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Medieval Combat Advantages
Cover: Part 3.C of 3: A Discussion of Human Extinction Mechanisms: 10/5/2022
The invention of the stirrup brought horsemen into a general shock and close combat role. Keep in mind, that the apex horse army of all time, The Mongol Horde, while initiating battle with composite bows, employed heavy shock troops to break an enemy with a charge delivered from behind a screen of archery. Additionally, Mongolian archers, for whom wrestling was a sport, were powerful men who used heavy cleaving swords, axes and maces, stormed city walls and were feared in close combat.
Likewise, Attila the Hun wielded a rare metal Sword of War and his people practiced wrestling and knife fighting from horseback. While we, in our sissy tower, wish to only study Asiatic horsemen as archers, they were much more, and as terrible as it was to be harried and slaughtered by them from afar, to come to grips with them was worse.
Cross & Crescent
Charles “The Hammer” Martel and his foot soldiers stopped and broke the light horsemen advance into Europe at Tours by fighting close and taking cover behind shields. As the Crusades were launched from Spain to the Near East from Charlemagne’s invasion of Muslim Spain, through the disaster at Nicopolis in 1398 [effecting the slaughter of one of the 4 generations of French knights that would be lost in battle between 1336 and 1415] the closer fighting, and heavily outnumbered Christian knights defeated and then held their own and then finally lost their conquests against vastly larger Muslim forces. The entire Crusader ethos, and that of European chivalry in general, was to get close, and it worked, more often then not, from the Norman invasion of Sicily circa 1100 down to the defense of Malta in about 1566.
Ax & Spear
The most feared heathens of Europe were the Northmen, who fought predominantly with the ax, which is a closer range weapon than the spear and sword, which they also used. The Norse breakout into southern areas occurred just as climate conditions forced their expansion in the face of famine. [1]Their light open ships were used to get into enemy territory. These men would eventually join the knightly class as the Normans and adopt chivalric weaponry. The most effective unit in Byzantine service was the Varangian Guard, who were ax men.
European foot soldiers from republican type societies like the Swiss cantons and the towns of the Low Countries, began defeating French and Burgundian horsemen by using spears and halbreds [ax-spear hybrids], and swords, the tactics essentially using the spear and pike to stall the horse so that the horseman could be dragged off of it with a halbred hook and then killed at close range on the floor.
Yes, the long bow…
Arrow, Maul & Knife
The English famously defeated the French over some 90 years using as their prime weapon the long bow. However, the long bow required dismounted knights committed to fighting at close range, and stakes to impale charging horses, to shield the archers. Additionally, the Welsh knife man, who was regarded from afar by the poor French as some wolfish beast as his long knife fell like a tail from his belt, was used to murder downed knights.
The most famous battle was Argincourt, where the French knights had armored enough to prevent being killed by the arrows of the English, but had not solved the problem of their horses remaining partially vulnerable to the arrows. The French knights dismounted to go to close quarters and—were beaten at close quarters by long bowmen, who, due to being peasant farmers and training with these massive bows since child hood, were easily twice as strong as the knight, who they dispatched in part, with the mauls and axes they used to construct their stake lines.
The lesson of Odysseus and the suitors, that the man who wields a powerful bow is stronger than his rivals, was learned again here. The greatest victory of the long bow men was had with wooden sledge hammers, axes, swords and daggers.
Although we think of knights jousting, an equally common lethal sport was fighting with two-handed war hammers, which were more like can opening iron staves, and with large swords that were often used with a shortened grip, with the unsharpened portion of the blade held before the hand guard, bringing the men closer. According to period illustrations, the death of a plate armored knight by hand [the biggest killer being canon] was most likely from a dagger, thrust through armor joints while he was down.
Most importantly, when considering medieval warfare, was that it was primarily a matter of sieges, of starving and attacking the walls in order to effect a surrender or a breach. The castle, more than the knight, was the chief feature of medieval warfare, as Near Eastern societies shared the same fortification methods. When a breach occurred, then it was not a joust, not a charge of knights, but an armored brawl in an alley or tunnel, the closest combat possible.
Breaching and taking a castle or keep had more in common with the mythic combat of Grendel versus Beowulf in the hall, Beowulf versus Grendal’s mother in the sea cave, and Beowulf versus the Dragon in its cave. Classically, Benniah descending into a pit to slay a trapped lion on a snowy day, Odysseus slaying the cyclops in his cave, and Enkidu and Gilgamesh slaying Humbaba in his forest, all seem to echo something more akin to wiping out a racial enemy in his den, then hunting him in the open.
Do note, that when, after 1400, the Russians began driving out The Golden Horde, and as they conquered Mongolia and Siberia, that their firearms were generally inferior to the Asiatic bow, and yet they steadily won their way across a continent, the composite bow losing out to the long knife and clubbed musket, even as the longbow was set aside for an assortment of closer range weapons from blades to guns.
-1. Norse expansion would stop as the Medieval Warm period set in at about 1000, just as European maritime expansion would begin anew with the invasion of the Canaries and the Norse migration to Canada in the 1300s, in the face of a severe cooling trend.
-2. Early fire arms were inferior in accuracy, range and rate of fire to long and composite bows and only superior in ease of use and damage done. It was largely the commitment to close by men whose gun had been emptied that impelled the early gunmen to be more aggressive than archers.
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Ancient Combat Advantages
Cover: Part 3.B of 3: A Discussion of Human Extinction Mechanisms: 10/4/2022
Chariot & Oar
The chariot was used in the Bronze Age by the elite as:
-A battle taxi to get foot soldiers to the fight in heavier armor without fatigue
-A firing platform for using composite bows, a very powerful bow
-An an ambulance
-A command car
-A racing cart
-A ceremonial cart
-A shock weapon with scythes on the hubs, seems to have been a later iron age novelty that did not work at all.
