posting that on occasion to support my research. I'll collect a little for some of the books and travel expenses, maybe post a picture of a bus ticket to a plantation or burial ground or of a book I purchased. I'm still trying to figure out how I can use it to support the historical writing projects. I suppose it was conceived to support scripts and such, where the writing is not presented as a finished work in text form.

I appreciate the feedback as I've been totally lost trying to make sense of what patreon has suggested. I had better luck reading Greek at the Peabody than trying to make sense of social media platforming.

In the meantime, I set up a tag on this site, Plantation America, which links to it and I'll just post the text here.
Scomoedee     Jun 27, 2018

For readers who want to support recommend leaving positive reviews on Amazon. James is churning them out and every positive review helps the book gain a little more publicity.
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