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'A Hard Floor is an Honest Friend!’
Self Defence Volume 2 by Jeth Randolph: 6/3/2022
In Saffrono, New Jersey, this book with the attached letter came in my name:
Dear James,
“Here, as promised, is a copy of “Volume 2”
many thanks for your contribution to this book and, indeed, your on going support which is an honour.
“I hope you find something of interest within!
“That’s me on the cover (old photo from my pre-zz top days) getting my ass kicked by my mate and student Matt—a hard floor is an honest friend.
“Warm regards to you and happy trails.”
A man with a real name contacting me is always a refreshing event.
What I really like about this book, and why I read it in two hours by Mister Saffrono’s pool without blowing my eye up, is that it is printed in large font with numerous text breaks.
Jethro has the most valuable series of self-defence publishing on going and is a far more sensible writer than Geoff Thompson, his fellow Brit, whose work was all about volunteering for violence as a door man and then sucker punching drunks. Thompson came up with some useful doctrines, like “The Fence.” But the time for true survival advice for people who want to be left alone and do not have an in with the cops, is here, and Jetho provides it with a striking clarity.
I turn to the book now and check the pages I dog-eared yesterday, a book that will be left here in the James LaFond Memorial Library of some 500 titles.
Page 14
Jeth wraps up the hard way to go any student has, being subjected to prison-like security systems as “a one-way power relationship for your safety.”
He has the juvenile problem really dialed in.
Page 16-24
Jeth outlines his Three Word system of self-defence:
These he places in linking context to form an internal discipline for governing his actions. This is the best and most unique conceptual section of this book and is the foundation for digesting the rest of the book, which is a mix of experiences of real aggression, reports from readers and questions from students. I really liked Jeth’s work encounters and much appreciate that he once again dedicated the book tot he memory of his Uncle Charlie Mike, a U.S. Army Ranger who fought in Vietnam. A relation by another relative, a Ranger Colonel, who fought in WWII, is put to good use in the book.
This is simply the best format I could imagine for doing this type of writing, something I never stumbled upon writing in the field for 20 years. Jeth’s approach is much more positive and less dark than mine was, and recognizes a more decent approach to life than my “live and let die,” philosophy.
Page 72
We get the beginning of a series of social media lockout messages, which was a gift from The Fear Safe System, which resulted in us getting this cool and useful material.
Page 138-144
Of the many useful real life stories and reviews in this book, this one is the best and shows that the authorities in Ireland are just as likely to support criminal aggressors against peaceful citizens as in the U.S. of Gay. The scenario is a good example of how naive to the system of control that tough, honorable sorts of men are across the Anglo-Sphere, and how it is the low-life criminal that has the true understanding and shared predatory mindset of Law Enforcement.
Pages 185-197
These are questions from Jeth and his students which I don’t remember fielding and also did not cringe at reading, as I was afraid I’d flubbed it. It is not too bad.
Pages 198-207
The most fascinating part of the book, is untitled and demonstrates how various Civic Organizations approached Jeth about training them for defence against government sponsored invaders. This is interesting, in that three years ago, before the Vid turned every law abiding Hindoo in America into a System Bot, the man who lived next door here to my host had asked me if I would relocate here and train some 20 to 30 Hindoo business associates and friends and family in how to defend against ebony crime, something I am an expert at. He was willing to finance a self-defense school for Hindoos and even provide a place to live.
I declined then for the same reason Jeth seems to have, because we are not fool enough to line up with people who are trying to resist government-imported terrorists and criminals. This would make you the enemy of The Government.
Additionally, many such civic defense groups in the U.S. and it seems in the UK, are founded by people who have a political agenda to vote out soft-on-crime politicians and vote in hard-liners. This is but one step from Civil War, which will always be one by The Big Guys, not The Little Guys.
Guess who has the means to import criminals from around the world by the millions per year?
Not the Little Guys!
What happened in the U.S., is some of these groups got suckered into street fights at political demonstrations and members have done hard time. Other groups have been colonized by by Creep State Agents and used as fronts to support and commit the actual type of crimes people like Jeth’s students want to avoid.
Jeth, good job on tiptoeing through that minefield!
No organization is a refuge from the Over Organization, from the web of mind control and force projection that is our largely faceless system of control in late stage Modernity. The best example of this in myth is in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, in which any attempt to use the power of The Dark Lord, serves the Dark Lord and makes of the would-be hero not only a dupe, but an evil-bound soul. Until things spiral down to the point of total social and economic breakdown and warlords and tribes reemerge, then organizing for The Common Deffense is the greatest crime against government one can commit, for those governments have organized The Common Offense and will not watch you wreck their Anarcho-Tyranny social model.
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posted: September 26, 2022   reads: 97   © 2022 James LaFond
Equine & Geographical Appendices
Ranger? Back Matter
Equine & Geographical Appendices
Horse Types
stallion [male],
gelding [neutered],
mare [female],
foal [new born],
colt [young male, 2 months to 2 years],
philly [young female]
Horse Breeds
A hand is four inches in equine height
Destrier: 1000 years of crossbreeding European draft horses, ancient warhorse lines and Arabians, resulting in a horse of 17 to 20 hands of the most aggressive type, trained to trample men on foot and bowl over lighter horses.
Arabian: a tall horse of 16 to 18 hands, native to The Holy Land, has larger nostrils and a great lung capacity to power its long legs for speed over a distance. These, when attainable, are preferred for crossbreeding destriers for service in higher elevations in Awes West. This is the preferred breed for light cavalry—both hussars [1] and pistoleers—in Old World service.
Palfrey: a light riding horse of numerous types. The Knightly class desire Arabian palfreys of a height that permit a clear view of their command, particularly for Factors, who act as aides on campaign.
Quarter horse: a muscular horse of 14-15 hands best in a quarter-mile dash and preferred for combat by dragoons or hobbilars who dismount for battle and by sergeants and hussars who must dash about the field and avoid heavier mounted men.
Mountain pony: ideally 14 hands, a cross between a quarter horse and a pony, preferred by rangers for nimble footing, endurance and ease of handling
Pony: typically 12-13 hands, the light Indian horse, often a paint, always shooed in the ranger service, except by scouts, and is used by boys, scullers, as light pack animals, brood stock, and as palfreys by rangers and sergeants on long marches, who wish to keep their specialized war mounts fresh.
Pack horse: typically a pony that is fed grain
Draft horse: a large breed of horse well-fed to pull wagons and carts.
Mule: or Molly is a cross breed from a Jack donkey and a mare, that is sterile in 17 of 18 cases. This animal, while neurotic, works harder on less feed than a horse of the same size and is ideal for pack-trains, used most extensively in mining. Mules are typically shorter than horses, though goliath breeds can reach 18 hands
Donkey: Jack or Jenny, used extensively in The Spanish services of Iberia and New Spain where feed is sparse, standing between 9 and 14 hands, with big ears. One goliath breed in Awes South with two-foot ears, called an Oliphant, is used to breed superior mules.
Demi-Donkey: or a borough, a beast of less than 10 hands, degenerated in New World circumstances to the donkey’s minimal qualities.
Equine Colors
The coloration of mounts for purposes of transportation on church missions, military duties and in mixed social circumstances is of great importance. A person riding the mount that most accurately reflects his or her station in life has announced his place in the feudal hierarchy of Elder Earth long moments and perhaps even miles before coming into face-to-face verbal range of intercourse. In the Old World, it is common for entire units to be mounted on the same color horse. In The New World, one’s horse is matter more of individual social rank, and only reflects the Old World military scheme where the Knightly orders are concerned, each of the three preferring a certain color of mount for as many uses as possible, and of an absolute for a destrier.
Black: color preferred by Factors and insisted upon by Priestly Class men such as His Righteous Gore of Priory Door, Underbishop of Awes South and by priests, plague doctors, wytchfinders, pilgrims, inquisitors and other traveling men of The Church.
Gunbarrel: or a “steeldust” black with grey, the preferred color of The Knights Trace.
Rhone: a red & white breed with mixed coloring on the body and with solid leg coloring, much preferred by the ladies of New Spain.
Paint: a two-colored horse preferred by Indians.
Buckskin: a horse colored like tanned deer hide, preferred by scouts to blend with their buckskin clothing.
Bay: dark brown, the preferred color of the Knights of Saint George.
Appaloosa: a black spotted horse, much favored by the Dons of New Spain.
Palomino: a golden blond horse, the preferred color of The Knights Sepulcher, whose destriers have minimal Arabian admixture and are giants adapted to the cold of Awes North.
Sorrel: red, preferred by married ladies of the Knightly Class.
Dapple: gray and spotted, typically ridden by nuns, deacons, minstrels, jesters and academics.
Dun or “Grulla”: a lighter duller buckskin typically used by the mestizo demi-scouts of New Spain.
White: called a “gray”, the preferred color of Czarist horsemen and by knights of many Old World nations and by maidens of the Knightly Class in Wester New England.
Geographical Notes for the Modern Reader
For the reader consigned to the irrational sorcery of Late Stage Modernity, attempting to place the key locations of Elder Earth into the dust-locker of delusion ye call reality, some notes may assist the reading of Ranger?
Awes West
Redrock Station = Redrock Canyon, northwest of Loveland, Colorado
Denver Station = Denver, Colorado
Lookout Mountain = Lookout Mountain, Colorado, above Denver and Golden
Winter Station = Frazier, Colorado, above Mophet Pass
In the Contested Area of New Spain & Awes West
Winter or Stone Deacon Meadow = Granby, Colorado
Hell’s Door, West, also:
Hinter Station &
Hither Tarnation = Glenwood Springs, Colorado [3]
New Spain Proper
Fief Blake = Grand Junction, Colorado
Awes South
From South by Northwest to North
Dawn Mountains = Boston Mountains
Voodoo Cattle Crag = Buffalo River Valley, a roughly 20 mile drainage running northwest
Yawn Pass = the high pass linking the Buffalo and Osage Valleys meandering northwest towards Missouri
Bowstave Valley = Osage Valley, the highest point of march, a 20 mile long high river valley linking the Boston and Ozark Mountains, northwest towards Missouri
Hell Door, South = Eureka Springs, Missouri, [4] the southern terminus of 20 mile long Butler Hollow, running north
Boogerman Hollow = Roaring River Hollow, Missouri, running parallel to the east of Butler Hollow for a third the length and offering an operational blind ally to an unfamiliar force before the Age of Enlightenment with mapping yet at Arthurian levels.
Exeter Plantation = Exeter, Missouri, 4 miles north of the north door of Butler Hollow
Priory Door = My Host, Paul’s house among twisted oaks, where I write this book, above Shoal Creek. Paul has forgiven me for making his home into the breakout point for the Voodooist Invasion of 2031.
Shoal Creek Station = Down around the bend where the westward flowing Shoal Creek meets the northward flowing Spring Creek, and the road begins to sink, turning into a river in rain. Here the dirt farm track turns north, where, in simpler times a mill powered by a water wheel was the center of human habitation, but is now occupied by a concrete spillway crossing in the gloomy sunken road where tweakers smoke their meth pipes by night and Kenny the Great Hound, worries them with canine outrage.
The Sunken Road = What would be the natural track to points north along the creek bed before the advent of railroads and automobiles. I walk here just before sundown with Chloe the demi-hound.
-1. Hussars are light horsemen based on a Hungarian type, who wear a bearskin hat and fight with a heavy, wickedly curved scimitar, ideal for cutting down fleeing footmen. Ranger sergeants in the Knightly Services of Wester New England are a cross between a hussar and a dragoon, or hobilar.
-2. Dragoons, or hobilars, ride horses to battle and dismount to fight on foot with saddle guns, a single shot carbine or a blunder buss. The rangers of Wester New England, are essentially hobilars trained also to use pistols and lassos from horseback.
-3. While the industrialized child mind of Modernity views sulpher springs where water might steam, boil and smell like rotted egg, as a boon to bodily health and a place of bathing, the right-thinking mind of Elder Earth, naturally sees such locations as Yellow Stone, Wyoming [being in actuality Hell’s Door, North] as potential places of satanic intercession in the lives of men.
-4. Currently the focus of decadent homosexual and normie boomer biker drug culture in The Four States Region.
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posted: September 25, 2022   reads: 133   © 2022 James LaFond
‘Under the Lake’
Impressions of the Ozarks: April 2022
In writing Ranger? there was a need to view and walk the ground. The various locations in Colorado I have worked, hiked and gone by train, stepping out to take a breath of the air when “fresh air stops” are called by the conductor. Missouri was a problem, having never been there.