My work on this is in All-Power-Fighting.
Many type were light enough to be transported in disassembled kits like a little willy jeep of WWII.
The Hittites used chariots to transport spear men and the Egyptians as archery platforms. When they met in battle at Kadesh they fought to a draw.
Both types of chariot forces operated from a base of spear men where they could rally. These armies also employed light infantry sword and ax men using shields who seem to have arrived in open ships, the later called the pentaconter, the ship of Jason and Odysseus, and who also employed slings and other light missile weapons as skirmishers.
During the Bronze Age Collapse, which was only military in a secondary sense the more missile oriented Egyptian defenders fought against an amphibious invasion [which is the hardest attack to pull off and is no longer used by the U.S. Marines] of these closer fighting Sea Peoples [who they also used as mercenaries] and held them to a draw. The rest of the 7 chariot empires fell to these swordsmen, who seem to have ran up onto the chariot platform and killed the driver and archer or spear man with a blade.
Throughout the age of muscle powered warfare, the oarsman, a very strong and enduring fellow, was a feared combatant, down from the Bronze Age to the Viking Age.
Spear & Javelin
The thrust spear is more deadly than the thrown spear or javelin because it does more damage, by a factor of 3 to 4.
Both may be used overhanded and underhanded, surprisingly, as illustrated in All-Power-Fighting.
Throughout the Greco-Persian Wars it was a fact that spear armed hoplites defeated javelin throwing and arrow loosing Persian horsemen and footman with regularity and often ease. The fighter seeking to come to close grips took the day.
Also note that the best javelin men fought at close range. Men who throw well tend to be good swordsmen and light infantry and were armed with larger swords than the spear men. The first contest at Olympia was said to be between a peltast and an archer. Like Odysseus, these men would be powerful, the pitchers and quarterbacks of their day.
Alexander the Great’s Agriannian javelin men were deployed in the front line and went after the enemy horsemen and were used to breach fortified positions. Even men whose main weapon was a sheaf of darts sought close range to deploy them and then often went in with the sword and were greatly feared—the best of darters sought to close.
Alexander’s pike men had longer pikes. These were the “rollers” [phallanx] the holding and pressure arm of the formation, while the strikers were the Agrianians, the foot companions who had shorter spears, and the horse companions who got right on top of the enemy with down thrust lance and sword.
The greatest conqueror in human history always sought to get close, to go for the throat, while his foes usually tried to maintain a distance battle, and he never lost.
The Spartan boast at Thermopyle, after the Persian ambassador declared that their arrows darkened the sky, was to joke that they would fight in the shade, and it was true.
Sword & Spear
The Hoplite had as his primary weapon, the Aspis, the shield, and it was the closest range weapon. Indeed, he was named Shieldman after the earlier and obsolete shield known as a hoplong. His secondary weapon was the spear, his backup weapon the sword
The Macedonian phalangite had as primary had his primary weapon as the sarrissa, a double length spear, had a small slung shield and a small sword. This became the most important aspect of the Phallanx army that ruled antiquity from 350 to 170, roughly. It was heavily dependent on three other types of operators and was designed to be handled by a military genius who was also a hero king.
For a Republic, like Rome, something simpler to command and more uniform in nature was desired, something that complimented the lack of imagination and extreme ruthlessness of their culture. The answer was making the sword the primary weapon, something the Romans learned from the Celts and Iberians, the latter whose sword design they borrowed.
The legionaire was a compromise hoplite [with the scutum a variation of the hoplong], and javelin man. His pilum javelin could be used to ward off horse men as a spear, but was mostly designed to bend when hitting a shield and thus disarm the shield man of his primary weapon.
The ruthless swordsman, trained by slave gladiators, would rule antiquity for to ages, the Republican period until B.C. 31 and the Imperial period, down to A.D. 260 or so.
Nothing makes a better study of the value of proximate aggression than these two army types. No human culture has been more consistently ruthless then Rome, committing more genocides than any nation of antiquity. Rome is a study in the kind of aggression that tribes used against each other when driven by circumstance to compete for the same land. [1]
The following is only a proximity review, not a study of the operational structure of these armies.
Republican Legion
The first facet of attack was the velites, youths with throwing darts that could not and would not stand against a close foe and would retreat through the heavier ranks and take up a secondary roll. This was a screen, not even regarded as one of the lines of attack.
The first line were the swordsmen in their younger majority.
The second line was the swordsmen in their prime. These are the men that should win a battle.
The third line was old veterans with spears, the guys that went in for the final kill against an evenly matched foe or where a beaten legion rallied when shit went sideways.
Rich men fought as horsemen and were not of much account.
The Republican legion prioritized proximity, of getting in close, over ranged weapons at a 5 to 1 rate. Do note, however, that the Romans kept alive the ancient idea of hunting a foe like an animal: the velites dressed sometimes in wolf hides, just as Thracians did in fox caps. Additionally, war dogs were used in war.
The Imperial Legion
This formation goes entirely to swordsmen, who doubled as combat engineers and civil engineers. Specialized roles that were formerly taken up by the youths, old men and rich men, were now handled by allied forces.
Missile weapons became more, not less important in this period, with siege engines used even on the field and highly effective missile troops from allied or client nations filling better the roll that teenagers once filled.
The Imperial legion was an extreme close combat formation that specialized in taking fortified positions against barbarian and civilized foes and of manning field-built strong points against barbarians. The distinctive lorica armor and the neck guard helmet were designed to deflect downward plunging rocks.
