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Preparing for the Loss of this Publishing Platform
I have received convincing warning that this site will be compromised. in any case, as soon as the next president takes office, anyone without journalistic credentials from the major media companies, or tenure at a university will likely not be able to publish online.
This is problematic for me as I use this site to build books. I could build them in private, but If I still did that I would not be selling any books, as all of my book sales are generated by my online output.
I can and will compromise, but it will take two weeks—I think.
I currently have about 30 fiction and non fiction books in the works on this site. I build them via the tagging system on the front end. If the site is taken down, even if I get lucky and all content is saved, it will be a mass of 9,000 articles that I would have to sort through. I estimate it will take me 40 hours to assemble the complete and incomplete books. After that I will save from the front end of the site directly to the master document. Corrections are made on the site that do no exist in the originals. Then there are some comments which I retain as footnotes, etc.
This means the following:
From 6/18/17 through 9/5/17, I will not post guest articles.
I will make no attempt to keep up on news and events and focus on writing history and fiction.
I will not socialize with friends, family, etc, will not schedule any additional interviews past the one for today and Saturday [by a new podcaster]
Other than the three raining sessions I have scheduled with Sean I will not be available for training until after Labor Day.
Thank you for your support and have a nice end of summer.
James, 8/17/17
Of Lions and Men
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Sam J.Aug 17, 2017

A possible solution. Most controversial information will be moved to anonymous sites. The first is Tor

Another is I2P(Invisible Internet Project)

Another is new called safenetwork

And the great evil.

Tor has semi-anonymous servers. If they really want you they can find you but the have to expend a good deal of resources to do so. One of the problems is you still have server fees separate from the free service. Freenet would be ideal for a web site but it's not very interactive so it will mostly just be you posting to the blog. If that's what you want it's the best now. One problem with Freenet is it has a lot of vile stuff on it that gives it a bad name. It does also have a lot of books, movies, etc. Safenetwork is new and in the future looks very interesting.

I2P is up now. I use it to download movies, books, etc. anonymously. For right now I would say it's the best bet. It has a server built right into the software. So you can build your web site on your own computer, get an address in I2P and as long as you keep your computer on you have a site as long as you have the internet. It also has a add on where you can upload your server to several people's drives so that it's always on and split among several places. It's difficult to work with though and not super clear how to do this.

If you copied all the files that were on the server you are using right now to the server folder you made in I2P you would have an immediate none stoppable server in I2P for as long as you had a internet service. One caveat is I don't think JavaScript can be used. I think it can be used...but nobody, I mean nobody uses JavaScript on an anonymous service. It's foolish to do so. So if your site depends on JavaScript just to view it no one will see it as they'll have it turned off. So if it's needed to do stuff those JavaScript parts won't work. All the rest should. I'm not in any way a web programmer but supposedly to do most anything basic for blogs and forums you shouldn't need JavaScript.

If the powers that be go to censoring the internet these type sites(actually new networks all together. The present one you're looking at is the WWW network. There's TOR networks, I2P networks, etc.) will explode massively. Tor is already big in China and several other controlled States. TOR, I2P and Safenetwork are not only a anonymous network they are their own network laid on top of the internet. They can't be shut off unless you trash the whole internet. They don't want to trash the internet. All the little girls looking at cat photos would have an unholy meltdown if all social media stopped. MELT DOWN! Safenetwork is even adding software used inside the network(like an operating system) and their own money. You think there's fragmentation of information now it's going to be much worse. Older people may watch TV but TV will probably crash all together. If they didn't have bundling of the left stations CNN etc. on cable to bring them revenue they would go broke within a few years.

The big State is cooked but that doesn't mean it will get better. Things are going back to the Middle Ages where there will be a local tough guy controlling things. Like Baltimore is now but with no Fed interference.
BingoBoingoAug 21, 2017

Maybe you ought to consider <a href=" change of publishing jurisdiction?</a>
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