I wanted to see the Ozark Mountains. My host, Paul, a farrier, provided me with an education on horses at our stops as he shoed them, and an education on the topography. As a boy and a young man, he not only walked this land, but talked to the old timers, who had been alive in the 1920s and 30s, with one old man recalling being attacked by a panther that ate his horse, as he was unarmed and helpless.
To my surprise, I found out that the Ozarks are the minor western range, that the larger range is the Boston Mountains. In outlining the three coils of Ranger?, I informed Paul that his hometown of Exeter, being my home base here, would certainly exist in Elder Earth, with an unaltered name, as Exeter Plantation, Exeter being a good English name. I then told him about the Voodooist invasion and the Song of Machete Boy Panther Roy, and asked if he minded his home town being overrun by a Haitian horde of cannibals.
He smiled, and next day, came home from his 14-hour driving and horseshoeing day with a route mapped out in his mind. This route will be expressed with a crude map of a pre-scientific kind. [1]
The Ozark prairie, or plateau, abuts to the north against the Ozarks, which are low, Pennsylvania type mountains of old shale, flint and limestone. The stone is fantastic for building, coming right off in slabs. The land has to be re imagined from what it has become under man’s deforming hand. The valleys are less deep and more narrow than once, due to industrial landscaping and clear cutting, with the soil filling the caves and the gravel filling the rivers and creeks that in many cases have been driven under ground. The mountains are three-feet lower.
The 400-year-old trees have been replaced by trees a third to half their original height and girth, of a partially introduced variety. Undergrowth is now thicker than in the natural state.
The moose, bear, panther, elk and bison are now largely gone, wolves extinct.
Paul has driven me six miles to the head of Butler Hollow, an old valley threaded by a dirt road, some 20-miles long. This takes one to Eureka Springs—many towns are named after the many springs. Numerous side hollows, like the one where Roaring River runs, would serve as traps for large bodies of men.
In open country, the flora would be opposite, with almost all land heavily forested. The Unites States was catastrophically deforested at the cost of some 2 million boys shipped here according to protestant efforts and non-Christian means over 200 years. A European-Feudal-Catholic rate of deforestation would have taken some 2,000 years to achieve the same effect.
Settlements would have been like Elicott City, Maryland and Eureka Springs, placed right on small swift rivers and large creeks for water power.
The Buffalo River is accessed form this rocky spring town, that would have served as the last bastion of the Knights of Saint George, via another 20 mile highland valley that threads through The Boston Mountains. This valley is accessed by crossing War Eagle Creek and is threaded by Kenner and Osage Creeks. [2]
The Bostons are higher, with the cliff faces ominous and various lightning strike burns having provided clearings in the past. The Knights would be tempted to erect castles on these heights. But extended communications without floatable rivers for supplies, a brief period of occupancy by pre-industrial standards, and the tribal and voodooist enemies as well as the extreme lethality of laboring in such conditions for the available woodcutters, as well as their propensity to runaway, would have retarded such schemes.
The soil is only rich in certain valley bottoms that have since been flooded to afford recreational bodies of water for wealthy Americans. The soil is best suited, when cleared, for grazing livestock. The thin top soil covers a red-clay base, the soil easily exhausted by grain cultivation. This clay and the shale and flint and limestone would result in some impressive, though necessarily small, cathedrals and castles and towers.
The original forest was predominantly oak: white, red, post and water oak, with maple, dogwood and a species I am calling locust. The pines and cane breaks have been introduced. The yard of the lonely house where I am staying is dominated by the ominous, twisted oaks. The forest of old would have been dominated by huge, twisted, branching oaks and populated by large black panthers and cougars, thought of in olden times as separate species of big cats. Such cats were a terror in forests with oak branches spreading twenty to 120 feet and more overhead, branches as thick as the maple trunks that now grow along these fence lines. A panther would be able to run for miles across the tree branches like a squirrel.
The many sheer cliffs and deep caves would have been rendered invisible from a distance by the lack of most current clearings and the great height of the forest. The spacing of the Ozarks is much lie Pennsylvania, with a quarter mile between the 500 foot humps of wooded rock. Some of the more westerly Ozarks are called “knobs” with bare tops like grassy mesas awaiting the drought. The land is well watered and wet with some deep treacherous cliff-face valleys.
The spacing of the Bostons ranges from an acre or two narrow like West Virginia to valleys more like the Rockies, spreading for up to five miles between higher hump-backed peaks that often have a rounded front something like a wooded buffalo jump further west. Mid April still brings frosty nights and chilling days.
Thus Awes South, in Wester New England would feature clearance patterns and wild life more akin to early Iron Age and late Bronze Age Europe, with some cleared river valleys interspersed among looming, and ominous primeval forests stalked by great cats and through which lumbering herbivores browsed and occasionally grazed. Soto’s feral hogs [3] would be as much a scourge as they are in the Modern U.S., but with fewer, larger boars, as natural predators, particularly wolves, would abound and the dense undergrowth of this second-hand scrub forest would not be present to shelter great broods of young pigs.
The Plantations would be medieval villages employing gardening to support a cattle-based, hay-farming economy, employing swineherds, goatherds, and shepherds as well. Grain would largely be shipped out of the Ohio Valley by the Knightly orders to feed the European need for bread.
The stations would be wood palisade stockades surrounding simple stone towers. Only the major centers, such as Saint George’s Cathedral, would approach High Medieval levels of architecture.
The tribal peoples who had not converted to Christianity, would remain formidable and also at times serve a valuable function as a source of scouts and as occupants of buffer zones. In the southern reaches, the French introduction of Africans on the Haitian model, would have resulted in a great demographic advantage to these peoples as well as a less severe technological disadvantage as uprising Africans faced in Cuba and Haiti in the 1700s and 1800s.
Overall, the lack of protestant and proto-protestant shipping to transport massive numbers of British Islanders, and the lack of merchant interests to promote English-African slave trading in North America, industrial consumption in England, and most importantly, a failure to develop the essential article of prosperity-based faith of protestant North America, which was comprehensive deforestation and lineal population growth at any and all costs, expressed by Thomas White in his Planter’s Plea, 1631, could well have resulted in a very Medieval America in 2031, that yet retained elements of the last American frontier west of the Mississippi.
-1. The piney woods, which would be kind to the Voodoo Hordes do not extend as far north as Little Rock, which is the end of major navigation into the interior. To portage dugout canoes is not reasonable. So a convergence of flotillas at Little Rock, which is the most northerly year-round Voddooist settlement and marks the deepest stroke of the knightly orders south into Voodooist territory, would necessitate an overland march of over a 100 miles, via more direct routes than modern winding highways. For tropical flat-landers to traverse the Boston and Ozark ranges would be a daunting task for fanatics, not a lightly undertaken foray by opportunistic raiders.
-2. Named after the Osage people, who were named after the superb bow-wood found in the region. The Buffalo and Elk River valleys were used for winter quarters by plains dwelling hunters.
-3. I have envisioned not one thing being different about the Spanish conquests in The Americas, than expressed in our own historical record.
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posted: September 24, 2022   reads: 203   © 2022 James LaFond
Superstitious Bumpkins in an Open Carry Town
A Discussion of Plantation America Origins and Destination: 5/29/22
New Jersey, in Seclusion
May 28, 2022, 9:01 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
I don't know if you have seen "the northman" yet, but i liked the movie and eggers movies like "the witch" since hes a historicaly very educated guy and i read in an interview with him that as a youth he collected medieval woodcuts from Albrecht Duerrer like other kids did comic books. I found that very amusing since he also said about his own movies that they are "feministic" like "the witch" and "machismo" like Northman and that Viking culture shouldn't be just handed over to "right wing" frindges. So many people are quick to say that he is very based and trad and all that, but i think hes just a honest liberal like his inspiration Duerrer was before him.
See his work; Three Peasants in Conversation ca. 1497
Many other of his works have found their way on Black Metal Album Covers like "knight, death and devil" and he made many pictures of soldiers and spooky skeletons, but this work of peasants gives a view how he saw common people.
First off their clothing is like over 50 years out of fashion, its agricultural, its baggy, one lets his leggings down, he also wears "spurs" like a noble, and they are all armed. Duerrer painted conservative walmartians.
Change a few details like give them realtree caps, tacticool cargo pants, maybe a molle backpack instead of a basket, and these three walk with Ey Ur Fif Teens in your local Starbucks because this is an open carry state.
This is how he saw peasants and i think this is also how Eggers sees the right wingers who he made the Movie Northman for, and because he understands them so much he can serve them exactly what they want while Conservatism Inc. can never ever serve some engaging and interesting entertainment.
If find this very amusing.
I found the illustration fascinating and while trying to copy it from the email that computer failed and is lost. I have not seen a movie since October 2021 and it is May 2022.
In reading on the conditions in England for transportation and press-ganging and kidnapping, that served as the foundation for populating English North America, the question of armed citizens was foremost in my mind, what with depositions by Scottish parents telling of press gangs entering their house and taking children from the bed they shared with their parents.
England and Great Britain in general were heavily armed societies, with little police, where men of means were armed with firearms, swords, knives, clubs and other weapons that are illegal to carry in most of the Western World today, yet were much in evidence in the 1600s. During the Congregationalist Migrations to New England in the 1600s, one of the curses upon the land was in fact the presence of numerous discharged, unpaid, and yet armed and equipped soldiers!
The utility of the sword during this time was that it was better for combating a pair or trio of men that might be armed with clubs and knives, then a single shot pistol that might misfire. Press-ganging and kidnapping were so easily committed acts in the main, for two reasons:
-1. Social sanction from judge, captain, king, magistrate and other officials insured that if there were a battle that resulted from defending as a group against such abductions, that the King’s men would come down on the side of the human traffickers. The King of England and Cromwell, when he was Lord Protector, would receive between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds a year as their fifth for all humans sold into The Plantations under color of law. In the case of the depopulation of two thirds of Ireland in the 1600s, that king’s fifth may well have amounted to a million pounds in royal revenue for selling those people into bondage.
-2. The above guaranteed that human traffickers worked in groups, serving as witnesses to their own just deeds, helping overwhelm any attempt to defend by a father or brother, the abduction of a family member, and was aided and abetted by the fact that the families of the lower orders in Great Britain, had already been transformed into nuclear families [or less, orphaned children and widowed women], without clannish support of brothers, cousins and such and that more and more work and travel was being done on an individual basis as agricultural practices broke down and a mercantile economy in cities revolving around bondage export, work houses, and work as a sailor, placed the individual alone more often than had earlier medieval style pursuits.
This was also a period before heavy industry placed large gangs of men together coming and going to work, This latter development necessitated the creation of military scale police forces and would place the business of abducting sailors in the hands of criminal gangs staffed by professional athletes who preyed upon a physically smaller class of man who suffered the stunted growth of the urban orphan.
Marines, in Navies, were in fact mostly employed to acquire sailors, punish sailors, and protect the officers from sailors, being the police of the military sailing ship.
Also, the type of weapons most useful for abduction are blunt weapons, which favor groups over edged weapons and firearms which favor individual use against the group; this according to my violence findings in examining 1675 acts of violence involving residents of Baltimore City between 1996 and 2000. [3]
The illustration above shows men of the peasant class, which were free men who generally owned slaves and serfs and served as footmen in late medieval armies. Such, fit, well-fed, laboring farm managers, would be the types of fellows that ran kidnapping gangs out of towns like Aberdeen, Scotland once the shipment of laborers out of Great Britain to do agricultural work oversees placed them both in peril of having their traditional economy outsourced and left them in possession of the means and organization necessary to traffic in less robust, less organized, less numerous, and less well-equipped humans, such as a lad come to town on an errand for his mother. Perhaps the first men to fill the cargo holds of British slave ships were the peasants of an outsourced agricultural town selling off their own slaves?