By Trajan’s time the standard bearer in lion skins and the centurian with a sword and rod were routinely committed to close combat. Allied troops of lighter type, began in the siege of Jerusalem in 71-72 and continued into the Dacian wars circa 114, as close fighters, in the role of Alexander’s Agrianians, at the tip of the spear.
Nothing echoes the Cromagnon extermination of the Neanderthal, whose final members must have been killed in their caves, then the hundreds of years of siege warfare of Celtic hill forts and walled cities, committed by the Romans.
But, like the Cromagnon once came from the hinterlands with dogs, and the Aryans on horses to conquer Europe during cooling conditions and natural upheavals that made open lands less hospitable, the Huns and the Sarmatians and Germans driven before them, would use the stirrup [first found in the 200s in Britain, possibly used by Sarmatian allies] as a means to make the horseman pimarily a close combat fighter rather than as a dart thrower or horse archer.
-1. Keely, in War before Civilization, demonstrates that genocide was the preferred stone age and iron age, pre-civilized method for dealing with resource scarcity.
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New Podcast Released Today
Guest Clark Savage, Kings of All Things
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posted: February 5, 2023   reads: 267   © 2023 James LaFond
Vetting Juan Stabone
An Experiment in Self-Publishing: 9/20/2022
Thus novel was written as requested by a reader who has worked his entire life in law enforcement. The plot was his idea and the first three chapters really occurred in his career. The execution is all mine, set in Baltimore as he requested. Juan said that my character TO Yao, based on the Nigerian cab driver Boomy, from my 2015 Harm City journal War Drums, stole the show. He also said that I got right to the edge of suspension of disbelief, that any crazier would have ruined the story.
Juan Stabone
Tao of the Last Good Cop
2020, 10,759 words, need a photo of a late 1970s BPD cruiser
Reading done by Juan Stabone
Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn
Juan Stabone is set in the actual Baltimore of 2020. The bad guys depicted herein, still have a stash house where they imprison Russian sex slaves, in a neighborhood I still frequent when back in Baltimore, with the operation overseen by an active duty BPD officer.
Page 1: insert comma into dust cover
Page 10: replace and for a sentence break,
Page 12: slack jawed to slack-jawed
Page 13-14: I to in, removed the from between cramped and hand, the engraving tool being an oyster shucker used on the Hood canal was taken from my 2019 winter oyster grilling invite on the Hood Canal, which I attended with the Colonel, the man used for patterned characters in Shayne Rasmussen in The Filthy Few and Major Wolf in Uprising,
Page 16: leant to lent,
Page 18: space task force,
Page 19: remove half quote mark
Page 21: replace and with sentence break
Page 22: can to then
Page 28: remove a from before an at page bottom
Juan told me the Atomic Samoan story twice. I think I invented the yak hair smoking jacket, but am not sure. This event actually happened in Seattle or Tacoma. Juan never actually served in Portland, which was a fiction we adopted to save his identity. Since Juan has since moved from the Seattle Area, I feel safe in disclosing this bit of biography.
Page 35: capitalized The Chief, removed a from before Jason, has to huh, italicize what the hell,
Page 36: tie to time, italicize Oh shit, this is it, the end, everything goes in the shitter right now…
Page 37: italicize is that Samoan snot on my boots or is it Oceanic American ball juice?
Page 38: capitalize Virus and Academy and Liaison Officer, tighten up text and reduce empty page
Page 140: I inserted myself as the only real news reporter in Baltimore, and the fact that Juan and I actually met in Portland in 2019: ‘...a complete fucking asshole! To make things worse, Juan would not even be able to set the record straight with this naddering nabob of negativity, because the schlep had gotten too old to hang with the Baltimore criminal class any more—and he was three years younger than Juan—and was, at this very moment shacked up with an out-of-work stripper in some truck driver’s garage back in Portland—aggghhhh!!!”
When Juan came into that truck driver’s house to meet us, he admitted to being a cop, something my host had “smelled” and offered for me to pat him down for a wire in the kitchen!
Page 42: fells to feels,
Page 44: Boomy, who Yao is based on, did not drink. I made Yao a drunk as a result of a brain injury, and his trying to self medicate against Corona Virus with rum, which is what I was doing when I was writing this… Thus Yao was a composite of Boomy and myself, as Juan’s tour guide of Baltimore.
Page 48: the antique BPD crusiser described here has been parked in the Box Hill area of Abingdon, MD, for the past five years.
Page 51: italicized thank God there is no traffic
Page 53-54: capitalize Virus twice
Page 55: waivered to wavered
Page 56: removed quotation mark,
Page 65: capitalized Virus
Page 67: I am inconsistent with the spelling of sjambok, which works, as the characters are inconstant with pronouncing the African cattle whip, mid to mind,
Page 70: insert who between priests and held, limp to limb,
Page 71: add commanded
Page 72: tighten up double space, removed and for a sentence break,
Page 74: second paragraph, the into they, ae into are
Page 80: redact ‘in white’ redundant
Page 81: close up space, change howeve to howeva in dialect,
Page 82: italicized There you go, instant community outreach.
Page 83: capitalized Hell
Page 85: changed Phentenyl to fentanyl, replace and with sentence break,
Page 87: break up rowhome into row home, tighten up a double space, a corrected to I in: “Yes, Terence. I am a real cop and I give a shit,” he said to the man who was still counting bags of dope.
