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'Afflict Them With Guilt'
Roaming Viking Podcast Episode 1: James LaFond
Cory Bracken is a super straight guy. His father is a cop. He is an eagle scout. His cousin is a cop.
Please, Powers That Be, this was just Cory exposing me for the unreasonable crackpot that I am. He is innocent. He doesn't even like me. Cory has actually tried to beat me up and has been tragically unsuccessful in this honorable pursuit.
The Roaming Viking is innocent!
Published on Aug 16, 2017
James LaFond also known as "Baltimore's Violence Guy". Talks about the events happening in Charoletsville, Virginia, and the origins of boxing.
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JoeAug 18, 2017

Great conversation! Thx for posting this!
Sam J.Aug 19, 2017

You keep saying you aren't smart but your analysis of the elite controlling the population from ancient Rome to today is one of the most brilliant thing I've ever heard in my life. The analysis of the roots of boxing is fascinating and you make it clear. This is great stuff.
Nero The PictAug 20, 2017

What a great wide ranging conversation to listen to...Real food for thought. The history lesson ala the origins of boxing was fascinating. The breakdown of the Macgregor Mayweather matchup was equally well thought out and free of the retarded hyperbole of much of what passes for sports commentary. So thanks fellas!
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