-1. The Logic of Steel, When You’re Food and The Logic of Force, being published studies of group and individual dynamics concerning weapons in urban settings.
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posted: September 23, 2022   reads: 354   © 2022 James LaFond
Math Is Hard
A Look at Transhumanism Through Homos and Bimbos: 5/22/2022
This blog post summarizes and links to Cochran's various posts on the German theory. I thought you might enjoy some of these. 
-Brick Mouse
I found this post interesting and my eye blew up trying to read the tiny colored print on the site. The magnifying glass thing with the mouse is a total distraction to me, like trying to read while eating. Sorry.
In any case, this concerns the work of Cochran, who has made some great points on such things as PTSD in the past. He is, I think, an actual learned educated academic, which is to say that he cannot be trusted because:
-He believes in Science, which is manifestly fake
-And, as an academic is part of the transhumanist construct, whether he knows it or not.
However, I trust his work for what it is. The use of a flawed fakery tool to get at the truth.
The subject is why all of the current rampant male homosexuality and butt fucking when there are plenty of yearning vaginas out there?
Cochran seems to crush the social sciences, which is easy, and then uses his scientific precepts to get at the truth while abiding by scientific convention, which is a near impossibility.
There are two examples in this brief piece:
First, an offhand claim that the HPV νаϲсіոe is stopping cancer and is a huge success, when most clinical trials are falsified and my daughter-in-law personally knows three women, in the flesh, whose children have been crippled by the νаϲсіոe—crippled. At this point, how can anyone trust any νаϲсіոe that is advertised on TV constantly?
The other aspect is the fact that a slavish devotion to the precepts of evolution is present, with the judgment that homosex makes no evolutionary sense. Well, if we lived in a world where it was possible to have unlimited, exponential population growth of humans, homosex would make no sense in strict evolutionary biology terms. But if earth was as big as Jupiter, well, we’d weigh too much to fuck.
If evolution is real, something which Darwin was not convinced of, why not have a break on overpopulation by diverting the sexual impulse among the weakest and most disgusting male members of the species to engage in sterile degeneracy?
Also, these homos still want to procreate when they are at the upper economic strata and adopt and even construct babies using borrowed wombs. This is evolutionary, in that methheads getting banged in an alley will not have non-fecal births but that the richy rich faggots will have inheritors.
Essentially, Cochran has a germ theory, that some unidentified bug is being transmitted from dick to ass and multiplying queers like crazy. This makes more sense than the idea that the cause is all psychological and it also supplies the same root cause for homosex, that most homos were fucked by older males when they were defenseless.
Now, I reject evolution and accept the Iliad. Since we are not getting off of earth, either because it cannot be done or because God Almighty has decided we have gone rancid and need a reduction in our worst elements before being permitted to infest another one of His planets, how about a Homeric scenario.
God awakens and sees Bruce Jenner, engaged in the perfect performance as a total branded slave to consumer economics [I remember the Wheaties boxes for decades] juiced up on illegal drugs, posing as a paragon of virtue, when he is naught but an eel. And, instead of whispering, “Bad dream, bad dream, go deliver Agamemnon my dire message,” God whispers, “Good dream, good dream, go deliver Economicman my sterile message:
And Bruce wakes up one day, saying to himself, “I need to start sucking dick! Even better, maybe I can have a vagina installed!”
And over the next few years the good dream spreads, and economicmen far and wide spread their...for decency’s sake, fill in the rest.
Look, a weakling gets raped by a bigger older weakling, just as English boarding schools and American Plantations and prisons have always been designed. He becomes a homo, who want to relive this or do it to others. Does it matter if it is a germ of biology or of idea?
Another aspect of this question came to me, when the Brick Mouse had never heard of how America was based on homosexual rape. This is a problem with people who have only read 20th century History, that they do not realize that things that supposedly did not happen in the past, like the enslavement of millions of European men on these muddy shores, with the few women belonging to the elite, resulted in the very same three art social action structure that Winston Churchill would credit as the reason for the remarkable cohesion of the British Navy, that that storied institution that literally straddled the world, owed its discipline to “rum, buggery and the lash.”
Buggery is ass fucking and is an English term that predates America and most explains the foundational mechanics of this county. We fools in this fish bowl have been nurtured on such falsehoods as the Founding Fathers were not homos, when they presided over a bachelor nation for some sixty years, with hardly a white vagina in North America that was not owned by a rich man. We are taught to focus on New England—which was 1 3rd slave, to the exclusion of the hell holes of Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and the Carolinas, which were prison plantations.
You know, two years ago, African American varsity players in a Washington D.C. area high school football locker room raped two to four [I forget the number] Caucasian freshman players; essentially men raping boys. What else can we expect when we are taught to submit to domination and confinement by police and medical staff from toddlerhood?
The Yeggs of a hundred years ago practiced much man-boy-rape and gang rape among lower class American men. See the biographies of Jack Dempsey, Jack Black, Jack London, Carl Panzram and look into the subtext of Bill Carlisle’s story. Some of these men avoided that and some did not. Dempsey was reputedly such a savage in the ring because he had ridden the rails as a youth, and to surrender to men as an early 20th century hobo was to be buggered in the old English fashion. Panzram used the term “broke to ride,” to designate a male-on-male rape target.
The early 20th century saw the elites using prison systems and chain gangs and plantations to shackle homeless men into unpaid labor. In the late 2oth century, with a switch from production to consumption economics, massive prison systems were built to house people mostly convicted of using drugs to escape the misery of a consumption based life.
And what happens to them?
They are made into prison consumers, by which the rich bill us free consumers for their various needs, each of which exceeds the expense of a nuclear family of the same social strata. Just as in hobo society without women, and plantation society before that, largely without women, the all-male postmodern prison system might be a seedbed for cultivating homosexuality as an Oversystem Ethos, a way by which men multiply not by their loins, but by their ideals. [1]
This would serve the same master as all academics, transhumanism, the development of pure godlike consciousness and superior purity of mind that is the goal of atheists, to become gods, either through medical longevity, collective identity or enhanced patrimony design. [3] It is no accident that Academics is a foundational atheistic institution of late antiquity. [4]
Without the ability to read more than a summary of Cochran’s thesis, I suspect that it is a more likely to hit nearer true than the social sciences, and that no academic or science-based explanation is likely to ever break free of the many lies that bind it’s designers forever in the darkness, of a world which is barely a hundred years old and has been mesmerized by a past that did not exist for its entire collective life.
-1. I mark the current world as having been born in 1919, after a roughly 20 year pregnancy. The astounding lack of knowledge as to what happened on this planet before 1913, even among dissident thinkers, suggests to this novelist, an installed backstory that rests largely on the lack of perspective and absence of comprehensive disbelief written into the cast of characters. If you only read 20th century history, than you have never read any history—none.
-2. Orphan Nation: A Plantation America Report
-3. Novels: Organa, Cube, Beyond Rainbow Bridge
-4. Edward Gibons, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 2
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Man Weekend 2023
Video Highlights and a Message from the Man Weekend Boss
Greetings everyone,
Linked below is a highlight of our 2022 Man Weekend. I will be uploading additional videos in the near future focused on each of the events.
This was our biggest year yet with 14 men fighting for their own personal honor, glory, a challenge perhaps even just a story. Because of the amount of people, the distance many people travelled (13 hours I believe was the record!), and my desire to make sure everyone gets the most of the weekend we will be hosting a two day event in 2023.
May 19-20 2023 will host our annual Man Weekend with the first day consisting of seminars for each individual discipline (weapons, boxing, and grappling) and the second day consisting solely of fights. Rule sets will include:
Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA: 3x1 minute rounds
Stick/Knife/Steel fighting: First to 3 clean kill shots wins
Stick/Knife: Submission and/or most accumulated damage in 3 minutes
Grappling: Sub only
This event is INVITATION only. Past participants are allowed to vouch for new attendees. If you haven’t attended and feel you deserve a spot get in contact with a past attendee and we will go from there. Thank you to everyone who has attended and don’t forget to get out there and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!
PS: Yes Sjambock fights will now be a yearly tradition :)
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Petty Lords
A Reader Asks for Plantation America Primary Sources: 5/23/22
It is a crying shame that I have read more about the history of feuding petty lords and the crusades more than the continent-sized nation which put them all to shame, America.
Where would the crackpot of Baltimore suggest to start for reading primary sources? I suppose I'd like to start with the Revolution of '76.
Hope you're doing well. God bless you, sir.
-Don Quotays
James LaFond
8:30 AM (0 minutes ago)
Below I have a partial list I can get off the top of my addled head.
Many of these sources have been treated on the patreon page and have been used in my books, including the two on this site, Cracker-Boy and the Greatest Lie Ever Sold
By 76 its all over.
Magna Carta, 1216 annotated in The Lies that Bind Us
Writings by John Dee, Francis Bacon and John Locke, all heinous scumbags who were obsessed with foundational social engineering in a fantastical new utopia focused on money making and left honest records.
John Smith 1617 or so
William Bradford 1620s
Thomas White 1630
Jesuit Revelations, a massive Canadian archive
George Alsop, poem 1659
John Bunyan's work from this period illuminates the English view of the world that they wished to create in servile perfection in North America
Jasper Dankerts 1671
Samuel Wiseman 1678
Thomas Hellier 1678, subject of my patreon novel, Sold
Mrs. Williamson—the bitch owned 6 months of patreon
Increase Mather 1676
Cotton Mather, Wonders of the Invisible World and a Good Master Well-Served 1690s
Ebeneezer Cook [I think] wrote Sotweed Factor] poem 1707
James Revel, Poem, early 1700s
There is more that I have summarized [most of the above actually] on the patreon site and in the various books last year was three female narratives from 1676 to 1750s
Madam Knight 1710
A Welsh kid, I forget his name, Peter maybe, wrote a narrative of his enslavement in Morocco for some 35 years
Peter Kalm, 1748
Sussanna Willard Johnson 1750s [written later]
Peter Williamson, 1750s, annotated in Stillbirth of a Nation
Runaway adds, mostly for Caucasians and mixed race people and mixed race pairs, In my books so His Master May Have Him and So Her Master May Have Her
Gottlieb Mitterberger, 1750s
Mary Sprigg, letter, 1750s
Ben Franklin's Autobiography
Don't read about the following. Read them and skip all commentary. Do read the drafts, covered on he patreon page
Declaration of Independence, 1775 something like 25 lies in this one, just bold faced lies
Articles of Confederation, 1776
Constitution 1783
Northwest Ordinances 1781-3
Thomas Jay, countering Franklin's BS in Cracker-Boy
Black Hawk's autobiography 1830s
Merryweather Lewis, letters
Moses Roper [quadroon]
Solomon Northup [negro]
Frederick Dougglass [mullato]
Henry Box Brown [negro]
William Craft [negro and quadroon wife]
William Wells Brown [mulatto]
Geronimo's autobiography, 1906, close of frontier
Jack London, the Road
Bill Carlisle, child slave in 1900 Maryland
Jack Black, 1930 You Can't Win, covers sex slavery in American West
Herbert Asbury's books on New Orleans and San Francisco detail the history of those people in the 1930s before the POZ set in, using primary sources. I have summarized this on this site.
I also suggest Pontiac's Rebellion and Little Turtle's War, a secondary history
The best secondary sources other than Asbury, also people working before the POZ button got hit in 1941 are Mari Sandoz histories of the frontier and Lothrop Stoddard's History of the French Revolution in San Domingo, which academic and dissident commentators read with a profound lack of context, seeming to have not read any of the above from a period perspective.
Reading earlier to later is the best method for seeing reality unfold in time. Reading from later backward simply fosters delusional anochronistic projection. But, we moderns think ourselves gods and deny at every turn that we are occupants of Time.
Don't feel bad. I too was taught that nothing interesting, no European style skullduggery, ever happened in America. Even dissident revisionist historians speak and write of a white picket fence Utopia in 1700s America, a place that would have baffled its occupants.
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'To Secure a Hard Copy'
CW from Baltimore wants to Know How He Could Get a Physical Copy of a Book from the Crackpot: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
Good morning Mr. LaFond,
I’d like to secure a hard copy if you have one on hand (I live in Baltimore City), or get you the funds for a POD version.
Got started reading you from @corsair21c on Twitter.  Many thanks.