Page 88: the back story of Yao is given as a bad outcome of the actual heroics of Boomy, who saved “the blond woman of the yuppies,” from a Negro gang rape, at the same date and location as Boomy’s rescue of the woman,
Page 89: u to up
Page 90: sentence break before ‘so’ in Terrence’s monologue, is to his on last line
Page 93: sentence break before but at top of page, this section introduces Kenny as a character, a security guard I worked with who was once rescued by his “hoodlum” sons from two shoplifters who were whooping his ass. See When You’re Food and The Logic of Steel for these true stories, is to his at page bottom
Page 98: tabluex corrected to tableaux, the added prefacing it
Page 102: no to now in last sentence of first paragraph, this was a real quote from a BPD officer who rescued Mister Kenny and permitted Kenny to punish the attacker
Page 110: Irene was one of Kenny’s coworkers, a Nation of Islam babe, and Mister Mohamed is a real Baltimore hero who beat a Mexican to death defending a stripper’s honor, and has escorted my girlfriend’s daughter to the parking garage, holding off gangs of muggers, he also caught the bus for me on a rainy night once for a $1 fee
Page 114: arrested to arrest
Page 124: end to and
page 125: rowhome to row home, this scene is based on Mister Mohamed’s actual heroics on Baltimore Street when eh defeated three fat heads in combat. I transferred this scene to Federal Hill.
Page 132: corrected spelling of Mohamed
Page 133; that construction site has since become the Under Armour Corporate head quarters gentrification zone, I to in, a common typo of mine,
Page 138: spazzing to spasming, what the hell?
Page 139: th to the,
Page 143: levelling to leveling, shoot to shot,
I am pleased that Juan Stabone is a good, entertaining pulp adventure, that is more realistic than any police drama script ever aired on American TV.
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The Curtain Undrawn
Confessor #2
The avatar’s voice was that of a boy before the onset of manhood.
The stranger stalked into the Confessional wonderstruck and lax-lipped, incapable of placing this aspect of Foundation in his mind’s eye. Unto him spoke the precinct, “You have entered the Confessional of the Seventh Node of Foundation. Confess and be blessed.”
The arrogant yet inquisitive man seemed stunned by the prospect, hesitated and then spoke, “I am Phane and have involved the innocent in terrible things. I have slain enemies who might have been spared.”
An avatar of Confession then floated forth and made investigation into the man’s visual array and the Confessional sang as a thousand-voiced choir of angels from among its glittering precinct, “Blessed be the innocent and the slain. Contrite be the slayer and the spared.”
In the gelded collective voice of a smaller choir of boys the Confessional sang out, “What would you have of Foundation?”
The man was dismayed, “I would know—what are you?”
The voice was less clamorous, echoing perhaps 25 points in the tonal range of the human voice, as if a council chamber of men and women spoke in hopeful yet unachieved unison, “We are the Conscience of Foundation, the memory of that which sowed the World with the Seed of Mankind. We are past. You are future.”
The man seemed stricken with a higher realization and blurted, “I would ask you many things.”
The many lights of Confessional than gathered from their multifaceted alcoves and formed the Physiogn Fore [the face of light in the field of bleak force decked with a purple nimbus, blue eyes and pink mouth] and the voice of a motherly womanhood, in perhaps three tones, spoke, “We would answer, stranger, if you were an Agent of Conduction.”
The stranger looked awestruck at the Physiogn Fore and said, “I would seek among your haunts—I would prove myself worthy of your words.”
The Physiogn Fore foundered and shifted, its purple nimbus seeming to catalogue the colors of the rainbow with in its span as the Avatar, a shadow of light appearing as a nimbus playing about the brows of the stranger called Phane, shaped itself into the configuration of Induction, as a hoop of soft light crowning his black-haired head, seeming to soften his features and steel his dark eyes.
An old gravelly voice emerged from the Physiogn Fore even as the purple nimbus articulated a beard and the mouth waxed ghostly gray, “Unapproved Induction has numerous and ancient precedence—so did kings once come clamoring for valediction of their own wroth accord.”
The man bristled and his eyes narrowed as his broad shoulders relaxed in some sort of grim anticipation, “A test?”
The Physiogn Fore grew baleful of aspect, purple deepening to black, pink to red and blue to lonely gray.
The portal of entry behind him then raged into a curtain of fire and the Confessor waxed in the stentorian voice of a man of commanding tone unbent and in full middle years, “Unrent is that which opposes you, Seeker. Return to the world of the rule or perish!”
With that the Confessor grew so large as to engulf the Confessional and the nimbus-decked stranger, Phane, turned on his heels and tossed open his cape of black to brush aside the curtain of roaring flames rising to block the portal behind him. The flames scorched the hair from his brows and arms as he gained the entrance way of brass and lapis lazuli tiles through which he had come.
Ahead lay the stairs of burnt umber glass which he had ascended in search of what he did not know.
To the right loomed a red glass stair, the face of each massive step carved in the likeness of the lion and the tiger, first one than the other, the lion upper-most. This stairway turned right in a wide spiral and was tumbled with dented helmets, rusted crowns and broken weapons, winding upward, unseen into the soaring mass of star metal foundation, an element dusky as deepest stardust on a moonless night.
To the left gaped a tunnel of descending jade scales, worked in the likeness of dragons and pythons and crocodiles, winding down into the bowels of Foundation, choked with twisted vines of mahogany, bristling with thorns and budding with malignant blossoms of a sooty pink.
For a second he hesitated, trembling with latent hubris, his pathos yearning for the stair of kings, then seemed to break a chain within his troubled soul and snarled and darted down the beguiling corridor of black-blossomed mystery.
