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Narcostate Rising
Homicide Pattern Recognition
© 2017 James LaFond
The killing of a Baltimore homicide detective continues to reek higher into the iniquitous heavens.
I have developed—or rather one has approached me—a source with the Baltimore City Police Department. This person has no special knowledge of any cases discussed below and regards himself as being "about average" in terms of how informed he is in general among police officers. Indeed, he told me that all of the information mentioned below is merely gleaned from the BPD "rumor mill."
This source presented me with the following bullet points facts and left it for me to put the pieces together.
-This past summer 7 BPD cops were indicted on Federal charges for shaking down and robbing drug dealers, selling their drugs and guns and depositing each over $1,000 in cash weekly into their various bank accounts while their racket was ongoing.
-Last month a D.C. veteran cop was executed in his hometown of Baltimore. There seems to be no great concern over this in the media, or among BPD higher ups, but is of concern to BPD officers.
-A similar ring of crooked cops is operating in Philly, just up the I-95/U.S. R-40 corridor.
-A ring of crooked federal cops [mixed agencies] are running drugs and guns along the D.C., Baltimore, Philly, NY axis, acting as distribution agents for this material between cities, which is acquired by City cops. The Interstate-95 / U.S. Route-40 corridor is crux to this in Maryland, with many motels along U.S. R-40 serving as permanent housing for drug gang/prostitution operatives and their families.
-A Baltimore homicide detective, Detective Suiter, arrested one of these federal agents, found him in possession of narcotics and was set to testify the Thursday before last.
-The Wednesday before he was due to testify against the federal agent, Detective Suiter, went into the 52 Crip stronghold of Harlem Park to seek potential witnesses in a 2016 [suspected] drug gang shooting.
-Detective Suiter's partner was not available to accompany him and he was instead accompanied by another detective.
-While on the street trying to develop witnesses, Detective Suiter noticed a black man in a hoody keeping an eye on his activity from a "green space" vacant lot—alley way. Thinking this suspicious, he approached this man and his new partner did not back him up and remained on the street.
-As Detective Suiter attempted to engage the person in conversation he was attacked and his gun was taken from him and used to shoot him in the head.
-The other detective attempted to drive Detective Suiter to an emergency room and wrecked his car, from which Detective Suiter was extracted by first responders before he was placed on life support.
-Detective Suiter died at almost the same time that he was supposed to have testified against a federal agent.
-A 215K reward for information leading to an arrest has not been collected, indicating that the killer was either a known gangster affiliate and the residents are terrified and/or complicit, or that the residents do not know who this person was.
-Between the I-95 and R-40 pipelines to Philly, a 15-year-old Latina was recently slain, for no apparent reason.
-Yesterday, her uncle, who had raised her as her father figure and looked like a rough Puerto Rican dude, was run down while walking along Route 24, by a driver who fled the scene at high speed.
I don't know what to make of this business other than to offer two contextual pieces of knowledge from my own experience.
-I used to work with a mule, a professional driver who worked in a supermarket as an income cover, but whose real vocation was driving back and forth between D,C. and New York in three different Toyotas, which he owned.
-Our female roommate, at 666 Caucasian Avenue, once alerted my landlord and I as to a car parked in the then vacant house next door's driveway. There was a skank white bitch smoking crack in the driveway while a very impressive white sedan with federal plates idled, a large, muscular black man in a suit at the wheel. As we approached the car the man, who I believe was a federal cop of some kind, signaled furiously to the crack whore so that she apologized to us to the tune that "He" didn't want any trouble and asked us not to call the cops.
Viewing the BPD source's smattering of information in the slim light of this bit of context from my background, all I can surmise is that the mid-Atlantic region is seeming to become much like a Latin American Narcostate, which would only make sense if we had a whole bunch of Latin American immigrants in this area...
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the greatest lie ever sold
Ruben Chandler    Nov 27, 2017

In the 80s my cocaine dealer, Sergio, would take me into the evidence room at the cop shop and I would sample and buy straight off the shelves. I could buy anything in there at way below market rates. You would hear about these huge drug raids, netting 100s of keys of stuff and the paper, and a lot of not so savvy druggies would think there would be a scarcity. We'd be laughing. I've had a colorful past.
responds: Nov 27, 2017

The Cop Shop!
Ruben Chandler    Nov 28, 2017

Sergio was a pretty good cop. He somehow 'knew' which were the better narcotics in there.
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