CW, I am very honored that you want a hard copy of one of my books, any of them, even if it is humble, pink-covered Buzz Bunny.
I did answer you by email. But, with this question coming up on a regular basis, it occurred to me, that I am the only author I know of, other than Paul Bingham or Mister Gray, that does not keep copies gotten wholesale, on hand, to sell to readers. Indeed, the self-publishing companies that call me every Monday and Friday, suggest this as the way for a Print On Demand writer to make money: to buy copies at wholesale on the back end of their platform and then sell them in person at book signings and book fairs and such. Indeed Jack Donovan, a successful writer, uses this method, even mailing out books himself after buying entire print runs. A friend of mine who just published a book and is going to buy hundreds to sell to a distributor. The most expensive thing I can buy hundreds of, is cheep beer.
So I understand writers selling their own books, like Sam Finlay, Jeth Randolph and Clark Savage, who all sent me copies of their work.
I once owned 1 copy of every book I had published in print. When I became homeless I gave them away.
-1. I do not have enough money to buy more than ten copies of any one of my books. I am poor. The U.S. Poverty guideline for 1 person in 2022 is $13,590. After business expenses, I make under $5,000, making me less than half of an American pauper. You might say, that buying books wholesale and marking them up would make me more money. But that would entail a home to store the books in, which would cost me an additional 4,800 dollars a year...
-2. I am not strong enough to carry more than one slim book in my backpack. I even stopped carrying a bible, because editions with big enough print for me to read, weight two pounds and my hernias prevent me from carrying The Lord's Word, let alone his cross.
-3. Finally, I prefer writing books to selling books. Any time I would hypothetically order a box of books, or mail out a single order after walking to a post office, I would have used time enough to write an entire chapter.
-4. Further, not having a smart phone, I am barred from using my own POD Platforms, and cannot order a book if I had the will, and the money, and an actual address, to do so.
CW, even though I have drunk 5 cups of coffee today, I will try not to be too big of a dick and let you know how you could receive a print on demand book from me:
You could buy a book online, however you humans do that, it being not a thing I do, ever, as I deal only in cash. You could then hand it to me at a dive bar in Baltimore. Whereupon I will sign it, date it, inscribe it to you, write a witty comment about our meting place or the writing of the book, and hand it back to you.
Go to to see an updated list of In Print books, including LuLu hardbacks.
CW, thank you for putting up with me.
Also, in case you or another reader discover or divine, or are informed by your Creep State supervising agent, that I am coming to a city near you, you may text Flip the Hero Phone at 443-686-0598 and identify yourself and city, and I will return your text or call you and let you know if and when we could meet. Due to hookers discovering that I am old and still functional and calling me with ideas for expensive and doubtless worthwhile companionship, [1] and book publishers also harassing me, Flip no longer answers unknown phone numbers.
-1. I'm broke, not proud. If you find out I struck it rich, Hanna, or Leslie or Carmine call me back!
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Blue & Yellow
A Sample of Feedlot Propaganda: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
Spotted on a high volume corner in San Francisco.  Had no attribution or source I could locate.  
Gave me a pretty surreal feeling when I saw it, like playing one of those futuristic planet-colonizing shooters from my youth.  Those games had plenty of these types of cheesy propaganda posters. While captured by the display, I then wondered if the person who designed it, played the same games I played as a kid.  Small world, probably.
I don't think I've ever seen print-based propaganda in my life that was so obvious. 
Have things changed or have I?
Furthermore, what is my lesson?
-Vaxx Zombie DeGaulle

