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White Howard
Time Out For A Manly Moment in The End Time
Numerous intelligent and ethical people who I really respect have recently commented to me personally, and in print and online, that it is not possible for ethnically diverse people to coexist. Three of these people are black. What is it, really, that is making these people feel like they have been forced to coexist with intractable racial enemies?
Fred Reed [a link to his site, Fred on Everything is on our network page] recently suggested a solution, in the midst of the best anti-integration piece I have ever read. Fred could write about walking his dog and it would be a blast to read. Fred suggested that it is really a question of culture, not color, and that people should be able to ‘sign up’ for the culture they desired.
The very next day in my race-mixing excuse for a white life I found myself walking into an all black martial arts class, within a white run martial arts school, every person of which was glad to have me there, though they knew me not. The combat sports environment is one place that the races mix freely and productively with no detectable race-based animosity. Yes, as Fred pointed out, people tend to segregate themselves, as demonstrated by this all black karate class. After leaving off the event fliers with a man who turned out to be a good friend of a good friend, and noting that one of the younger black students was really keen on attending what would be a predominantly white event, I returned to the car driven by my young fighter, and we had a discussion.
This young man is black. I brought up the whole voluntary segregation issue and it struck a cord with him. He took off with his end of the conversation, “You know I was raised in the suburbs. We didn’t grow up listening to gangster rap. Then, when I reach college age and attend a black college people are always giving me shit because I ‘Speak white!’
“Okay, so I guess the idea is that since you’ve limited yourself to this mush-mouth manner of speech, I also have to speak as if I can’t read? This has pissed me off to no end. I still deal with this, being regarded as some kind of traitor because I do not choose to converse in a self-limiting way. The ironic thing is, the people who are pushing this degraded language with pride, are essentially being manipulated by the government to maintain this lethal environment. So man, my thought is, these black people who revile me for speaking white, and those white people who question your relationships with blacks, they’re more alike than they are different. They’re just brainwashed into thinking they actually have an opinion.”
I capped off our conversation with a note that the U.S. has never been voluntarily segregated or voluntarily desegregated, but that ethnic distribution has always been forced and managed by the State. [Get into a time machine and go interview Daniel Boone. The Brits didn’t want the colonists making friends with the Indians or learning their independent living skills.]
I resolved then to make a study of the neighborhood I live in according to voluntary segregation within a desegregated community. A few hours later, as darkness fell, I ventured out into the Northeast Baltimore bar scene. I reasoned that identifying self-segregating behavior would be most accurately accomplished when looking at people at rest, rather than at work or play.
The NEBO Bar Map
I selected a 1 mile stretch of road that bisected 4 mixed race neighborhoods, that, it appears to my color-insensitive eye, are just about evenly populated by whites and blacks. Below is the menu of bars I had to select from:
The Microbrew Bar is high-priced, with gourmet food. The staff is all white, the patrons 9-to-1 white.
Segregation by class via price
The Hipster Bar is high priced, with gourmet food. The staff is all white. The patrons are 9-to-1 white.
Segregation by class via price
The next two bars are literally next door to one another.
The Black Bar is moderately priced, with no food, and stocked with beers that generally do not appeal to whites. The staff is mixed race. The patrons are all black.
Segregation by race via taste
The Stoner Bar is moderately priced, with questionable bar food available. The staff is white. Rock bands play nightly. Most of the all white patrons are drug addicts and alcoholics. Blacks do occasionally patronize this bar, but only in the company of whites.
Segregation by race via taste
The Heavy Metal Bar has no draft, only highly priced bottled and canned beer. The juke box plays only rock. The staff is all white. The weekly bands are heavy metal and southern rock. Blacks do not enter this bar, although it is surrounded by carryout food joints that cater to black tastes.
Segregation by race via taste
The Low-end Sports Bar is a 50/50 mixed race bar, with low prices, a working class selection of draft, and no food, served by an all white staff. Carryout menus, plates and forks, are provided, so that patrons may bring the food that most appeals to them.
Segregation by class via price
The Anarchist’s Answer To Segregation
I chose to drink at this mixed race bar as a sub-study concerning the behavior of mixed race groups. At first glance it seemed the new right/libertarian/alt-right opinion, is correct, that people wish to segregate themselves.
What would a liberal see?
