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Block-Head Jab Drill
Learning How To Deal with the KO Puncher in Your Bag Work
© 2017 James LaFond
The hand span is addressed in this drill as well as the tactical aspect of boxing that just flies over everybody’s head.
The most important thing I’d like you to notice is that I’m getting good power on a half power jab while I’m moving out of the way. I am doing this old, after a nights work, at a time when it took me 15 minutes to get my shoes on and an hour to walk a half mile—I’m a gimp who was having trouble timing my footstep and getting it in sync with the jab. What did I do?
Look for this at about 1:20
I did what injured fighters of old often did, guys like Jersey Joe, Archie Moore and Ken Norton, I dragged my rear foot lightly but in contact to increase the chances that most of my available weight would be shifted into the punch instead of gambling that all or none would go into the punch.
Note on the final sequence that the power of the posted jab becomes equal to the sliding right hand, which albeit is not a KO punch but has stopping power, in boxing meaning “respect getting” power.
When boxing people call a man a “boxer” they mean he punches evasively.
When they call him a “puncher” they mean that he uses more direct means to shock the boxer and pierce his defenses.
A “boxer puncher” is an adaptable fighter who will play both roles as needed based on the relative qualities of the opponent.
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