Things have changed.
You have changed.
Both have evolved and things have devolved.
The propaganda is a sequence of what looks like two rows of six posted affixed to a painted brick wall sign mount. Each of the 12 posters reads, in white lettering on black field:
Underneath is a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag crossed with U.S. Flag. The U.S. Flags on the top row have been violated by six signs, the last being a signature of the person tagging the U.S. Flag with an X among other things.
Next reads:
-President Zelensky

What I find interesting are the following points:
The sophisticated American advertising culture, which decisively defeated the crude ham-fisted Soviet might makes blight matrix, is now using Soviet style propaganda on its mind cattle against the Russians. This works because in the American mind the Soviets always were the Russians.
Americans have been told to care about Ukraine and hate Russia and 95? of them do, from arch conservative to radical progressive. This approach to command opinion was developed as the last stage of advertising influence culture and the first step in gaslit hysteria culture in 2020, with the Brovid Jiveteen Shamdemic. Back then the U.S. Gaslitariate proved to have a 95% herd immunity to reality. That herd immunity is now being used in a cartoonish opinion implantation procedure.
Every where I have been, from redneck ranches, to gun-nut homesteads, to VFW loyalists to auntqueefa and BLM strong holds of pink-haired sensibility, every cock and cunt—especially those who hate each other across the bipolar American cultural divide—are flying blue and yellow save the Ukraine flags. Two houses from where I know write, in the middle of Baltimore, where men and women buying and owning homes cannot safely walk two blocks away from here without being attacked by Gawdly Kangs in pack strength, flies an American stars and stripes flag with the Ukrainian flag occupying the front half except for the top 2 stripes.
The homeowner is permitted to, via the mercy of media church, to engage in the comforting delusion, that the Russians 12,000 miles away are his enemy and that the thugs I saw yesterday lurking five houses from him round the corner on the main street, are his neighbors rather than what they are, his hunters.
The legacy for this is really American Football, where most Americans have been trained to vehemently back teams of mercenary criminal millionaires to the point of watching a university gang rapist make a touchdown and then do a primate intercourse dance, and then tearfully worshiping that man who would otherwise mug or rape them if given the chance, as if he were an Olympian God out of antiquity.
In more subtly mundane observations:
I was at a bar in Portland where U.S. Veterans drank and demanded if the vodka on the rail was Russian. When the owner had to declare that it was, she was made to promise never to buy Russian vodka again and assured the New Ukrainians that she bought that bottle before the war.
Also, observing the stacked posters, they are made to look like book bindings on text books, with the same letter variation, density, and even an author's name imprinted on the spine. At first glance I actually thought that it was one poster made to look like shelved book bindings.
In conclusion:
-We have been taught to care fanatically, about distant threats, on command.
-The means of conditioning have been commercial advertising, news broadcasts and the NFL.
The most important contribution is the NFL, with its timed industrial segments of highly truncated, brief flurries of action, followed by official rulings by visible third party judges directing the spectators instead of the players as to what they saw, as well as mostly invisible color commentators interpreting and re-interpreting what the viewer has seen and is now taught to re-imagine. Thus, with Brovid Jiveteen, those who believed in the Shamdemic over the first month, flipped to who believed in it over the following two years.
Nothing has shaped our vulnerability to having our opinions and observations edited and reshaped in our mind by outside forces, then sports commentating. While the NFL is the most prominent, all sports do this, including boxing. For instance, in every Tyson Fury fight, commentary runs not only 100% against the Aryan champion in favor the the African media fighters, but also 100% counter to observed reality. This is the same in every fight pitting an Aryan verses an African I have recently seen.
As we are more isolated, prizefighting will become more important for our brainwashing, such as MMA and boxing promoting female fighters over males. Increasingly, Show Wrestling style scripting and hyperbole will infect these combat sports in order to further disable the spectator's interpretation of reality.
Note that the NFL has switched from pickup trucks as their most common advertisement to military and medical and racial opinion shaping. The most important thing about American Football, is that the referees act like lawyers and judges at the bench when they confer. The most prominent source of TV drama over my life time has been crime drams, which usually spend as much time in judgment scenes as action scenes, similar to football, which matches this time-delay judgment more closely than other ball sports, though baseball is being brought into more time-delay judgment from umpires.
The officiating in sports, including MMA fighters being trained to continue beating or choking an unconscious fighter unless pulled off by a referee, is a deep emotional media implantation that reinforces the American axiom that violent actors have no self-control and most be arrested, even if acting in obvious self-defense, most prominently expressed in the dictum of cuckdom, “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.”
See the novels Cube and Beyond Rainbow Bridge for more ideas about where this dualistic system of overt and subversive thought shaping is headed.
Thank you Oh, Vaxxlord
09.19.22   Anonymous — "I was at a bar in Portland where U.S. Veterans drank and demanded if the vodka on the rail was Russian. When the owner had to declare that it was, she was made to promise never to buy Russian vodka again and assured the New Ukrainians that she bought that bottle before the war."

Bought as much St Pete Russian Standard as I could once the inflation boycott started in March. Ran out in may, in june found a locally owned chinese store that still stocked it.

Now they have my business. Large asian nation bad, but russian vodka good!
09.20.22   guest — We are fighting over a de-facto Russian area not becoming legally Russian.