According to government agencies, it is not possible to serve the needs of blacks with an all white staff. So, upon entering, I am sure liberal bar reform advocates will one day notice that all of the blacks are seated in the back of the bar, while the whites sit up front, closer to the staff, obviously indicative of blatant discrimination.
What did I see?
The few whites who do not like blacks having gained entry to their decades old drinking ground, sit all the way up front. Most of the blacks and whites are acquainted by name; the blacks stopping for hugs and handshakes on the way in and out, and the whites doing the same on the way to the bathrooms.
The TVs in the back were tuned into basketball, those upfront to hockey. So, is this how the evil white dyke that owns the bar segregates her blacks to the back and makes certain that the whites have the easiest egress and access, by sport?
The answer is to be found in the juke box selection which features classic rock and Motown. The juke box is stocked to cater to a mixed population over 30 years of age, with a median age of 50.
So why do the blacks sit in the back and the whites in the front?
The blacks shoot pool, and the pool tables are in the back, along with the poker machines, which are also only used by the blacks. The whites all smoke cigarettes. The blacks are mostly former athletes who do not smoke. Therefore the white smokers have easy access to the sidewalk, thus accelerating their noxious form of collective suicide.
This white managed bar was thoughtfully set up to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of, and if you are a jerk like me, you can go sit with those other people if you wish.
White Howard
Finally, the barkeep of the night was Howard. We can’t tell if he is a hippie or a biker, but he’s definitely white. Howard works his ass off. He’s not some biker chick who can just hang her Ds out of a low cut spandex shirt and rake in the tips while providing minimum service. Howard would go on to behave in a manner counter to current American sensibilities. In fact, if the government had not been lagging so far behind in instituting forced barroom segregation—with the attendant feminist guidelines—I’m afraid Howard’s behavior would have violated numerous civil rights statutes, and have resulted in a CNN/DOJ witch hunt.
At about 10:00 p.m. Reggie’s mom came in. Reggie, a thirty-something black dude, stood and gave his mother his seat. When Reggie’s mom stepped up to the bar to pay for their round of drinks, Howard called Reggie over. Howard stood there in front of a half dozen big black men and said to Reggie, with finger pointed, “What’s the matter with you?”
Reggie smiled, dumfounded, “What?”
Howard waved him off with a shake of the head and looked down to Mom. “Okay, did you, or did you not, give birth to him?”
Mom looked up and smiled, “Yes I did.”
Howard then pointed at Reggie, “Okay, you were not delivered by a stork. Your mother’s money is not good here as long as you’re standing at the bar. Pay up.”
All of the elder black men grinned and slapped the bar as Reggie reached in his pocket with a pained look, and groaned, “Damn Howard, now you got all my money!”
That was not about race. That was about culture; the shared culture of a bygone age, of a fading generation, being enforced on a younger person, who agreed that it was a just reminder.
If you’ve been keeping up with the Harm City posts you will note that this is the same bar where I was interviewing people last summer who had been mugged in the area. The victims were generally smaller white patrons, being attacked by black men cruising in from outside the neighborhood, and groups of local black youths. The older black men, generally remind the whites [who tend to get a lot more drunk then the blacks] to ‘be safe’ when they leave, knowing as they do that the urban state-sponsored culture they escaped in adulthood has followed them, and not wanting their white friends to fall victim to it.
Amongst ‘The Ruins of A Once Great Medieval City’
Two decades ago I owned a house in this area. A black family moved in next door and we got along great. Five years later, the government started emptying out the downtown housing projects and giving those people ‘section 8’ subsidies to rent in our neighborhood. We were suddenly awash with black youth crime, and my neighbor said to me, “Please don’t leave. I moved out here to get away from that, now it’s following us like a plague.”
It got so bad that I had to move my family to the suburbs. I felt as bad for abandoning my neighbor, as I did for letting the bank take the house. I just wish somebody would understand that urban blight happens because the government moves wards of the criminal justice system and welfare state into communities, effecting their destruction.
America has never lived without forced government segregation or desegregation. Even now the U.S. Imperium is settling Somalis in the coldest and most northerly states of the Lower 48. Just think about that for a moment. The Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans, Incas, and British all did it. The object is always the same, to destroy culture, so that the State can enforce norms amongst the human rubble of crumbling traditions, thereby enhancing government at the expense of community.
If you believe that it is a black problem or a white problem, a liberal problem, or a conservative problem you have already been reduced to a particle of the dust clogging a government boot tread.
Enjoy the march.
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