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Our Bliss/Misery Complex
By Ruben Chandler
© 2017 James LaFond
In the preface to the Little Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants (remember that children's series....I have a copy of this one) it states that mankind's fascination with and use of substances is nearly as old as man itself.
Personally, I think we've all used things because of good marketing. I also think that the biggest provider of illicit drugs in the US is our own goobermint. Put two and two together and there you have it.
I further think that our decaying infrastructure, the lack of factories/work etc. is that these guys make so much off our drug money they don't need to manufacture anything but our bliss/misery complex.
And from there I roll with James' notion that druggies ARE the linchpin of our economy. Most jobs are about going after, spying on, following, arresting, prison, hospitals, nurses, doctors, rehab etc. Add to that the tendency of Americonned people to label junkies as worse than "niggers." We are a fucked up stupid people.
I am with Robert Anton Wilson on this one, ala his Guns and Dope political party (I registered to vote as one for two election cycles....I did get audited) which is based on Dope for those who want it, no dope for those that don't and Guns for those who want them, no guns for those who don't. Put those two numbers together you have a huge voting block.....this is obviously tongue in cheek and I think there is a place for that too.
Great post.
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Ron West     Nov 10, 2017

Ruben’s anecdote recalls a story of the time I was living in Helena, Montana in the eighties ... there was a bust ongoing (undercover police work) of the local petty weed dealers and one of them panicked, brought a half pound of super high-grade sensimilla to an acquaintance who didn't smoke dope but wasn't adverse to people who did, for safe keeping. But then, this dope-dealer skeedaddled town, no doubt due to the 'noids.' The guy holding his dope didn't want it but knew an artist who smoked and went to drop it at his house, the intended recipient wasn't home but the artists wife accepted the 'gift' and then something remarkable happened.

What the guy delivering the dope to his artist buddy didn’t realize was, the wife had had it up to her neck with her husband’s dope smoking, and his dope smoking buddies, because it was her attitude, now that they were married and had small kids, it was time to ‘get serious’ about life and stop with the dope-drain on their budget.

She put the half pound of sensimilla, together with a couple pounds of butter, into a large wok, simmered it for some hours at very low heat, strained the now green fat through cheese cloth and made up a VERY LARGE batch of VERY STRONG chocolate (to conceal any flavor of cannibis) brownies sans any evidence of dope (includes no leafy matter.) She then proceeded to send the brownies off to a large party attended by her husbands friends, where a local political wag was to announce the formation of Montana’s new “NO-NOTHING” (correct spelling, a deliberate gag on history) political party. The platform of the party was the Montana legislature meeting every two years for ninety days should be changed to meeting every ninety years for two days.

Everyone who attended that event was wrecked, for a week. And I mean wrecked. The party was on a Saturday night and it was Monday morning people showed up to work so dysfunctional, it defies description. One spent 40 minutes, panicked, looking for their car keys, which were clutched in their fist the entire time they were turning their house upside down, while looking for those very keys, in desperate search to get themselves off to work.

And, no, nothing, came of the nascent political endeavor, it was as if it had been little more than a passing hallucination. Pity, because it seemed (and seems) a good idea.
    Nov 10, 2017

This is hilarious, Ron. have to post it as an article so everyone can enjoy it!
Ruben Chandler     Nov 10, 2017

Damn, Ron. That's funny! I also want to urge everyone to read Narco Night Train........all killer, no filler.
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