Funniest conflict ever.
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Readers Poetic Notes to The Acts of The Knights Trace in Awes South
As to the poetic overture to each said chapter of the acts both sanguine and profane recorded herein, The Rule of both The Knights Saint George and The Knights Trace, lauds and respects The Death of Arthur. Though the words of Mallory are fit to feed the ear of prince and King, with scant else to suffice for the greater latter, the lower orders of knighthood bearing the banners of Christ Opposed to Multifarious Evil into the vile precincts of Heathenry, Heresy and Voodoory are of a less cultivated mind than the leading families of Christendom, let alone rough Easter New England, and stand far below and beyond the pale of Sweet Old England.
What is rudely more, where the knights of rough Easter New England are retained by stalwart and pious men-at-arms, and those shimmering souls of Sweet Old England when at arms against Christian, Heathen, Heretic or Saracen, are retained by the lower orders of nobility, West of the Great Heathen River, called Mississippi, martial needs are filled by more desperate men. With only sailors, pikemen, musketeers and cannoneers, according to Old English tradition, permitting entry from the lower orders—and these being middling stock to artisans of the yeomanry—we of rude Wester New England are of a differing plight.
Even in Easter New England, the lowly, wastrel, bound Christian soul—Christian though he may be—is only permitted to enter arms as an oarsman or sailor upon the King’s Ships, as is the practice among The Knights Sepulcher, whose godly galleys depart Saint George and thence row up the Missouri to Musseshell Rally Station [1] each October.
Be it though, among the Stations of The Knights Saint George and The Knights Trace, ten combatants to the noble one are drawn from, pillory post, gaol lock, barrister stocks and even the ready gallows! Only those dastards hung in chains by order of The King’s Magistrates are beyond the recruiting arm of a knight or ranking squire. Thus the serfs of the Plantation, when punished for courting libertine or shiftless damnation, if able to bear arms or tend horse, and judged so by a Knight [or acting knight] of the order, and in extremity by a sergeant in good standing, may, instead of execution, mutilation and shackle and fetter penance, be bound the The said Order for a life of military service. [2]
Such a Christian—and this he must be—be he boy, scout or ranger, lives a life rugged beyond Old English conception, and storied according to Easter New English convention. Be the penitent wretch English trash, Scottish riffraff, Welsh back-slider, Cornish drag-footed brag, shanty Irish grog, a worse vagrant mongrel, a rude praying Indian, or even a good and Goddamned breed, so long as he be not besooted of soul by Satan’s black brand, he may be mustered to SERVE!
How does one minister to such a motley mob of murderous dragoons?
Yes, the sermons of the squire, vested as chaplain to every Crusader troop, edifies the rude soul.
Such godly lessons are upheld by the Knight’s exemplar character.
But men of all races and ages desire hero song and roaring tales and will not make due with only sermon and hymn.
For one must remember, that in Wester lands, he who is without a horse is doomed and worse—useless to Christ’s kind kingly purpose. Thus, even a gallows-bird cut loose from the very noose, is destined due to the natural upwelling nobility of the equine spirit with which he lives his life in close conenction, to begin to think of himself in higher ways, but dangerously in his lowly wiles. It is for this reason that Dragoons are only mustered from among the lowly in Europe by the debased Russians, who have but little choice in the matter, assailed as they are by Tartar and Turk. European soldiery of the lowly kind is never mounted against Christian foes in the Old World for this very reason. We, though, in westerlands, are assailed by all manner of subhuman foes and are so, grimly compelled to follow the Russian practice.
Such a man-killing mob may not be inspired by the lyre and harp [3] with stories of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table, without a reasonable fear that they might aspire in their brutish hearts to the status of these knights of legendry, or Lord forbid, conceptualize a Grail after their own base ideals!
Therefore, while The Knights Sepulcher, delight in Beowulf, alike as their heretic foes of Norther New France are to the fiend Grendel and his vile mother, our forefathers of the more wester and souther orders favored—and their loyal sons yet favor—The Song of Roland. This is for the reason that Teraldus the Norman shared ancestry with our breed of Kings and Princes, and of as much import, composed his work before the French became infected with that miasma of the Middle Sea air and began to ape the Saracen in his easy habit.
The men of The Knights Saint George and The Knights Trace, are doomed to fall in its ranks. Hence, Roland’s bold dedication to his King unto certain death provides many the ready rhyme to occupy the lowly ranger mind. For God as our heavenly witness, one can only imagine what dreadful doggerel would pass the gap-toothed lips of bond soldier kind on our frontiers if our paiges and stone deacons failed to preserve the Song of Roland. Hence, in labor to abide by convention, wishing this tale to reach the princely ear—which we dour persons of the Three Orders know must be entertained—a pertinent verse from Roland’s Song shall head each Act, in hopes, in part, that such will counterweight the vile voodoo chants appended at the close of each Act.
Such are the words that inspire our bloody boys to slaughter aback horses in the outrealms of Awes West and Awes South.
“Behind the walls of Saragoss,
not a Saracen was left—
who had not come to Christ
or sudden death!”
-Song of Roland, First Chant
-Alfred the 9th, 52nd Confessor to The Order of Saint George of the Cross
-1. Said rally point is a temporary station, through which The Knights Trace, our eyes and ears upon the frontier, are supplied and is manned year round by the Praying Mandan Tribe, captained by a chief who by ancient convention ever receives address according to a Welsh name, and alone among their kind is permitted in the company of Knights by name. German convict cannoneers, donated by the grace of His Princely Person of Baden, in support of Christ’s martial purpose, there guard this furthest hinter port of Christendom, there to sire breeds on squaws for the scout service.
2. Boys of ten to thirteen years are most sought after, with rogues of full years distrusted in the main. Some may remain boys as men, becoming scullers, if stupid, squeamish or returned lame to that state. Breeds—praying breeds all—may become scouts only. Those of Christian blood able to take up soldiering, which is to say most, are promoted according to deed from age 13 through 21to the rank of ranger. Such a fellow, not distinguishing himself in a soldiery way by age 21 is likely to be a sculler for life. [4] Sergeants may only be advanced from ranger, never scout.
-3. These duties fall to paige and stone deacon, in the main.
-4. Where sculler kind and oarsmen are not armed in Chistendom Proper, the pony boy of these orders are lightly armed in the way of sailors, with a knife, and if trusted, a pistol if he be of Christian blood and a bow and arrows if he be a breed. Such bows, due to their ready rate of lossing and accuracy, are valued highly in Awes West in particular.
-5. Pikemen and musketeer are only employed west of the Great Heathen River by the Dons of New Spain, who possess a peasant class somewhere in nature between the yeoman and serf of England, generally regarded as a miserable excuse for a soldier, though the mestizo spawn of the indiscriminate fecund Dons make excellent demi-scout rangers.
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To The Right Priors Three
Prologue to Ranger?, Being the Acts of the Knights Trace in Awes South
To the Supreme Prior Gregory Athelthane, Called “Yore,” Factor to His Holiness, Archbishop of New England at King Henry’s Cathedral, at Saint Mary’s Town,
As well:
His Eminent Prior of Forsaken Name, Of the Stalwart Knights of Saint George of the Cross, at Saint George’s Cathedral upon the heathen river unnamed,
His Reverent Prior of Sweet Galilee [1], Of the Most-Sanguine Knights Sepulcher of the Cathedral of the North, at the Citadel Saint Claire,
His Prior Nore, of the Humble Knights Trace, at Whitefish Cathedral, July 11, In the Year of Our Lord 2031
May it be Known, that I, your servant, your eyes and ears upon Satan’s vast den of conspiracy, have had all of my pigeons ate. All 9 birds of my coop, have been flown with copies of this letter, only to be descended upon by an eagle out of nightmare above these refuge walls. The heathens gathered about—seeking mercy from fiends far worse than they—call this devil of the sky “thunderbird,” and it does roar rather like a lion then any screech, scree, peep or quark one would assign such a winged thing.
Thus the lateness of this message, a message sent by two riders each to the Sister Cathedral’s West, in hopes that such pigeons there might be sent to His Archbishop east afar.
Our Humble Order of Awes West numbers fewer souls than the garrisons of any of your great and hallowed cathedrals.
Continued longish and withering winter has assailed us these ten years gone. But this, and only, this winter has presented this humble factor of Christ with the below-named perils:
Most savagely, the Ree tribes have risen and have among them products of monstrous births, of matings of their maids with the giant called Sasquatch to generate a pallid thing called “wendigo” a man eater of the woods, a legend once sneered at, now proven by the grinning red-eyed head mounted upon this postern gate—thanks by to The Knight Stern in his tireless service.
Most Ominously, the said Sasquatch have returned out of legend, some seen visibly skulking at this man made thing in their midst, and more ominously, others transmuting themselves into Stonish Giants by such incantations and crude witchery as they possess. To these shambling things half of my knightly strength has been lost this summer alone—this summer of snow, that heathen Old Man Winter has suffered naught but hay to grow.
Most perplexing, the Counter Pope of Vile Montreal sends entreaties to ally against such horrors, to which I may not reply until so directed by His Reverence of The Sepulcher, who does possess authority in heretical matters of Northron New France or His Holiness at Saint Mary’s Cathedral away east.
Most troubling, a deputation of Comanche, those most savage foes of our Christian Faith, who claim to have been driven in part into Wyoming in its wintry desolation by something called a “skinwalker,” in relation to the Navaho people of New Spain being something like as a wendigo to a Ree, hath they pleaded unseemly like with My Troubled person for succor.
Most disgusting, The Knight Ware, without whom this Prior would be lost, has brought the heads of three black voodooists caught journeying into Canada on some repulsive errand, clothed as if Indians, for which they were justly slaughtered.
Most affronting, that winged thing called Thunderbird, it’s wings the span of a Sepulcher galley sail, sails about over our heads, to which our silver-voiced nuns and brazen trumpets complain...but the beastly winged thing will not be off and seems never to tire in its flight, only to retire into the blackness of night.
Most sobering, a Czarist deputation, headed by a certain grave beast of a knight, having been harrowed a year in the wilds, pleaded audience with Her Portentess Christsong. This woman—this gracile nun of near a hundred years having been here decades before my appointment—does walk like Enoch with The Lord, to wit some name her the Second Coming of Mary. She has taken no food since The Year of Our Lord, 1991, and yet lives, the very birds said to bring her sustenance in her tower upon the lake, sent by Saint Francis himself. She was once atime The Rose Lady, daughter of the Knight O’Neal, Chaste Wed to the Knight of that name of Saint George. Her song has awakened me with every dawn since the advent of my priorship 16 years gone.
Most affrighting, Her Portentess sent the Czarists to Medicine Wheel Mountain down Wyoming way to consult the Christian Skywatcher who has long been Missionary to the heathen in the cause of their conversion. Thence, from that quarter, in the dying days of June, in the Medicine Bow Range, a weird, awful light cleaved the sky like a sword, blinding our watchtower boy, turning his hair white...and akin does this wretch now babble amain of things rueful and strange.
Most saddening, from the moment that southeaster light clove the sky, our lady ceased her song, and above the lake in her tower weeps. Should our nuns lose faith, even as the heathen pleading for succor clamor at our gates, it is doubtful that the three remaining knights and their Tracebands [2] will sustain us to winter...what is a winter that follows upon a summer of snow?
Provisionally, riders have been dispatched to:
Helena Station, our most easterly post, where The Knight Right-Slain keeps watch, directed to hold to the last man.
Redlodge Station, the subpost to this Cathedral, Where Squire Cranby serves in stead of the brutal-slain Knight Crow, with orders to hold to the last man.
Cheyenne Station, where The Knight Rule keeps watch, who has been ordered with his entire force to fall back on Saint George with this message to ensure its delivery, to place his sword at that Pious Prior’s service.
Redrock Station, where The Good Knight Brass keeps watch—this station being out of command, pigeons and scouts all gone, but Brass in possession of standing orders to rally at Denver Station in the event of general peril.
Denver Station, kept by The Knights Two, has contingency orders to withdraw The Knight High at Winter Station and release by scout, The Lone Knight from his post at Hinter Station, deep in the Colorado Interior. Denver Station is vested with judgment, as to holding, advancing to assist New Spain, or falling back to sustain Awes South, being the second ranked Post of the Knights Trace.
The Lone Knight at Hinter Station is charged, in the event of general crisis—hitherto supposed to have been a Comanche war—with allying with the Dons of New Spain, and thence journeying westward to maintain His Majesty’s Furthest Possession, the Church Manor of Lower Awes West, sustained by the manorial fief of Vale Bernie, under perpetual grant of King Henry the 21st, bestowed by His Grace in the Year of Our Lord, 1913.
Such being the circumstances of Awes West, and soon to be placed entirely out of touch with our sister orders and points east, it behooves to mention a Godly boon. As the Knights Trace traditionally receive the most encourageble rouges into our service, desertions to New Spain, Czarist outposts, heathen tribes and even the Heretics of Northron New France, have long kept this order under strength. It is my pious pleasure to report that those dastard coward souls shorn of the good Christian duty to serve, who have deserted us in this dire time, have had their heads returned—less their eyes and brains—by the aforementioned winged devil bird that circles this Sacred Ground, moving The Knight Quick-Spike [most severe of his kind] to quote from Job as to he-to-remain-unnamed doing God’s very work!
-In the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, from The Least of Thee, Prior Nore, Awes West
-1. Greatest of the Great Lakes
-2. A Traceband at full strength numbers: Knight, Squire, Factor & Page of the noble class. Lower orders are ranked: Sergeant of Rangers, Farrier Sergeant, Station Sergeant, Stone Deacon, Rangers [English, to number 10], Scouts [Breeds to number 4], Boys [English or breeds to number 6], Scullers [all sorts of bound yet untrusted rogues, not to exceed 4 in number, with the excess to be drawn and quartered if encourageble and hung if well-behaved.
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Corresponding with a British Babe about: Survival, Horses and Jeth Randolph: 5/4/2022
Hello James,
I’ve just finished reading the above book, and wanted to write to say how fascinating I found it. I came across your work because I have the great pleasure and honour of training with Jeth Randolph, who clearly thinks very highly of you. I believe he is an extraordinary teacher, and that what he teaches us is very rarely found, in the UK or elsewhere. 
I know I’m not the target audience for Thriving (being older and female), so I was really interested in your responses to his interview questions,  in his latest book, on older trainees, and issues specific to women. Thank you for that. 
I’m now going to go back through Thriving  and re-read in more detail. There seems to be a huge amount in it and I have the great good fortune of being able to look at some of the more relevant (to me) skills, tactics and responses with Jeth, to see which I can make work. I’ll take a look at some of the rest of your immense catalogue of work, too. 
All the best and thanks again,
Hope my work is of some use to you. 
attached find an oral history and analysis of bad odds violence, which would include you in the demographic. 
Take care, 
Hello James,
Thank you so much for sending When You’re Food. I’m not sure “enjoyed” is quite the right word, as it’s obviously quite a grim read, but very compelling, and hilarious in places. (And your description of trying to get a grip of Geno’s hairy bollocks in Thriving had me in tears of laughter). 
I work with tricky (some would say dangerous) horses and they teach you a whole load about situational awareness: they know they are food and are looking for danger around every corner. If you don’t want 600+kg of horse landing in your lap, you get good at looking out for the same “dangers” (often, a plastic bag flapping in a hedge) that they see. Working with Jeth has made me much more aware of the need to stay alert with humans: in spite of knowing what can and does and has happened, I had become lax. Getting older brings the very welcome and freeing gift of becoming less interesting to men, but the invisibility cloak only works in some settings. 
Anyway, thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and to send me the .pdf, it’s very generous. It’s not that often you come across someone who really lives their thing (don’t want to say “passion”), and you clearly are one of those, as is Jeth.
Glad Food was useful.
i just spent a month with a farrier in Missouri to learn about horses for a western I'm writing—I am terrified of equines!
Would much rather wrangle africans. 
Younger men lose interest in old men as challenges as well which helps.
Will use this as an article starter as well. 
attaching 1 of some 40 travel books i have written that are mostly unpublished and hopefully entertaining.
oh yes, and an old book on how ridiculous life was in Baltimore—2 why not, because i have a big ego and you actually read.
[How God Saved Mars, Narco Night Train and The GQ Mugging Inquest.]
Considering Nicole’s situation as a seeker of serious survival lore and ability, is mark of the feral nexus of civilized downfall. In barbarism women are property who have to manage their survival as a kind of intelligent furniture that also does more active forms of work and have much social value and hence leverage for acquired third person protection, which includes the promise of vengeance, which modern women have actively disabled across most modern cultures, having farmed it out to the lie of police protection.
In civilization, one gradually develops the emasculation of men and masculation of women, to the point where most combat arts training is fantasy, women fantasizing about using bare hands and strenth-based weapons to combat, younger, larger, harder, faster attackers, enjoying a minimal of a 1-5 disadvantage.
Meanwhile, the men who are mostly absent from self-defense training venues, are either engaging in fad MMA training with slim correlating value to an armed encounter or mass attack-which are the only likely threats for men. Or, those men totally ignore practical survival training and focus on military combat with weapons that are illegal to use, and when used will generate a clash with or at minimal an abduction by actual military-grade mass combatants, such as a SWAT team.
Now that the weak corruption of civilization has fully set in, hyena men rise from among our shithole cities to attack women, children, elderly and small Asians, etc. I hope Nicole improves her survival chances while making provisions that such skills will not be needed—because they will probably fail on contact. A woman getting on in years is only at less risk of rape among non-blacks. Blacks love raping old ghost ladies. As for robbery and hate motivated attacks, packs of armed brown youths are to be expected. Against such a pack Jeth or I might stand a slim chance of only being injured while fighting back, but would most likely be maimed or killed while injuring or killing 1 or 2 of the pack.
Any woman is toast in that situation. So, for those women who have been placed by civilization in the position where men will not or are not allowed to protect or avenge them, who have taken it upon themselves to learn combat, you need to assess what types of combat you will not survive and then decide whether death or rape is more agreeable. The best reason for a woman to learn how to fight against men is to increase the chance that she will be killed rather than raped. Because half the time the savages will kill you after they rape you anyhow. This is why I carry an illegal knife, so that cops will kill me rather than arrest me, which, to me, is tantamount to rape.
I think that serious female self defense should focus on knife use, as even running away is not viable for most women, since their attackers are likely to be male youths.
I recommend that such a woman carry:
-1. slash and stab knife, fixed blade sheathed near or at the right hip,
-2. a belt buckle punch dagger
-3. an armor piercing hair pin
-4. a folding razor blade somewhere cunning
-5. a 5 inch combat knife in her purse
-6. a tactical pen clipped somewhere nifty
Yes, carry three to six of these, and an umbrella sword, because two men, both of whom would have a 5 to 1 to 10 to 1 advantage on you alone, are coming for you at the same time, together.
Thanks, Nicole, for reading, and recall that your best use for Jeth, in terms of any high risk situation you might find yourself in, would be to have him there as a bodyguard—even men do this routinely, that is men that can afford it.
09.17.22   Barry Bliss — Really interesting about getting killed instead of raped (and then probably killed), etc.

It's easy to forget that there is reality and truth when almost no one acknowledges it or dares to write about it. So damned refreshing.
09.19.22   Nicole the Brit — I was watching a Lee Morrison video on a similar theme, and he said (made me spit my coffee out), on the theme of fighting back “no man in his logical mind wants to put his dick in a bear trap”. Makes sense.

Thanks for this entry, there’s a lot to think about.
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Old Podcasts
Discussing Audio-Crime with the author of The King of all Things: 5/4/2022, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Hope all is well with you.  I was trying to find a podcast you did with Rusty Vignettes last year and they seem to have disappeared.  Is that the case?  Now I see the wisdom in you publishing everything  you do - it would be a shame if those podcasts with him were just gone to the winds. 
Clark, I do podcasts as a courtesy to readers, as a full third of my readers and fully half of those readers who buy my books, are listeners of various podcasts. Indeed, I live with people who discovered me thru podcasts. I am a subject of wicked Fortune’s wink and nod of tolerance, a mind whore that somehow manages to seem like an independent soul due to low earnings. Yet I in fact rent my mind and soul out like a hooker rents her bodily charms. It would not due for an aging whore to turn down fresh interested parties from exploring her skill set.
The caged artist in me wants to write Comanche Station, today. But, my mind whore job is to go to the email box anytime I have wifi and write dialogues and answer queries from my patrons. I have a strong slave instinct despite my rebellious actions. As a grocer I was a chump, putting in effort far beyond any hope of recompense just for an “ataboy” from a man in a suit.
Rusty is not the only good man to assign me to his network trashcan: Dennis Dale, another fellow who sought me out, and the Fatherland crew, and Carbon Mike all ghosted me and erased any evidence of our work together. I still rate them all as good men. But when a good man is hunted across our slight-shadowed mindscape, he must protect his means of mobility, supply and his support team, every bit as much as a sniper has to maintain an egress route from his hide, keep his spotter from eating ordinance and not giving the location of his base—which in this case is his family.
After Rusty contacted me and I agreed to speak with him, I was honored, as he was obviously educated where I am not. He is also young. Then, when he ghosted me, not even letting me know if he and his were whole and healthy after I had developed a compassion for them, that felt like a slap in the face.
Then a mutual contact informed me that Rusty had a public job, his family was dependent only on his income and that the increased listeners may or did or could included coworkers or bosses that could make of him—a wretch like me. Sure, it might be fun in spots to be an old loser sneering and poking fun at the society that rejected you—but to expect a young breeding fellow to embrace the economic and familial ruin of an Andy Nowicki, a bum LaFond or a Pastor Linstett [a Christian Identity leader I recently interviewed and lack the courage to air that video because I laughed along with some of his hate-filled ramblings] as we old rejects have, that is unreasonable as well as unjust.
I accept that most of what I record will be gone with the grind. I expect that from the beginning. My attempt at leaving something worthwhile behind is all vested in writing, not speaking, which in I regard myself as a poor measure. Two nights past I did a podcast with the Myth20 crew on supply chain issues and totally blew it—ended up talking about ancient history. Indeed, I fumbled a comment from you, unable to recall what I seem to have said at some point. Then, last night, my host read me a supply chain article written by some ghetto grocer in February and posted, yesterday, in which I wrote everything I should have spoke on the podcast.
I am actually embarrassed about how much I have run my mouth in interviews over the past five years, to the point of it feeling unseemly. So, I am actually happy that some 15 hobo history interviews have not been aired and that most of what has will be wiped out. Clark, thanks for reminding me that my writing will likely outlast my rambling.
09.15.22   Barry Bliss — I've been making music some find offensive and using my real name for my whole adult life.

