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Why Lie About White Slavery?
Bridgette Takes the Author to Task over His “Conspiracy Theory” Allegations About American History
“Okay, I understand that some white people may have conspired to keep the black people down and that some black people surely conspired to rise up. So in that sense, sure, there is such a thing as conspiracies. But to think that rich, poor, black and white all agreed, ‘Let’s hide this thing,’ that’s what I have a problem with.’
Bridgette, that is not what I am suggesting. Was there a conspiracy to silence the story of white slavery in America? Yes there was, but only by affluent, white academics from 1865 through today, and more recently, since 1968, among affluent, black academics.
Over all what occurred on the ground at the very time each individual in each group addressed the issue of servile identity, is similar to the one drop rule in America, a rule which was instituted by white slave masters to keep people of African descent with mixed parentage enslaved, and is now, tragically, wholeheartedly embraced by nearly all American blacks. I recently watched a PBS documentary on slavery in which all of the academics appeared to me to be white folk. However, my friend, a black academic, who knew who these people were, kept pointing to them and saying, “No, she’s black too.” She even pointed to a red headed woman with pinkish white skin and blue eyes and said that she too was black. There is no more blatant lie than to look at a person of mixed race and say that they are all of one race, that the African blood is better, superior, stronger, and the white blood is weak, inferior, instantly abolished by a superior genetic strain, when you can mate a dark black man with a ghostly white Irish girl and get a child that is exactly halfway between in skin tone and hair texture—for I know such people.
Yet, blacks and whites overwhelming agree that there should be no mixed race category, that one drop black makes you all black. Why is this?
Did all the blacks and whites get together and decide this by vote?
No, the key is that the one drop rule serves everybody except the child, and the child has never had a high standing in European or African culture, so why should we expect our mongrel society to place the child’s sense of continuity before our own grand and mean delusions?
The only societies I have studied that truly valued their children were the Amerindian peoples, whom the whites and blacks together displaced from their lands. It seems that raising quality children is a poor group survival strategy compared to breeding as many as possible. Generally speaking an Indian warrior was worth two whites or blacks on the battlefield, But Indian cultures limited their breeding to maintaining their numbers, not increasing them, so being outnumbered 30-1 by low quality men spelled their doom. Ironically most Indians regarded whites and blacks as members of the same crazy race, as they held to the same greedy values and continually beat their children.
As for the one drop rule, it serves all. Blacks have always been a small minority and wish to increase their numbers so that they have a greater say in politics. Whites, on the other hand see themselves as the privileged, elite caste in our society, thinking themselves superior to blacks—especially liberals have this opinion and is why they are so palsied with guilt over the black condition in America.
Let us apply this logic to white slavery, which consumed more souls in this land than did black slavery. See, That His Master May Have Him Again for the numbers.
As first white, class-based servitude ended, soon followed [within a single generation] by black, race-based servitude, who among the following factions would wish to keep alive the story of white slavery?
-Emancipated blacks have gained greatly in moral standing, have indeed become the martyr minority of America, due to their claim of having been the only people ever on this continent to be unjustly held in bondage.
-The white elite, who sat atop fortunes built on the backs of whites and blacks in conditions of horrid servitude, decided to play the lowly whites and blacks off against each other by only recognizing the black condition and hence letting the poor descendants of white slaves take the majority of the blame for black slavery! Now that was some diabolic white deviltry there.
-To cinch the triple-delusion, the poor whites, whose parents or ancestors were servants let that memory be forgotten as they wished nothing more than to have full rights in a class-based society and had no desire to have marriage options and business partnerships withheld due to their lowly origins. To a large degree this was pre-ordained as the jealous slave mentality has persisted in American culture in the cults of greed and celebrity which produced our latest president. There is also the influence of literature. Since literature was produced by and/or for the elite class, when literacy came to the underclass they identified with those stories, that more often than not featured a prince or princess who did not know they were royalty until a transformative moment in the storyline.
There you go, Bridgette, it wasn’t a conspiracy, it was a very predictable, tacit agreement between rich whites, poor whites and blacks to forget the millions of worked-to-death white lives interred in unmarked graves. This is reflected in the politics of the Olde Flushing Towne Burial Ground in Queens New York, where, according to the history inscribed on the memorial marker, large numbers of poor whites were interred over an old Indian burial ground for more than 100 years, with, at the end of its use, black servants and slaves interred their also for a couple decades. Any logical deduction—particularly accounting for the massive known migrations of Irish into New York during the period when it was exclusively a white mass grave site, would conclude that this was a potters’ field, desecrating an extinct native burial ground, and was, towards the end of its grisly history, somewhat elevated in stature as a place fitting for beloved black servants of the rich whites to be interred with head stones, where there had been no headstones for the victims of the Irish Holocaust, whose bones moldered beneath the relatively small number of black graves.
Bridgette, we live in an evil society based on greed, force and popularity. In such a pit of vipers, the Truth has no place, so must lie defiled beneath the bright, shining lies that bind us, speaking of which, there is a fourth force at work here, the greatest force, the Government, the State, which directs education and walks and lies hand-in-hand with the media and the wealthy elite. The State, as such, is tolerated by people because we believe that it functions justly and for our own good. If it came to be known that slavery was a state policy, that the colonial governments worked hand-in-hand with the plantation owners to enslave white, red and black equally, then we might get the silly notion in our head that the Government is Bad. So, even though all of those in power were white elites at the time the memory of white slavery was dutifully erased from history, it was better to blame it on old and outdated notions of racial prejudice held by their ancestors, than to blame it on the very machine that served them so well, then, now and in their ancestral Eden of plantation America.
If you think the case for government involvement in slavery is overblown, then you have been hoodwinked. Here is one tidbit. The Father of our Country, George Washington, our first president, who turned down the title of king and voluntarily stepped down, had decided that his black slaves would be freed upon his death and replaced by cheaper German servants, who could be held in the nation’s capital, Philadelphia, ten times as long as blacks! His evil, bitch wife, Martha, objected to this and the Government sided with her and his slaves remained in bondage.
And we aren’t silly, are we, Bridgette?
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LynnApr 25, 2017

Our rulers would never lie to us, they love us! Lol.
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