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Spear & Fang
Cover: Part 3.A of 3: A Discussion of Human Extinction Mechanisms: 10/4/2022
The study of the advantage of close combat over distant combat is so extensive and the evidence so overwhelming and misunderstood that this study will be broken into five portions:
-A. Close versus Far
Throwing & Stabbing
Combat Biomechanics
The Moral Touch
-B. Ancient Combat Advantages
Chariot & Oar
Spear & Javelin
Sword & Spear
-C. Medieval Combat Advantages
Cross & Crescent
Ax & Spear
Arrow, Maul & Knife
-D. Early Modern Combat Advantages
-Pike & Shot
-Arrow & Club
-Musket & Hatchet
-Column & Line
-‘To the Knife’
-Spear, Asagi & Bayonet
-E. Late Modern Combat Advantages
-Trench & Blitz
-Bugle & Jet
-Knife, Gun, Badge & Bracelet
-Kicking & Punching
-Punching & Grappling
Throwing & Stabbing
To begin with, there is a real debate as to whether or not Neanderthal could throw or not, as there is no evidence that they did. And, since we as moderns only understand our perspective and enslave everything to that skewed view, we cannot imagine why, since we kill more efficiently and safely with rifles, why Neanderthals would wrestle rodeo bulls with sharp sticks.
There was real evidence put forth by a paleo-anthropologist in a National Geographic Article from about 1992, that Neanderthals could not throw effectively. I am not equipped to debate the legion of folks who say that they could, and that the fact that they did not develop spear throwing technology despite their bigger brain—much bigger brain—means that they were retarded, with faulty brains.
In Beyond the Ember Star, a novel about time travelers trying to avoid Neanderthal extinction, I had the operatives go back to the Neanderthals and offer archery and wolf domestication as defensive measures. The irony about Neanderthals never developing throwing weapons is that they would have been peerless archers, able to draw 400 pound bows with good low light vision!
For this entire five part examination of why distance combat is not superior to close combat, let us assume that Neanderthals could throw, and throw overhand. Also, underhanded combat throwing in ancient Greece was practiced. So, just because the shoulder theoretically was bound up by muscle for overhand throwing, does not mean that throwing could not be effective.
First, the hunter wants a quicker kill if possible. By thrusting a spear into an animal as opposed to throwing a javelin into an animal, we get the following superior results:
-The larger wound of a larger spearhead,
-A deeper wound,
-A wound that is not plugged with the haft or shaft
-A wound that is granted a double blood channel, by twisting the spear in the hand and then pulling out, making a + shaped wound instead of a – shaped wound. In other words, a spear thrust in, turned and pulled out, makes a wound like that of the modern broad head hunting arrow
-A spear may be thrust into the animal again more quickly then another dart may be loaded and launched with a throwing stick
-The proximity of the spear man will encourage the animal to stand and fight, which is dangerous in the extreme, but does not place the spear man in the position of having to chase the thing for miles. If the spear man was also being hunted by a javelin man tribe, he would rather fight the bull with his fellows down by the wooded river bank, then chase the thing across open country and possibly fall prey to his enemies in their preferred open terrain.
Above are six reasons why a spear will kill a large combative animal [the aroch made up 51% of the Neanderthal diet and we European descendants inherited beef as our preferred food] more quickly then throwing javelins into and not through it. Keep in mind that the modern broad head arrow has a velocity that sends it through a large animal. No thrown weapon, unless a professional baseball pitcher of modern stature is throwing it, could attain the velocity to go through a large animal at a distance. And, even it it could, the shaft is still there and the exit wound is only one dimensional and not two dimensional.
More importantly, in combat, people who are stabbed in the lung or kidney by a blade that remains in the wound, are not incapacitated or killed at near the rate of stabbing victims who have that blade yanked out. In the kidney, a withdrawn blade guarantees death by blood loss. In the lung, a withdrawn blade causes a crippling sucking chest wound. The deflation of the lung is not served by a blade entering and not exiting. This is the incapacitating advantage of the bullet over the arrow in early modern times.
Combat Biomechanics
Boxing is throwing, punching is throwing, of a different kind than ball throwing, but shares the same principles if not always the same angle of acceleration. The baseball player and NFL quarter back mimic the overhand right mechanics of Tim Witherspoon, one of the hardest punchers in human history. See his KO of Anders Eckland, Frank Bruno and others.
The key to throwing a punch that is fast enough to hit with surprise and enough velocity to make it worth the risk of getting grabbed and wrestled by a foe of superior strength, is not strength, but its opposite, relaxation. I have trained hundreds of strength athletes in punching. The stronger they are, the more hopeless they are. If you give me a world class strong man who has not been trained in boxing, and a female softball player of elite high school or college level, and I coach them both for an hour and we then measure their resulting punching power, the girl will usually do better. Strength only helps throwing in:
-injury prevention to the joint
-muscle weight added to the motion to be multiplied by the speed
-in flexing upon impact after executing a relaxed motion, with this relaxed motion in most strong subjects rendered impossible by their psychological addiction to strength, and the development of such great strength coming most commonly from pulling and pushing motions, which are both counter to good throwing of punches or of objects.
Carl and I once worked with Randy, who was a professional baseball pitcher who could throw at 91 miles per hour. We decided that a snowball fight could only be fair if we ganged up on Randy, and he agreed. Randy was on the dock. Carl and I had our backs to the dumpster, some 60 yards off.
Randy did not make a snow ball and told us to go first.
Carl had a good arm, me not so good. I had been a good thrower, but tore my shoulder. We threw our snowballs at Randy and he caught them. Randy then smashed them together and packed them harder.
Randy threw a sizzling fast ball between our shoulders with such velocity that it dented the dumpster. It could have killed us with a head shot. We said, “Coming in—we surrender!” raised our hands and conceded defeat.
Now, if Carl and I faced Randy in combat with stones, our only chance would be to charge and hope one of us got close enough to brain him with a hand held rock. Better yet, we’d catch his ass napping at night and choke him out!