I've regularly been unaccepted by society. I doubt I can ever teach public school or work with children, all due to my views.

I love it and wouldn't change a thing.

James, I am glad you have not pulled your controversial stuff offline. So many times you click a link and someone has taken down there work. Jack Donovan's Mighty White? Gone. The grimnr link you gave? Gone.
09.16.22   Harmonica Dog Walker — Thing is with Rusty is he was young and formed to the ways of the old world, where caring what people thought actually mattered. The cycle goes, "I do bad thing, I get doxed, my life and job are ruined." Or so it's perceived. Rust got the fear blown up his skirt of dark things being done upon him by his betters and he obeyed. I get the fear. I've had friends doxxed and the ones who didn't apologise were all right in the end. If you don't get outed, you don't have to bow and grovel; but it still reveals the inner apologist anywho.
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MegaDomnicron Watch
Crux Cross and the Crackpot Discuss the Postmodern Funerary Cult: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 2
Rough mask update. Note a federal judge just this week I understand issued an order lifting the mandate.
early evening Manhattan subway, 9 without masks out of ~75-80 on board. This is within the parameters I've seen the last few weeks and month or two, which surprised me because—talking my Manhattan train here, there's been no mask fall-off with the spring good weather—if anything a 1-10% increase.
Concert at msg
Several squads of cops, including a squad of horsemen, no masks outside or even on an overwhelming majority inside
Walked mask free and made a beverage purchase in moynihan federal Amtrak part of Penn. Staff unmasked. Civilian s mixed. Marked Security interaction witnessed
Signs, including electronic scrolling signs still giving notice/demanding mask wearing.
No mask on LIRR conductor while on  Outstanding. First time. 
No announcements over the pa system. These announcements were getting, to me, strangely more vehement and frequent over the last month or so. Like live, repeated announcements to still wear mask per "federal law."
Two NYPD walk the train—this is unusual, their presence at all I mean, both fully masked up.
Passengers girls, suits, mostly masked.
Btw afro Americans are split. I'd guess the majority of mask-free afro-ams are middle class or lower, but there's no consensus uniform type thing that I can detect. Like three girls who appear to be friends or peers will get in board dressed similar and be split 2:1 masks no mask or vice versa. 
With euro-ams it's more apparent to me. Like I think I can get a better read on 'class' for lack of a better word, or job or politics, even religious background. But afro-ams I'm basically clueless.
Not sure if I noted before but the afternoon construction worker crowd—significant percentages- has been blowing off the masks as soon as possible trip-wise for months now. like testing the enforcement limits. All masked up in the station but totally freeing it up at some point on the trip. like ok, I've been working one of the most dangerous jobs,  breathing fumes all day, asbestos, who knows what, now I'm drinking a beer, I'll take my chances at this point and if the guy doesn't say anything the fine
Also the 'ambiguous ethnicity' zone people—that swath from north Africa through the med and middle east to the Punjab or so, I'm guessing they're thing is just whatever's gonna help me avoid a police interaction. Like they're the ones now still most likely to—these are my impressions opinions—most likely to be doing the mask below chin or nose thing. 
Chinese. East Asian. Forget it. Still masked.
Ok, a little rough but it's been a while.
Oh, ps there are still some people wearing masks in parks.
PPS and in church, including priests.
Be well, 
Addendum and clarification:
Re the construction workers, i shouldnt’ say they’ve been ‘all masked up’ in that way which suggests all of them have been fully wearing their masks in Penn station. No, they’ve fallen off that greatly over the past several months and are one of the leading demos’ maskless everywhere. But they’re also a leading demo —apparently to me, willing to take it off on trip. I’m remembering a situation where I witnessed basically a car-load of them unmasked as the commenter train was ~an hour or more outside of the city. Unfortunately I either noted that in an a email (?) or can’t find it in my diary.
But elsewhere in my diary:
Tuesday, April 11, 2022: 
Lots a people on the Q still wearing masks; there’s an ethnic, sex thing. Asians: Almost All; ethnic ambiguous zone (no. Africa - Middle East, Stans - India Caucasians with black hair who get tans) varies, but often a guy will have it on, just off, below his chin; like, i will obey the law but cheat when i can. Whites, greater variety, but much less nose moves; if it’s off it’s all of, not there. Blacks, varies. Like whites in that some are all off, but overwhelmingly on. Mexican-central americans —women yes, men less so. By profession the construction looking guys are most off. But the big surprise is the number of announcements, vehemence, citation to “federal law” and apparently to me still high levels of mask usage —like above 80%, approaching 95% in certain circumstances like on the subway or amongst certain demo’s in confined public spaces —thought I’m not sure I’d call large parts of penn station ‘confined’ 
Friday, March 11, 2022:
....subway still masked up, but more cops and city workers doing the nose thing. [.... omission about cops] Construction workers are over it, significant percentage down, and off masked. Conductors still masked, but not really doing the look away thing. 
Sir Crux, a look at masking at the end of media plague seasons, over the past two years has been instructive as to the morphology of our funerary overcult. This has been a very useful social experiment.
The following observations were made between April 6 and May 1, on trains and in train stations and hotels. Both of these venues are hospitality settings, with the train mixing in arthouritarian [cerebral alert: I have tried to spell this word 9 ways, and have failed to have the computer recognize it as English, so am giving up. An eye seizure is starting.] elements necessary for managing herds of meet puppets in a mass transit setting.
April 6-9, Mass transit: Denver-Chicago
Automated Audio announcements threaten travelers with fines, felony convictions, travel banning and arrest for not masking:
-Conductors unmask when out of contact with public
-Police, Africans and Amish are not made to mask up
-Europeans, Asians and Mestizos are made to mask up
[I expect to see this hierarchy of enforcement returning with the return of masking in September and in broader contexts.]
After the lifting of the mask mandate
April 30, Saint Louis to Chicago
-Rural Missouri, chain eatery employment advertisements focus on smiling while masked as a prime employee value in adds that offer $500 signing bonuses for fast food clerks.
-Hotel, staff masked 100% except for bar tender, among guests only upscale Euros masked
-Hotel TV shows employment commercials for medical, educational and corporate employers that focus on 100% masking as a good behavior,
-Station, staff unmasked, passengers unmasked except for some Africans, Asians and upscale Euros,
-Train, 1 of 8 crew masked, a woman, 25% of passengers masked
-Chicago station, no staff masked, 10% passenger masking [only Asian, African and upscale Euro]
-Train to Pittsburgh, no crew masked, 25% of passengers masked [all African, Asian and upscale Euro]
May 1
-Pittsburgh station, no staff masked, 30% of passengers masked, all kinds
-Train to Philly, no crew masked, 75% of passengers masked!, the further east the more masked
I am retaining my mask supply for use on Baltimore buses, where I expect masking to be required and for the return of masking in September, which will be largely privatized and will focus on enforcing masking among Euros. The staff and crews of Amtrak hate masking and mask enforcement duty. I expect that those staff will be sent into a crisis if a new mask mandate is put into place due to The MegaDomnicron plague.
I am wondering if social justice groups like Auntqueefa might organize masking militias for NGO enforcement in the dying quarter of this year.
09.14.22   Maud'Dib — Hopefully we will get a nice rail road worker strike in this week, for say 6 months. That will get the party started!
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The Target Audience
Nicole the Brit and Don Quotays on Jeth Randolph's Urban Survival Method: 5/2/2022, Lancaster Pennsylvania
The Target Audience
Nicole the Brit and Don Quotays on Jeth Randolph's Urban Survival Method: 5/2/2022, Lancaster Pennsylvania
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Thriving in Bad Places
Hello James,
I’ve just finished reading the above book, and wanted to write to say how fascinating I found it. I came across your work because I have the great pleasure and honour of training with Jeth Randolph, who clearly thinks very highly of you. I believe he is an extraordinary teacher, and that what he teaches us is very rarely found, in the UK or elsewhere. 
[The reader is a woman who had honored this hoodrat in finding some value in a book callously written for young men largely on the assumption that female elf-defense is a hopeless cause.]
I know I’m not the target audience for Thriving (being older and female), so I was really interested in your responses to his interview questions,  in his latest book, on older trainees, and issues specific to women. Thank you for that. 
[I sent the lady a copy of When You’re Food: Raw, an oral history, analysis and Q & A on bad odds encounters.]
I’m now going to go back through Thriving  and re-read in more detail. There seems to be a huge amount in it and I have the great good fortune of being able to look at some of the more relevant (to me) skills, tactics and responses with Jeth, to see which I can make work. I’ll take a look at some of the rest of your immense catalogue of work, too. 
[Thriving in Bad Places was written for The single Travel Dude website back in 2014-15.]
All the best and thanks again,
Based on your review, I ordered Mr. Randolph's book.
It arrived today, and based on skimming a few entries I'm pleased with my purchase. 
Thoughtful and practical information, directed to the reality in which we find ourselves.
Unfortunately, volume 1 is currently unavailable on the Zon.
Don Quotays
[Oh, Don, between the times when Britannia drank the Sons of Aryas and the Rise of the Scions of Wakanda, their was an age unheeded, Cuckboria: neon signs missing letters, roach-haunted East Baltimore with its jive-haunted bus stops, suburbia languid in gaslit slumber, and in the Teeming West Mondawmin—hither came Yo-man, to tread the jewelry stores and pharmacies in his sneakered feet…”]
[If one would like to know where goes this shit show, and of its mysterious origins, checkout the two titles linked below. Thank you, for this shameless shill has sent up my deteriorating spine a nameless chill, as I realize that finally my rancid soul has merged with modernity, having become one with, having become one with snivilization Under the God of Things. During my recent trick out of the Western U.S., one overarching theme of American life continued to impose itself upon this overripe meatstick: things come first, people second. To the extent that ideas are anything more than the seduction of people to give way to things and by their consumption achieve soulful reduction, the distant foe is always stressed over the friend near and the near foe is raised for worship upon the altar shrouded in the most dubious—yet pious—veneer.]
It is this person’s belief that Modernity may best be improved by the introduction of machete wielding hordes of kangly humanity possessed of the highest possible—time preference!
Latest fiction:  The Last Whiteman
Recent Plantation America:
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Yeti Season
Don Quotays and the Crackpot Discuss Gaia’s Frigid Season and the Grey God’s Return: 5/4/2022
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
May 2
The global cooling will also have affects on North Africa, the ME, and all the various Stan's, as well as Iran.
Which is to say, it's going to be cooler and rain more in these regions, which means their growing potential can increase significantly.
Can, not will, as the areas political issues and pervasive corruption may get in the way. Plus near term shortages can create chaos in these regions.
The current weather extremes in the USA were predicted by the big brains during the 1970s new Ice Age scare.
So it appears the Grand Solar Minimum is on track.
As they say, shit is getting real.
Be careful out there.
Don Quotays
Oh Don,
Yeti Season is here!
In Oregon, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indian and Pennsylvania this spring, I have noted that it is cooler and wetter by a slim margin, just as each of the past 3 years have been cooler and wetter in Maryland by a gradual slight measure. This is how one of these grand solar minimums shifts, rather than kicks, into gear.
I was recently at a horse auction in Oklahoma and on various farms and ranches in Missouri and Arkansas trying to learn about these big beasties. The auction was a bust, with a full 60% of horses not bidding for a price acceptable to the seller. The high price of feed seems to have something to do with this. I am also informed that moister conditions cause problems with horse feet—well, equines need to be on the lookout for a podiatrist in the coming ice age.
Total arable land will be reduced worldwide by a margin. The greatest reduction will be in the northern hemisphere, where most of our food is grown and eaten, and where most of our arable land will be forced out of grain production. In the past, these periods of cooling northern altitudes and moistening middle latitudes, has caused Africa to act like a demographic pump. This acts like so, and is heralded by locust plagues in North Africa which are signs that more growth of plant life and some reclamation of the Sahara and Saheal are imminent.
Sub-Saharan folk are lured north into the greening deserts and to Egypt. At the same time, Berbers, Arabs and higher IQ Caucasians of the Levantine kind, begin crossing these narrower sands to get sex slaves, laborers, slave soldiers and gold to bring up into the Middle Sea basin to displace the indigenous lower classes and maintain power.
Then, in these middle regions, tougher, smarter, more ruthless folk, first the Neanderthals, then the Cromagnon, then Aryans, the Sea Peoples, and finally the Turks and Mongols are driven south and west and east by the howling winds of winter to meet across Gaia’s amble but drying loins. The victors in these battles are always the men from High and Hinter, from north and winter—not the suckers who crept up and were enticed out of perpetual Summer into an autumn world.
Our current situation will be even more interesting, in that the massive population of Egypt is dependent on grain imports and the social retardation of Africa and the colonial and medical meddling in its affairs renders it incapable of agricultural sustainability. It, however, remains a great unplundered resource. The two world wars of Aryan Suicide began over the late 18th Century Scramble for Africa, a scramble that was fought over everyplace but Africa and resulted in its abandonment.
Chinese and American interests are currently vying for dominance in Africa, with the Chinese more interested in mineral and agricultural resources and the Americans more interested in the population resources. The latter party wants keenly to cause havoc in Africa in order to drive Africans onto Europe to destabilize economic competition from the Old World and make massed millions available for population replacement initiatives in North America.
My novels American Dream Bout, Uprising, Ghost Snatcher, The Last Good Cop, Prentice Dolphin and the trilogy Who Writes the Songs of Night? are all based on this dawning ice age and the effect on Africa and North America. In addition, the novels Sorcerer!, Ranger?, Up Shingle Creek and Knight…, are fantasy’s based in a medieval America set in 2031.
I know military contractors and active duty U.S. Service Men who claim that Africa is the focus of nearly all current, “boots-on-the-ground,” American military activity, both NGO and ZOGnificent.
Don, we live on the cusp of a great and grim age that seems likely to make of adventure an activity for men once again. May The Grey God Return and gust his gales from the quarter of the world that long ago forged our forefathers in His image.
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posted: September 12, 2022   reads: 728   © 2022 James LaFond
Voodoo Child
Ranger? Front Matter:The Song of Machete Boy Panther Roy
To the Archbishop of New England at King Henry’s Cathedral, at Saint Mary’s Town:
Your Pious Authority, apology concerning the parallel voodoo chants—far more vile than any vagabond doggerel or that any animal-worshiping heathen might ever compose in offense to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May it be that Our Lord listens elsewhere. Yet, in His very Holy service we are compelled to preserve the words and indeed the nighted hide of the dark devil that uttered them.
In the wake of the outrageous Voodoo invasion of Christendom this late summertime the serf plantations at the four cardinal points of the cross [1] were infiltrated by the most dastard and wicked agents of this devil plague. For, it appears, as part of Pappa Doc Black O’ Roy’s ambitions of domination by damnation, that racing out ahead of the three hordes of Piney Wood, Mississippi and Haitian Voodooists [2] that certain spry “Flower Boys” were sent. These savage ciphers of the abyss were armed, not with machetes, but with blow guns and leashes and the nectar of the Dream Flower cultivated in far Hindoostan; their sacred task to procure the lowliest maidens out of serfdom, maze them, leash them, and bring them back to Old Vile Black O’ Roy. Thus delivered, these maidens were—and in many cases no doubt are as you read this—to be mated with His Hellish Ingratitude [3] to breed children to be trained in hatred of Christendom and in its infiltration by varied means, what to turn our own lower orders up against us in heresy and revolt!
Brilliant wicked as this scheme may be, Old Black O’ Roy did err, I see, in that in arming his Flower Boys with a lower English cant had from some mongrel vagabond scum, what with to maze the serf maids, he placed into our righteous hands one of their number—and only one, only this one, the rest having made off with their fair freight or since swung from a gallows pole—capable of speaking in human wise. For it is well versed to us that just as the Samaritans and Chaldeans in antiquity infiltrated and corrupted Israel, turning its folk against Our Christ who they cruelly slew, thus concealing the fact that English was the true speech of Scripture [4], that the sibilant and subhuman speech of the Africans brought by the slovenly French to our southerly shores is a vile pastiche unsufferable to the learned English ear!
I relate to you here that which was chanted before my official presence at Saint Peter’s Pulpit upon the Sanguine Gallows Just, at the Cathedral of Saint George, what moved my official capacity to forgo individual justice for the greater good of Christendom:
“Pappa Chriseman!
Iff’a you know stretch my neck long—
Iff’n you leave me da brett [h] o’ man;
Machete Boy Pantha’ Roy, he sing you song!
“Pappa Chriseman,
I sing o’ machete hunt,
You Chrise metal men—
Da stinkman hunt,
You Chrise gunmen—
Da Granny haunt,
You horse slave men—
Da boogerman haunt,
You fair flower women—
En ub Pappa Doc Black O’ Roy’s Helldoor trunk!”
So sang the creature, cavorting hooded upon the gallows floor. The henceward given account shall be followed, not preceded, by the words of the voodoo child of Hell. For a Christian hand stained with the blood of confession got from the fair hide of the lone Christian witness, in order to validate by The Question the chants of said vile voodooist, can not bring its stained fingers to press the ink quill to the parchment in advance of the words wrung through righteous gore from the lips of even the lowliest Christian soul. [5]
-Alfred the 9th, 52nd Confessor to The Order of Saint George of the Cross, for His Eminent Prior, piously bereft of past name, in Service to Jesus Christ Our Savior and Lord, October 1, in the Year of Our Lord, 2031
-1. For we, Oh Grace, hold with the English manner of direction, and unlike some such uncouth heretics, lazy New Spaniards and the decadent French, forswear the Asiatic compass as a device as prone to mazement as the Poppy of Hindoostan. Thus, each of our castles and cathedrals on the frontier, hath plantations at the terminus of the sorrowed arms and crowned apex of The Cardinal Cross, with the foot of the Cross thrust into Satan’s face and manned by a Crusader Station—such be our piety as to shape our military and tillage according to the suffering of HIM.
-2. I intuit, but will not suppose, that you know of the canoe exodus of Voodooists from French San Domingo, since it’s conquest by the Spanish Viceroy of Cuba, a dire fellow dedicated to extirpating the Voodoo scourge that the slovenly French have so long tolerated in the depths of their moral decay. This vast horde failed to drown in that dastard sea and has assisted Old Black O’ Roy in slaughtering or enslaving the last remnants of the French aristocracy in New Orleans, which has been fiendishly renamed Port O’ Negroprince.
-3. Glory to God that the Kings and Bishops of England never entertained the return of the slave-trading Latter Day Chaldeans and their merchanting of abysmal African spawn over the honest shackled souls of serfdom. The wisdom of this is seen in the sorry fact that the decadent sons of France, following the vile counsel of their Chaldean userers, imported great numbers of Africans suffering the ill-intentions of other dark devils. And yet, being delivered from that devil land, instead of serve their masters justly and embrace Christ as our lower orders do—with the exception of certain mongrel strains of hill-dwelling wastemen, in time to be hunted to a cull—that these thrice dastard devils have turned whole and afury upon the soft necks of their own benefactors. It is my opinion that the whole of New France, save Guadalupe, lies now under Voodoo webs to our south and in scarcely better heretical hands to our north.
-4. Our Doctrine yet follows Newton upon this account. Pray advise if the recent purge of that Order has altered this doctrine. If it has not, than I am prepared to send an expedition into the Nevada Country [currently occupied by weak Spanish and Czarist forces] to determine if the Lost Tribes of Israel truly found a home there in antiquity. There is said to be a vast Dead Sea which some suppose may have been a point of pilgrimage in the wake of the Chaldean-Samaritan Conspiracy.
-5. The main, prose account, is had by way of the cat-o’-nine tails from a gallows boy become a ranger with The Knights Trace fallen into service to The Knights Saint George. This will be followed, not preceded, by the nine vile verses of the doggerel of the captive Voodooist, who I swore before Our Lord not to slay in return for his account.
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posted: September 11, 2022   reads: 438   © 2022 James LaFond
I Don't Have Your Number
In July, right after Flip the Hero Phone was retired and Flop the Zero Phone replaced him I was contacted by a handful of folks.
Flop died almost a month ago. I think it was the νаϲсіոe they shot him up with at the clinic. So, I lost your number, a handful of you. And the phone numbers that are still stored o old reliable, de-comissioned Flip, I'll get them entered in to The Phone With No Name eventually. My sister told me that I turned it off too much, that these tranny flip-smart phones get confused when you turn them off, that they are supposed to stay turned on ALL THE TIME!
So, a fellow whose handle is Coach, who once interviewed me on The Fatherland podcast, contacted me and asked me to appear on a podcast that I think, has Hause in the title. I told him I would get back to him, and can't. So, if you know the man or how he can be informed, please tender my apologies. I have access to a machine to skype with for the next three weeks, so do have a window to have a discussion with him.
The number is 443-686-0598
Thank you.
09.11.22   Who me — Before talking to Full Haus, James really should solicit the advice of Adam at myth20c about who these people are. Coach is known as a Washington DC insider. (“Former”.)

