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‘That Dude’
Body Typing the Purpose-Built Human Predator
The classic human street-predator often falls into a certain body type that is also prevalent among hyper-aggressive heavyweight boxing champions, cops that like getting physical and special operations soldiers. I have had a cop I trained—a cop who made it to retirement from patrol officer to captain—tell me that the nastiest customer is usually always a man of this body type, two strong to manhandle, heavy enough that you can’t just throw him unless you are an exceptional specimen and small enough that he is still quick with his hands. I would add that he is also short enough that really big men have a hard time hitting his chin, but end up striking higher on the head to less effect.
The boxing champions of this body type and size range, which might be easily researched via You Tube video archives, are, in retrograde order:
Mike Tyson
Joe Frazier
Rocky Marciano
Jack Dempsey
We are talking about men who routinely cut down larger opponents of the highest quality, but generally also had problems with certain smart fighters of equal or larger stature.
The size range is roughly three inches, from 5’ 8”to 5’ 11” with a muscular, but not heavily-muscled, build, with body weight ranging from 180-210.
The street fighters who come to mind from my experience are Banno, Dante [his son], Blackie, Haynes and a Spec Ops soldier I recently interviewed. There is the added fact that I have now—with one recent example—come across six men with long scars from edged weapons to their left neck and face, a wound that is primarily sustained by men who are physically dominating a person that deploys a knife or razor in response.
When one checks the size for escaped servants and slaves in early American gazettes, the ones that are noted as “lusty,” “likely,” and “well set” tend to be in this size range.
This is a very basic truth and will hopefully not be overlooked by the wary man.
The Punishing Art
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ShepJuly 26, 2017 3:29 PM UTC

At 5-9, 198 with my shoes on, this sounds like an excellent concept!