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Training Like a Gladiator
Notes on a Modern Version of the Palus
© 2017 James LaFond
Here is the first of your latest group of training videos. Let me know what you think of the captions. It is manageable to do for videos that are two minutes or less, probably not worth it for longer ones.
In this short video, James describes his dear friend, the training post.
Lynn has addressed the issue of my muddy speech with captions for this series of videos recorded by my slave girl.
First, don't panic, training on a post does not mean that you will end up looking like the old goon in this video.
When a gladiator in ancient Rome was committed as a war slave, he would serve for a year training on a post and doing light sparring.
He would then fight 3-5 duels to the death over a variable length of time, depending on the period, his talents, injuries and whether or not he was released early for heroism.
His last year was spent training gladiators and soldiers on the post. When he was freed and given his wooden sword, the Rudius, he was named Primus Palus [First Post] and might decide to sell himself back into the profession, for which there might be a signing bonus.
This is how important post work is to extension weapon combat.
Post work develops sensitivity, shock stamina in the hand and arm, edge-on weapon stability and is very helpful for the stick also—not for power, but for control.
There was a type of combatant that ranked with the beast-fighters and boxers and pankratiasts as second in honor to the gladiator. This was a rudiarius, or stick fighter, who fought with a stick and buckler/bracer. One of these men—his name buried in my notes—survived over 80 stick-fights.
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