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The Push Cart
Big Ron and the Dindu Chimpout, July 4, 2004, Light Street, After 10 P.M.
I was coming back from watching the fireworks on Fourth of July on Key Highway and somehow got turned around and was headed out Light Street and there was this Greek couple—Italian, maybe—who had a cart where they were selling glow in the dark bracelets and such and the Dindus had flipped over the cart and were beating the man and the woman.
There were various sizes, teenagers, at least a dozen, it looked like a swarm.
The Greek man, his cart is on its side, half in the street, half on the side walk. There was some hands throw and he got bull-rushed over and was on the ground getting kicked and stomped at by a group of people.
The wife, she was slung to the ground by her hair and she was also getting the boots [sneakers] many boots, about twelve of them and these teenage dindus are kicking the shit out of these folks in their late 50s.
I wasn’t going to watch this, so I got out. I seen this going on and I got my wife and kids in the car and we’re stuck in traffic headed north on Light Street and I said, “I can’t watch this.”
I hopped out, told her shut the door behind me, to get in the driver’s seat.
I and another guy, a little older than me, late thirties, white man, had the same idea, we were running over and the dindus disengaged, and at the same time the cops come running and the dindus disappear like a puff of smoke. They were gone.
The two people were conscious, bloody and beaten up. But they got to their feet.
I flipped the guy’s cop over and pushed it up on the sidewalk and was told by the authorities that they had it from there. They didn’t want concerned citizens helping out other citizens—want everybody to think that the police have got it.
It was only seconds, our response, we ran on over, they disengaged, and then when the cops were coming they blew around us and ran off.
There has been heavy black-on-white street violence on July 4th in Baltimore, since at least 1995.
Unless you were a well-heeled sucker putting yourself in stupid positions violence was interpersonal, gang stuff, personal stuff. Now you have the government not wanting people to defend fellow citizens, even though they don’t show up until your dead. You can’t expect everyone to be a young virile man being able to fight, but if you are, you should help out. Imagine if this was a society where it was a man’s duty, that instead of waiting for the police you stepped up and did what needed to be done, then these kids get squashed and it never happens again.
The Hunt for Whitey
Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny
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Sam J.Jul 11, 2017

What we need is random guerilla war against the Dindus. Give them what we get. I bet we would be much better at it that they are.
LaManoJul 11, 2017

I'm tellin' ya, this right here is one of the things on my mind when I wrote a few days ago about "How do we help get things turned around?"

I'm making my way through all of JL's books on how you DEFEND yourself when you're outnumbered and alone on turf abandoned by civilization.

But when you say "I'm not going to stand by and watch this like some kind of white scared faggot!" and you want to go help like Big Ron did, how do you approach that? I suspect that if I and my two sons piled out of a car, totalling 19'6" and massing 750 pounds total, that 90% of the time the scrotes would run, but what happens when they don't? What's the right way to move in and take care of business if the bad guy is standing his ground?

Here at home, we're all armed on our own streets. But we wouldn't be if we were on our way to Camden Yards for a ball game ... other techniques are needed.

Maybe it's worth an article or a chapter in the next book "If You Have To Help Stop The Rot" ..... ?
Sam J.Jul 12, 2017

I want to add to this. The idea that guerilla warfare is unbeatable is nonsense. Here's how to stop it. I read a good article on this the other day but I can't remember the link.

The way it's stopped is to punish those in the general area. The Nazis did this in the Ukraine. An example they gave was stringing up wire to kill the Nazis motorcycle riders. They would burn down everything around the attack. If a village shot at their people they would drag out several people at random and shoot them. Not nice but it worked.

If Dindus attack then in the general area they should be attacked back. People over time know where generally the attacks are coming from. Exact specificity is not needed for them to get the message. This is exactly how Whites used to keep Dindus in line. When Dindus would start attacking Whites in the old days a bunch of White guys would invade their neighborhood and start beating the hell out of anyone they could get their hands on. This is widely seen as some strange racist stupidity these days but back then it was just the way things worked as if you didn't do this you ended up with Blacks committing guerilla warfare against Whites like we have today.

With today's drones and other communication gear to watch the police we could be way more effective today and far outclass the Dindus in guerilla warfare. Also when they come into our territory they often have no backup what so ever except the police, so the police would have to be watched. We need to teach Whites to start ignoring when Whites attack Blacks out of their neighborhoods,"I didn't See Nothing", just like the Blacks and we could straighten their asses out real fast.

We may not be at this level of thinking today but We're getting real close. People are fed up. I predict when this happens in a few places it will spread like wildfire and become normal to have non-State attacks on the Dindus in retaliation.
PRJul 13, 2017

Guerrilla warfare relies on the support of the local population. If you want to use it on blacks, you must have the support of whites in your neighborhood. If they are the type to rat on you, forget it. OTOH, you can put on a hooded sweatshirt and ambush a few people with a stick or something. It's probably not hard to identify the house(s) dindus are coming from. Still, this would require living in fairly close proximity to the dindus - something most whites prefer to avoid. If dindus are comign into your neighborhood on some sort of public transportation, it's easy to identify the ones who aren't going to work and they should probably be hassled just for being in your neighborhood.

IDK, the situation is pretty dismal with the government, press, and half of whites on the side of the dindus.
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