Nerds look at the spear throwing stick and see a magic device that would make them equal to Randy. But, before you invent the spear thrower, you must be able to throw with effect to get the idea. In any case, all that stick does is add length to the arm, about as much length as an NFL quarter back or heavy weight boxer or baseball pitcher has over the normal arm. Major League Baseball pitchers are huge men. Elite pitchers are ten inches taller than normal men. I once stood next to Jim Palmer. My head came to his shoulder. His arms were the size of my legs. If Jim and I were at war with each other, my tribe would not send me out to throw spears at him, but send me in close behind a shield to rip his godlike guts out!
When we look a Neanderthal, we are looking at, at best, an Eskimo who is also twice as strong as the strong men who are typically so hard to train in throwing or punching. If you took all the world’s strongest men and had them play a softball game against a girl’s high school team—they would lose, and lose badly.
How many Eskimos play major league ball sports?
None, they are two short, even though they can throw their harpoons.
Note how in Moby Dick, the preferred harpoon men where very tall.
So, if I go back to 42,000 BP to train a Neanderthal in an MMA fight against a Cromagonon, trying to make a boxer out of him would be stupid. I would train him to take or dodge a punch and clinch—then, in the clinch, he has a 4 to 1 advantage. Conversely, the Crogmanon, in punching has the advantage of height, arm length, and the crucial advantage of NOT being freakishly strong.
Have you ever seen a line backer or line man try and throw a football like his Quarterback? You are better off having the kicker or wide receiver do it.
The Moral Touch
Then, there is the legacy morality, that comes down to us from the ancients about the moral superiority of being close enough to touch your foe, to take that terminal risk.
Neanderthal revered cave bears, who they killed in the caves they took over, as totems. Might our ancestors have done the same with the Neanderthals after wiping them out, as modern Americans generally idealize extinct Amerindians?
Gilgamesh and Enkidu grapple with the demon.
Beowulf wrestles with the monster.
Jakob wrestles with the angel.
Crazy Horse, traded in his bows and arrows for guns because the fact that the arrows stayed in and were not yanked out during the Fetterman Massacre that he engineered, meant that soldiers had to be filled with arrows to kill them. Yes, a warrior could loose arrows as fast as a soldier could fire his pistol with better accuracy, and many times faster than a Spencer rifle or carbine. But the bullet did not plug the wound.
Once Crazy Horse got a rifle and had Custer and his men at his mercy, the warriors having rifles that far out-ranged Custer’s pistols and his men’s terrible carbines, Crazy Horse insisted on riding in among the soldiers and touching them, counting coup, saying, “I could have killed this soldier, so I won his spirit.”
On two occasions, in Baltimore City, at night, I was the Neanderthal, being threatened by taller, thinner, younger enemies who were hunting me with guns. When I turned on them once with an umbrella to stab and once with a pen to stab, they lost heart, had no stomach for the touch, and retreated.
Somehow, from the sacred significance of wrestling or counting coup among men of all primitive warrior societies I have studied, to the current endemic cowardice of armored, gun-armed policemen and criminal gunmen in the face of the man committed to closing the distance with a stabbing weapon, something haunts the distance hunter when faced with his proximate prey.
Might that something be our deep history of finally having to wipe out the last Neanderthals in their dark cave, as did Odysseus the cyclops, son of an elder god?
There is the fascination with “tunnel rats” the American men who went into tunnels in Vietnam to root out the enemy in his lair.
Finally, the primary violent activity of Cromagnon and Neanderthal was as hunters. In Europe, down by the river under the forest cover, the Neanderthal had a prey, the bull, that was better approached alone then in a herd, and still has the mentality to fight its attackers, which serves its attackers’ aim of a quick decisive kill. Also keep in mind that simply wounding a bull and letting it run means that wolves and hyenas would likely get that animal before man caught it at the end of its blood trail.
Conversely, Cromagnon was primarily a mammoth hunter, an animal with huge payoff but far more ability to kill numerous hunters who got too close and would have to be worried for some time before finishing him off.
So the battle for Europe pitted the invading mammoth distance hunters against the defending aroch close hunters, both parties using methods best suited to their physical makeup, just as in MMA the striker seeks to strike and the grappler seeks to grapple.
For this reason I choose as the key mechanisms:
-Wolf domestication
-Hybrid vigor
-Verbal communication
...not throwing over stabbing.
The rest of the study is an examination of stabbing, grappling, slashing, chopping and clubbing over throwing, loosing and shooting throughout all of combative history. Even today, in our sissy world, a tranny distance-killing nation with an air force that surpasses all other combined air forces, does not consider itself, is not declared by its Media Priests, to be serious about war unless there are “boots on the ground.”
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Dream Seeker
Cover: Part 2 of 3: A Discussion of Human Extinction Mechanisms: 10/4/2022
The legacy evidence suggests that those Eurasian conquerors of Neanderthal, who between them populated Eurasia and the Americas, and conquered the other three major racial homelands, suggests that the act of overcoming Neanderthals somehow improved their adaptability over long Time.
Without a physical advantage in combat, and knowing that a 3 to 1 numerical advantage is militarily minimal for overcoming a foe under cover, and that the Neanderthal advantage favored cover of night and cover of forest and close valleys, where might the ability to exterminate a foe that resisted successfully over previous ages, and to conduct this eradication in only 10 to 15% of the time of total co-existance, have come from?
Part 3 will explain why there was no military advantage to the throwing spear of Cromagnon versus the stabbing spear of the Neanderthal.
This discussion looks at social differences that gave the advantage to the Cromagnon aggressor.
-Desperation was shared by both races as the invaders were driven eastward and into cover by the colder conditions circa 41,000 BP, and the defenders had their backs to the ocean and the ice. Both shared terminal motivation to avoid extinction.
-Language favored the invader, with full verbal articulation granting advantages in:
-Allying with wolves
-Possibly communicating with Neanderthal allies, captives, traitors or hybrids who might themselves be minimally articulate due to throat structure, but able to understand spoken communication.
