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Taboo You
Way of the Terminal Man: Author’s Notebook #11
© 2014 James LaFond
Author’s Notes
For the past two weeks I have been trying not to write a series of hardcore articles for the site, because I’m working on some deep fiction right now and don’t want to have to juggle all of the heat those articles would bring, particularly not for free. Taboo You is my answer to some hard questions soft people have been asking me, questions that I did not feel comfortable answering.
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Thirty years alone, on the streets of Baltimore Maryland, without a friend, a gang, a club, or even a faithful dog, to watch his back, has taught the author seven truths about living alone in a dangerous world. LaFond has alternately been the target of police aggression, black gang violence, and white supremacist assassins. Taboo You was written for those few men who find themselves alone in a world they do not agree with; a handbook for militant individuality in a collectivist age. If you vote, don’t buy this book.
Prologue: The Week I Stumbled Upon My Murdered Soul
Monday: Terrence & Spaz
Tuesday: Legal Wide
Wednesday: Jack & Herman
Thursday: ‘Da Dumbess Whiteman I Eva Knowed’
Thursday: SJ on Everything
Friday: Ben the Hitter
Seven Terminal Truths
1. Who, In This Hell, Are You?
2. Enemies & Tools of the Taboo Man
3. Breaking the Weak
4. Tolerating the Soft
5. Knowing the Strong
6. Coexisting with the Wrong
7. What You Leave Behind
‘This is Evolution’
the man cave
Conan the Husband
'in these goings down'
the greatest boxer
the greatest lie ever sold
song of the secret gardener
blue eyed daughter of zeus
america the brutal
the first boxers
plantation america
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