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Breeder’s Digest #15
The Care & Feeding of Barbarian Whelps and Civilized Brats-to-be
© 2013 James LaFond
“I’ve got to grow old in a world populated by these people.”
-Stefan Molyneux
The above child advocate and philosopher provided most of the information below. I bet you can’t tell which items I inserted from my own research.
Children who have been spanked have a 3-5 point lower IQ score than those who have been raised by permissive hippie types.
Genghis Khan was a little-appreciated child advocate, permitting conquered people shorter than a wagon wheel to live. If you were a Turk in 1228, you better have been a child.
A 2013 Brown University study indicated that breastfeeding improves brain development.
Mongol children learned to ride before they could walk. You gear heads might want to try a modern version of this vocational toddler training.
Parents who participate in the federal WIC program are less likely to breast feed.
In the 1970s Nestle planted phony uniformed nurses in South African hospitals to promote formula use. This initiative was a success. Due to the hazardous nature of the local drinking water available to mix with the formula many children sickened and died as a result.
Apache boys were made to run long distances in arid mountains with their mouths full of water without swallowing it. They did not drink Similac!
Frequency of breastfeeding by major U. S. racial group:
Asian = 86%
Hispanic = 81%
White = 78%
Black = 68%
I have placed this study here in the Breeder’s Digest largely as an attempt to seize the moral high ground, and win, once and for all, an ongoing debate with a lesbian tennis fan. When she declared Venus Williams to be far more desirable a mate than her sister Serena, I objected, pointing out that Serena would be better equipped to bear and nurse the small army of combat athletes I had in mind. Now Ajay, the information above proves that I’m more than a sexist breeder, but one that cares, cares for the children and their fledgling minds—a veritable pillar of altruism!
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