The mythic record of tales of Titans, Giants, werewolves, monsters, such as Grendel, that owned the night and were of great strength and had a taste for mating with human women are reflected in:
-extant Neanderthal DNA being paternal, not maternal
-extreme Neanderthal robustness, including thumbs flattened from apply such intense pressure to strength tasks
-larger Neanderthal eyes better adapted for low light combat
Based on the historical record of smaller, weaker, civilized, modern invaders employing half-breeds and traitors of the tribes they sought to exterminate, as scouts, beginning with the conquest of The Canary islands and played out across the entirety of North America, I am positing that more adaptable social forms among fully modern humans based on the explosion in language capacity noted by Marvin Harris at about 40,000 BP, enabled Hybrid Vigor to be harnessed in this race war.
The authors of Gilgamesh, The Iliad and the Odyssey extol their heroic forefathers as being alienated souls, so much stronger than the men of “today” that they were as giants. The authors of The Bible speak of an ancient race of giants breeding with human women. Grendel is said to be a Son of Cain, and cursed to haunt the wild lands and the night.
Since the throwing spear not only failed to impart an advantage to Cromagnon, but imparted a disadvantage, which shall be definitively proved in Part 3, why would not a slave girl, be left vulnerable and unprotected from Neanderthal abduction and rape in order to generate a super warrior, or scout? It is well known that without Gomeran scouts, the Spanish would have taken another 200 years to conquer the Canaries, having taken 100 years as it was before engaging the most savage Islanders as scouts. Likewise, Geronimo was only brought to heel because the Apaches in U.S. Army service outnumbered his Apaches.
Note that though both races were terminally desperate, Neanderthals had the home range advantage, being intimate with the battle space that was new to the enemy.
A Neanderthal was no larger than a Cromagnon, was shorter and perhaps lighter, but had four times the strength. Records of chimp attacks on humans in Africa—with chimps being four times as strong as humans—demonstrate the type of injuries inflicted by Grendal upon normal heroes, and upon Grendal by Beowulf. Beowulf is, I suspect, a deep time reflection of Hybrid Vigor, a half-Neanderthal. He was a foundling, an exiled heir, raised by someone other than his father. Indeed, the Nordic legend presented in high art by Poul Anderson in his mythiv novel War of the Gods, posits that the hero god was raised by giants.
Thus, the social dexterity necessary to accept the rape baby of the foe as one of your own, and also as a dedicated weapon against his father’s people on behalf of his mother’s people, as used over hundreds of years of modern expansion into territory held by more formidable defenders, is one possible advantage of the language suite.
A second, and perhaps the most important advantage, would also be related to language, and that was the domestication of the wolf as an ally. It is no accident that the domestication of other large animals can all be traced to the Aryan language group, which had the same exact Near Eastern Caucasian Homeland as the Crogmagnon mammoth hunters who wiped out Neanderthal, and would domesticate the very cattle, the bull, that their foes had hunted as 51% of their diet. Also, the domestication of large canines as hunting and war companions was exclusively Caucasian in origin.
The ethos of close combat, among fully modern humans, as morally superior to all other combat, comes exclusively from Europe, the Neanderthal Homeland, which had to be taken at close quarters. Thus wrestling, the tale of Beowulf, which I suspect out dates all other extant legends, and Gilgamesh, which I suspect is the second oldest story, and features Enkidu as the doomed wild man scout and companion of the hero [who is also part giant], reflect the quest into darkness and wilderness after a fiendish monster of great strength, being Humbaba and Grendal.
The first two illustrations of men in combat, is from Spain, the last front of this ages old war, and are of war with bow and arrow at a distance close enough to touch and of wrestling.
Of interest is the fact that Humbaba is killed by Enkidu and Gilgamesh in the Cedar Forest of Lebanon, which is the place where we have the first record of Neanderthal and modern humans overlapping in habitation—the first front line of the 100,000 year race war. In Europe, the many legends of shorter people, generally hairier, living under cover and emerging to do mischief at night, are endemic and include dwarves, gnomes and goblins. Likewise, the giants were said to reside in remote locations.
Neanderthal were concerned with time, and kept the first callendars, records of lunar cycles on tusks. To a night-hunting and night-fighting culture, the lesser, nocturnal light in heaven would be the more important. In Gilgamesh Sin is a masculine deity and is the moon, the lunar light.
Speaking with hunters, I have been told that predators, when facing men armed with distance weapons, adopt nocturnal cover even as prey adopts close cover by day. Bob, who guided elk hunts in winter conditions routinely at below zero temperatures, only feared one animal, the grizzly bear. He told me that the very best defense against the nocturnal depredations of the grizz, was the dog. These dogs could not kill the bear, but detected him and warned against him and by day could track him.
Now, imagine, if a 60 pound blue heeler can switch the advantage from the 500 pound bear to the 200 pound man, how much more advantage would be gained by using a 120 pound wolf to overcome a 160 pound ape man?
Indeed, that ape man, has been described by one anthropologist as “wolves with knives” for the Neanderthal habit of close combat with large bulls. This would have made Neanderthal and wolf competitors over the same prey, using the same close swarming methods. These two species would hate each other as much as lions and hyenas have a timeless feud in Africa. Indeed, lions accept great risk in taking down prey capable of maiming them, in part to get the kill before the hyenas can challenge for it. Modern man’s language skills would have served to communicate with wolves as we do with dogs, and about wolves, bringing the art of animal domestication to distant fellows and down through the generations.