He is NOT Jim from the Fatherland. I may be wrong but I believe Jim was forced off the podcast circuit by Coach and his ilk. Where the Fatherland was about teaching (white) boys to grow up and be men, Full Haus is about whining about how unfair the world is to white men. Which is true, but nobody ever fixed that problem by being a whiner.

A better fit for James would be to talk to the guy at AK Nation. He’s a black ex-con who talks about the problems in the ‘hood and black society. His basic premise seems to be that blacks need strong discipline in order to not do dumb things. He also tries to explain to white viewers that expecting black hoodies to behave “rationally” is foolish. He’s also pretty pro-police so James would both have something in common (hood rat issues) and something to push back on (more cops is not the answer). AKNation is on YouTube and gets around censorship by using the euphemisms “sun people” and “glacier gliders”.
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posted: September 10, 2022   reads: 793   © 2022 Who me
Ranger? Draft
The Acts of the Knights Trace in Awes South: A Novel of Elder Earth
Ranger? Draft
The Acts of the Knights Trace in Awes South: A Novel of Elder Earth
Copyright 2022 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Dust Cover
On Elder Earth, the time of dire portents named In the Year of Our Lord 2031has brought hell to Redrock Station and sent Brawn Pillory, a pony boy in service to the Knights Trace, into manhood as the saddle tender to the most savage scout of Awes West. As dread whispers of Stonish Giants and Wendigos returning out of heathen legend to menace Awes North hiss from narrow Indian lips, the Don’s of New Spain off southward send a request for aid to their traditional Christian foes—the “Nether Arm” of His Distant Britannic Majesty in this furthest Wester New England, what has never known a clear and present King.
Elder Earth is an alchemical alternative earth where Christendom was not breached by Islam in Eastern Europe, where Martin Luther became Pope, Henry the Eighth had sons, and whence Issac Newton was hailed a theologian rather than a scientist—a world that knew no Industrial Revolution and in which Modernity has not reared its baffled head. [0]
Awes West and Awes South and the men who guard those reaches belong to a world of brutal continuity in which the best and worst of them trace their traditions directly to King Arthur and bold Count Roland over a thousand years gone, an aged medieval world that yet values raw men of unapologetic brawn. [1]
For broad Paul Bingham and His care-filled Woman
“Sergeant Saddler,
owned the hardest ass!
Meaner dan a rattler—
afroath with ‘eathen sass.
No Ranger were abler,
Den dat Trace adder what seconded Good Knight Brass.”
-Grog rhyme sung at grog time, in the gatehouse of Tower Brass, Red Rock Station, first heard by “Broad” Brawn Pillory in The Year of Our “Roman Done For” Lord 2029, composed by the half breed scout, Praying Trigger Tim, after the Battle of Comanche Pan on the Flat Iron below Lookout Pass, above Denver Station, in A. D. 2019
Ranger? is a work of fiction faithful to on old and odd tradition sung in The Song of Roland, the anthem, or “bitter bread” of the rangers, scouts and pony boys of Awes West and South, who, more often then not, could count on “‘deir knightly betters leavin’ ‘em Injun-hunted red en scrawn fo’ dead.”
None of the characters in this work are strictly fictional, with most plain rip-offs of the world-trodden souls of the poor goddamned men I worked with in Baltimore, one of a less fortunate New England’s most “tarable” shitholes.
This novel is not plotted, not planned and not composed by a western man. It is though, inspired by a dozen and more men, who call this high land home and have welcomed this eastern runt to rest his soul. I hope they find something in it to entertain as true.
-James LaFond, Denver, Colorado, Wednesday, April 6, 2022
“Broad” Brawn Pillory’s Yarn
Ranger?, is a yarn spun in Three Coils
First Coil
The Knights Trace in Awes West: Seven Acts
-Act 1. Pillory O’ the Yard
-Act 2. Sergeant Saddler’s Second
-Act 3. Sharp Shoe Brown
-Act 4. Three Coon Clown
-Act 5. Red Rock Red
-Act 6. Denver Station
-Act 7. Lookout Mountain
Second Coil
The Knights Trace in New Spain: Five Acts
-Act 1. Winter Station
-Act 2. Acursed Nation
-Act 3. Don Silver and The Knight Brass
-Act 4. Hinter Station
-Act 5. Hither Tarnation
Third Coil
The Knights Trace in Awes South: Nine Acts
-Act 1. Comanche Station
-Act 2. Kiowa Station
-Act 3. Elkhorn Station
-Act 4. The Knight Hoar
-Act 5. Voodoo Horde
-Act 6. His Righteous Gore
-Act 7. Black Conjure Chord
-Act 8. Hackles O’ Yore
-Act 9. Shackles or Sword
Back Matter
-A Letter to Counter-Pope Ignatius Three, at Montreal
-Diary Entries of His Righteousness of Gore
The entirety of the yarn shall be spun according to the scheme above, and no more, according to the recollections of one harrowed soul. Some of the acts will take longer to tell and be broken into two or three parts, depending on the depth of recollection.
Geopolitical Notes
-0. Sorcerer!, the yarn of Noose Gun, expresses the alternative chronology of Elder Earth from an infinitely more learned perspective than does this yarn, its rude sequel conceived as it is in bastardy.
-1. The Knights Trace guard the reaches of Awes West, the Knights Sepulcher Awes North and the Knights Saint George Awes South. All answer to the Archbishop of New England at King Henry’s Cathedral, at Saint Mary’s Town, on The Bay of the Mother of God. [2]
-2. The great bay once called by the heathens, Chesapeake, or “Shell-fish-water.”
-3. The settlement and naming of Easter New England in Elder Earth, would baffle the person transported from Modern Earth, with such cities as Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. non existent.
-The chief provinces and cities of the east are The Principality of New York, in the north, ruled from New Castle on Manhattan Island, The Archbishopric of New Wales in the Mid-Atlantic ruled from King Henry’s Cathedral at Saint Mary’s Town [containing those modern states of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania and the Ohio Country to the Mississippi] the Plantation of New Ireland in the south [conforming to Virginia and the Carolinas] bordered on the south by Spanish Florida [including what became in Modern Earth Georgia], extending westward to include the Lower Ohio Watershed to Modern Memphis. The Hither Provincial Seat of Easter New Ireland is at New Dublin, where Norfolk would be in Modern Earth. The Hinter Seat of Wester New Ireland [which is cut off from Easter New Ireland Province during the winter] is Iron Plantation, a center for water wheel-powered foundries at the site of Modern Memphis.
-4. To the southwest the Easter and Wester portions of New Ireland are bordered by voodoo-infested New France, comprising the Lower Mississippi Basin, and what would be the states of Modern Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas, excepting the Ozark Mountains. With the exception of coastal Louisiana, the Viceroy of New France, based on Guadalupe, controls only that island and the city and environs of New Orleans. Haiti and the hinterlands have devolved into a West African abyss dominated by the Pappa Docs or Prophets and their subordinate Mamma Loi and Pappa Loi priests. In the central interior of the forested Appalachians [where the states of West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky would be in Modernity], culturally mixed Indian tribes remain in conflict with tribal African Maroons and clannish Gaelic Hillbillies, descended from runaway Scottish, Welsh, Cornish and Irish slaves.
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posted: September 10, 2022   reads: 412   © 2022 James LaFond
Spring Writing Journals
April, May, June 2022
April 2022 Writing Journal
-1. travel, arrive in Denver, had a nice lamb chop dinner in a surprisingly clean bachelor pad
-2. 886, 797, hiked up lookout mountain, outlined 10 articles to write while in Denver, make that 11, dinner and beer with Jon Grace, 1203, outline Jon’s article
-3. 1135, 1491, walked Colfax, 1183, boxed for 40 minutes of light sparring with Zeed
-4. 1039, 1764, eye seizure, coffee, 1119, went to the diner for breakfast and to the liquor store for beer and whiskey, 1179, 614, 1009, eye popping, Zeer is home, time to box, 875, meet a reader for dinner
-5. 301 amplified yesterday’s last rushed article, 577, arranged text for Sea to Citay See, at 40,772 words, framed Ranger?, 1010, eye seized, coffee lunch at diner, box with Zeer, drink some beer, whiskey and more beer—oh dear
-6. amplify Ranger?0, 201 words, frame the 23 chapters of Ranger? back up files, pack, go to the diner, travel to Chicago
-7. travel to Missouri, drunk in Chicago
-8. travel to Missouri, escape from Chicago
-9. In the shadow of the Ozarks, coffee, started Into the Gaslight, 537, did this without my screen glasses-eye blowing up, damned idiot…, walked with Chloe the terrier, coffee, 835, 1397, eye seizing, 52 emails, interviewed about Sorcerer!
-10: coffee, 10 emails, coffee, 1470, 1696, coffee, gathered wood, 787, seizure, bed
-11: coffee, 1400, toured the area for the topography of Ranger?, two video interviews
-12: coffee 1880, coffee, 1128, coffee, 1405, walked with Sheriff Chloe the dog, coffee, 1147 Ranger 0.5, interview,
-13: 1808, coffee, 1450, coffee, 1556, completed Into the Gaslight at 17,005 words,
-14: drove with Paul into Arkansas to study terrain and learn about horseshoeing,
-15: 1503, coffee, 1491, coffee, 1387, coffee,
-16: 174, crock potted beans, posted June, coffee, washed clothes, posted July, coffee, posted August, coffee, began posting September, recording session, aborted, 766 words, started In the Feedlot of Souls
-17: eye seizure, wind storm, rain, medicated, lots of coffee, toured The Boston Mountains, interviewed about Last Whiteman
-18: corrected R 0.1, 1413 [R 0.5], coffee, crockpotted cabbage ham & potatoes, 1387 [R 0.9], coffee, proofed and pasted R front matter, cleaned, 1519 [R Backmatter], arranged Ranger?, back matter, recorded interview or character composition
-19: select poetic lays for Ranger?, 1996 [R1], coffee, eat, walk, coffee, 1958 [R2], heavy lightning storms
-20: reduced oxygen, eye seizure, a storm cracking thunder outside the window, a lap dog wining for company beyond the door-back to sleep, coffee, firewood, writing 1753 [R3], editorial skype, coffee, proof and paste, coffee, 1987 [R4], interviews tonight
-21: eye seized, 1940 [R5], coffee, clean floor, 2126 [R5.1], cook, coffee, proof and paste, interviews tonight, warm front rolled in with more clouds
-22: eye seized to wake, medicated, nap, coffee, 1873 [R6], coffee, paste [Ranger? at 20,381 words], eye got worse, nap and listen to Roland, wind howling strong and constant, listened to Samson Agonistes thrice, walked the Sunken road to Shoal Creek Crossing, imagined Voodooist versus Militia battle
-23: eye seizure, travel to Oklahoma for horse auction 3:00 AM until 10:00 PM
-24: post-fertilizing pest abatement, asserts back story of The Knight Sepulture of the Knights Sepulcher, cleaned, corrected R6, rest eyes, 444 words in [R7], eye lit up, nap, interview 90 minutes on Cube
-25: coffee, 1571 [R 7.0], coffee, 2030 [R 7.5], eat, shopping, dominos, 1202 [R8.0], 1738 [R8.5], dinner and beers, proofed and pasted 8.5,
-26: 1725 [R9], coffee, lunch, 1315 [R10], 1584 [R10.5], Ranger? is at 30,000plus words
-27: 1375 [R appendix], coffee, paste, interviewed Pastor Linstett, 1820 [R 11], Interviewed by Paul on The Jericho Bone
-28: 1294 [R 11.5], coffee, 1591 [R 11.9], editorial call, 1744 [R 12], spoke with Incognegro about Hobo History project, 1601 [R 12.5], pasted, brought Ranger? to 41,025 words, last interview with Paul and Leanna, 662
-29: backing up files and packing
-30: travel to points east
Chapters: 60
Books: 2
Journalism: 2

May 2022 Writing Journal
-1. travel
-2. 14 emails, 587, 1260, 184, pasted into journal, Myth 20 interview at 7:30, eye seizure, need to nap,
-3. 5 emails, 2418 [R 13], 3 short history interviews
-4. 4 emails, 734, 806, interview on travel, travel to Maryland,
-5. 1561 [R 13.5] interview with Sam Finlay, meet Big Ron at the Shamrock, bought dinner at The Dollar General,
-6. travel to East Baltimore to visit Megan, outline resulting articles [ugh], 867,
-7. 2330 [R 14], 1026, 987, 775,
-8. bus back to Northeast Baltimore, 874, 12 emails, eye seize, nap, 980, coach-spar boxing, security assessment, eye got worse, listened to Roland, eye worse, meds, woke up with bad eye pain, more meds
-9. coffee, 1095, coffee, 1326, wash clothes, coffee, 1921, shower and shave, 1119, discussion about geopolitics, race, energy and demographics with The Brick Mouse, coffee, 5 emails, 980,
-10: seize, coffee, 2 emails, 1929, coffee, 1147, coffee, fixed a brick patio, 888, weeded, talked to editor,
-11: coffee, 1088, coffee, 1434, coffee, 557, completed In the Feedlot of Souls, at 24,100 words, begun on 4/16, email to editor and host, weed patio, reset 30 patio flagstones and canted them back, cleaned pint of wild pearl onions I uprooted in the yard, 10 emails, listen to Roland and transcript quotes for overtures for chapters 15 thru 21 of Ranger?, spoke with Richard about Pulp Fiction projects
-12: coffee, 891 [R 23], 322 [R22], lunch, 2133 [R15], coffee, visited with Doc Dread,
-13. amplified R15, 9 emails, visited with family
-14. eye seizure 375 [R back matter], visited with family, ranger stands at 45,678 words, twice as long as I wanted it
-15. 3071 [R16], sketched perspectives for R17 thru 2, eye seized, coffee, visit with family
-16. Back with the Brick Mouse in Baltimore, 1788 [R17], 2671 R 18],
-17. 2047 [R 19] coffee, 1401 [R 20], onion soup, 2737 [R 21] completed writing and arranging Ranger? At 62,935 words
-18. proofed, amplified Ranger 64,919 words,
-19. packing, backing up files, moving to East Baltimore,
-20. began Covidiocracy, 573, 562, dinner with a young fighter and his father,
-21. bussed to northern Baltimore County and got a ride to Harford County, planned some Hobo History videos with Incognegro, 732, eye seizure, slept
-22. 904, 1460, eye seized,
-23. 701, 1472, eye seized, 5 emails, 689,
-24. wakened by severe eye seizure medicated, awakened by escalation, more medicine, let the dog out and notice the storm clouds, travel to Jersey
-25. 11 emails, pick up Cox & Swain outline and amplify, 914 [C&S 0], outline all 16 chapters, begin draft, eye seize nap
-26. 1986 [C&S 0.1], 2369 [C&S 1.1], 2145 [C&S 1],
-27. 3500 [C&S 2], eye, nap, storm
-28. 1175 [C&S 1], 1393 [C&S 2],
-29. 1538 [C&S 3], 3 emails, sent patreon posts to editor, light old computer I used for email died, 1098, 8 hours of sin with the Loca Latinas, drank too much…
-30. 1230, 922,
-31. forgot there was a 31st day of the prematurely buried month, 1774 [C&S 4], bad eye seizure, coffee,
Chapters/Articles = 55
Books = 2
Nonfiction = 1
Fiction = 1

June Writing Journal
-1. read and reviewed book on 2nd Seminole War, 1530, 1457 [C&S 5], 1127, completed Covidocracy at 10,903 words,
-2. began Finding Juju Quartermaine, 897, 868, 132 amplified C&S 5], 1804 [C&S 6],
-3. woke with eye seizure, back to sleep, packed, 926, 1026
-4. trained with Banjo, had cops called on us, had lunch and conversation on dissident logistics,1277, 472,
-5. slept 12 hours, 893, 1421[C&S 7.0], formatted 4 sub-chapters for the Middle Passage
-6. 1590 [C&S 7.2], 1296 [C&S 7.3], eye seized, napped, talked with editor, pulled quotes to head chapters for C&S from Alsop’s Character of Mary-Land, 1310 [C&S 7.4], amplified to 1361…
-7. 1549 [C&S 7.5], Pack, buy train tickets at station, travel to Pennsylvania
-8: but tickets at train station, 907, pack for Tennessee
-9: travel from PA to Tennessee
-10: man weekend, live stock wrangling
-11: man weekend, training fighting
-12: man weekend travel from Tennessee to PA [lost 5 lbs]
-13: outline man weekend articles, 638, recorded 6 videos with Mister Grey, drank too much rum…found myself at 2 am digging meatballs out of out-of-date canned spaghetti...
-14: almost a hangover, lunch with Man of Mystery, four training videos with Mister Grey, eye seizure medicated
-15: Back to work, eye seizure, 566, cleaned kitchen, sorted pantry, began cooking in crockpot lentils and chicken, 1350, 923, soaked beans, scraped meat out of canned raviloli for soup, 1164, 1014, removed the lentils and chicken and refrigerated them, 907, clean crockpot and pot on chili
-16: 12:20 A.M., making chili, drinking beer and remembering meatheaded friends, 1351, finish beer and head to bed at 3:00, wake at 6 and stir chili, sleep through the endemic thunderstorms, wake at 10:30 to write, 1,136, inventory gear, charge computer, 1404,
-17: 634, outlined last 4 articles of Juju Quartermaine, 1195,
-18: 1228, wash clothes, 661, pack, move writing spot locally, moved locations, Lancaster, eye seizure medicated
-19: 1012, outline an article, move locations Ephretta, eye seizure medicated, hallucinations while awake
-20: 1008, eye seizure, medicated, move locations, Shrewsbury, MD, visited with fighter
-21: moved locations, Baltimore, Brick Mouse House, eye seizure, 771, 97, outlined Dystopia Now, 1654, bad eye seizure, medicated, nap coffee, coffee, espresso, talked with The Brick Mouse, 1017 words,
-22: 46 emails, left 14 to use for articles, lunch with The Operator, eye seizure medicated, dinner with Chris and Jason, rained at midnight as Jason drove me home
-23: 1345, eye seizure, 1208, 1086, completed Finding Juju Quartermaine at 37,517 words, boxed and the dined with The Brick Mouse, 11 emails
-24: 14 emails, 1379, Cards with the Brick Mouse, over to East Point to visit Emma and MumMum, snack shopping, hopscotch, coloring
-25: spelling with Emma, 777, went shopping with the ladies, 1127,
-26: back to Hamilton for boxing, packed, out to Harford County to Mom’s, Flip the Hero Phone is Retired, Flop the Zero phone, a pseudo smart phone which I strive not to snap in half every time I touch it builds a rage in me that prevents writing, paradigm life shift as I will now isolate more, should be good for writing
-27: 1128, 862, 1350, eye seize, overcast rain, lunch with mom, banking, 1176, 1424, 862,
-28: eye seize, 1158, 1317, coffee, 1185, coffee, 1190, coffee, 1052, 1175, weeded mom' s garden, dinner with Doc Dread, Cards with mom
-29: dropped off in Baltimore, finished reading The Law of Seriality, 826, bag drills with The Brick Mouse, dinner at the esoteric cafe with Jason and John until 2:00 a.m.
-30. 1659, 8 emails, 730, eye 609
Articles/Chapters = 60
Books = 2
Fiction = 0
Nonfiction = 2
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