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'Hellbent For Inking'
The Art & Comics of Jason Lenox
© 2014 James LaFond
It turns out that I recently reviewed a Robert E. Howard story, The Tower of The Elephant, just as Jason was inking his illustration of the same story. I have always liked Conan artwork. You might say that Frank Frazetta sold me on Robert E. Howard by introducing me to his most iconic creation. The thing that movies and other media have tended to get wrong about the Conan character is his peripherally heroic nature. As conceived by Howard Conan was a vehicle through heavily atmospheric tales of horrific adventure, not some hairy misogynistic James Bond forever at center stage.
By far my favorite Conan story is The Tower of The Elephant. It is a tale in which Conan is an insect like intruder upon a cosmic mystery. In Jason’s depiction of Conan’s fight with the spider atop the sorcerer’s tower, the dynamic barbarian is put in proper context, off center and imperiled, tertiary to the spider and the wonders of its bizarre jeweled lair.
I scrolled through Jason’s portfolio to find some far more bizarre art. I particularly liked the Bubblgum Crisis pinup. I would have to say though, that my favorite is of a giantess, who appears to be a sky-scraper sized skinless anatomy model of some heavy metal psychobitch, walking down a horseman who seems to be a character in some steampunk adventure, even as she squishes another man to pulp in one macabre hand.
Jason has two interesting comic series that seem to have recently gotten up and running. You can find more on those at the link on our network page. I am particularly intrigued by the old west comic Painted Ladies of San Quentin, and will be getting myself a copy and posting a review. Two things have happened to the resurrected teenager in my mind since I have begun writing fulltime. One is an increased interest in comics. The other is an increased distaste for superheroes.
The Painted Ladies of San Quentin beckon.
A link to can be found on our network page.
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