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‘Warpath in Whitebreadistan’
The Rising Tide of Yomish Aggression in Baltimore
© 2018 James LaFond
Harm City is quick going down its own worn out alimentary canal. In order to keep track of urban blight in your nearest major municipality—this being the earthquake that triggers the suburban tsunami of violence—note what Baltimore’s trajectory as the most violent city in America for the previous year reveals:
-20 killings in the first 24 days, many midday and spreading into more affluent areas.
-15 main-force, early-evening burglaries and 3 misreported home invasions in the most affluent sections of central Baltimore County by Amish thugs who appear to be masquerading as innocent Negroes.
-The Police Commissioner is fired—our 40th. As with loosing sports teams, losing cities have a high scapegoat count among the sacrificial class.
-Two high ranking police officials resign based on this apparently racial-motivated change of command.
-The FBI has declined to investigate the day time execution of homicide detective Suitor, who was observed being slain by a seemingly unconcerned detective. No one has collected the 200k plus reward and the Baltimore Police also seem to be disinterested in investigating his death.
-A BPD detective testifies in Federal court as to rampant banditry among BPD officers and that he is afraid.
-A man was stabbed in the church parking lot in the suburban neighborhood I stayed in last night—50 yards from my location.
-Three innocent, unarmed Mennonites in hooded sweatshirts, who happened to be carrying what appeared to be a gun, but meant no harm whatsoever, brutally mugged a man, beginning with a sidewalk suplex. I suggest the City charge the owners of the WWE sports entertainment corporation for inciting this crime.
-Baltimore County’s celebrity education reformer is indicted on fraud charges.
-In a recent review of my 2017 commutes to and from work in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, I discovered that I was attacked 20 times by men numbering from 1 to 5, with 13 of 20 aggressions occurring in the outlying suburbs, not in the city, in exact circumstances and similar times of night and day, indicating that the Anarcho-Tyranny Regime has been successful in exporting violent POCs to suburbs in tandem with permitted riots and corporate investment initiatives within the urban core. Run white rabbit run, they can’t drive because they don’t have a driver’s license!
Mid Week Madness Counts for More Winter Kills
I will predict right now that Baltimore murders will stabilize at an annual level from 300-330, as violence is exported to the surrounding areas and less lethal black-on-white violence [beatings] continue to replace black-on-black shootings as the preferred expression of ebony urban angst.
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Bob     Jan 25, 2018

Stasis, the first phase of victory!
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