Symbolic record keeping and religious thinking seem to have been pioneered by Neanderthal. But oral history, poetry and ultimately phonetic written language seem to have taken simple record keeping concerning lunar cycles and granted us down the jagged stairs of Time a glimpse into our most ancient enemies, the methods of their defeat, and the remnants of them within us.
The poets brought us a clear empathy for Humbaba whose murder was punished by the gods, a sorrow for Grendel who skulked alone and friendless beyond the firelight, his life an expression of an ancient curse, of the anger of Poseidon against Odysseus for the killing of the cyclops in his cave.
I posit here, might the one eye of the cyclops, between his brows and above his nose, have been a mythic memory of a “third eye” of an internal dreaming race of people, who spent time dreaming and perhaps even philosophizing or moralizing under cover of darkened cave, while their enemies, weaker beings with more ruthless mechanistic thinking, plotted their demise?
There is a legend from ancient Greece, concerning a giant hero named Polydamas [Manysubduer] who was an actual athletic hero of about 400 BC. Attached to him is a tale of his demise in which an earthquake crushes he and his companions in a cave, though he for a while uses his might to keep the cave from collapsing. Likewise, from ancient Judea, we have the hero Samson, a character of immense strength, who like Polydamas slew a lion with his bare hands, pulling down a palace upon his enemies, having been abducted and blinded by them.
Might Polydamas and Samson, at least the story of their heroic death, echo some portion of the fate of Neanderthal?
Certainly, the persistent legends of The Beauty and the Beast coming from Europe, and reworked in numerous King Kong movies, focused on a nocturnal ape lusting after a woman, as well as our cultural fascination with Sasquatch and Yeti, in which empathy for the ape man is a key part, may at least echo an ancient experiment with hybrid vigor as a terminal tool in a great race war.
02.03.23   Wilhelm Von Savage — “Both the girl and the youth were perfect specimens of the great Cro-Magnon race which came from no man knows where and announced and enforced their supremacy over beast and beast-man.”

This is one of my favorite REH lines.

I can’t remember if I came to this site for the violence and stayed for the Howard criticism, or if it was the other way around, but this is perfect, archetypal Lafond material, a great project, very powerful.

Only a madman like you could do this justice. Hell, only madman like you would try.

And there are no madmen like you!

Thank you for your blazing, visionary insanity. May it light the way for our people in the dark times ahead…
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Dream Eater
Cover: Part 1 of 3: A Discussion of Human Extinction Mechanisms: 10/4/2022
This first part of Cover sets the stage for the Neanderthal extinction and does not seek to explain it, but set out the known moving parts that might bear on the discussion.
Dream Seeker, Part 2 will discuss the social dynamics of conquest.
Spear & Fang, Part 3 will discuss the physical dynamics of pre-industrial combat and apply these to the discussion of neanderthal extinction.
Cover is a discussion intended to support the Aryas project, to be included in Songs of Aryas, and as an appendix to Dream Eater, my second novelistic treatment of the Neanderthal extinction. The first, Beyond the Ember Star, was a time travel novel that focused on the physical and technological, rather than the social and biological difference in the races who fought for the icebound and ocean-girt land that would become Europe for tens of thousands of years.
The title Dream Eater, is based on Stan Gooch’s book Cities of Dreams, from the early 1990s, that posited that the larger Neanderthal brain, which was not apparently used for expanding technology as was the modern human brain, must have been used for something else, perhaps dreaming. This would not be the heat stroke resistant effect of the larger brain described by Marvin Harris in Our Kind, necessary for African hominids to run down game on the savanna until the ungulates died of heat stroke. It is a fact, that conditioned humans can run any animal to death over time, including canines, due in part to sweating, but also aided by a brain more resistant to heat stroke.
Gooch’s theory is supported by the lack of evidence among early modern humans engaging in religious ritual until after Neanderthal conquest. Further, those populations with Neanderthal DNA are responsible, on Planet Earth, for the development of all non-magratory exploration, all science, all theoretic thinking beyond folklore and myth, and conquered every non trace-Neanderthal nation upon this earth.
The peoples who settled most of the world and conquered the rest, have one genetic similarity, trace-Neanderthal DNA. All of these peoples were born in the Northern Hemisphere in Eurasia. This is not found in the people who only occupied a third of Africa until Malaysians introduced iron and the yam to East Africa. I suspect that this is symptomatic, not causal, that the trace of this other species of humans with larger brains, four times our strength and improved night vision and cold adaptation, reflects the vigor and adaptability of their conquerors, and within whose veins and myths a trace of their resistance yet remains.
Neanderthals resided in Europe and resisted modern human expansion in portions of Asia, the Near East and Eastern Europe for hundreds of thousands of years before they were replaced by our ancestors.
The extinction event occurred between 41,000 and 18,000 B.P., beginning with a robust Neanderthal population in Europe, whose ancestors had driven modern human aggressors from their haunts between 150,000 and 70,000 B.P.
Below I set out three categories of conditions:
-Social [Part 2]
-E1. The start of a severe ice age circa 40,000 BP, and its maximum, about 20,000 BP, corresponded with the Neanderthal extinction. However, these people had thrived through numerous ice ages and were cold adapted and lived under better cover then neighboring modern humans who tended to reside in the flat lands and low lands
-E2. The Toba Super Eruption in Sumatra, caused a “nuclear winter” in 75,000 to 74,000 BP, severely reducing modern human genetic diversity and did not seem to effect Neanderthal. This is called The Bottleneck Event and most severely effected populations bordering the Indian Ocean. This possibly triggered an outward migration from the south in Africa and southeast in Asia towards Europe.
-E3. The Luschamp Magnetic Excursion Event, involving a reduction of electromagnetic field protection from solar and galactic radiation, occured in 41,000 BP. This event marks the beginning of mass extinctions, including mammals, plants and other organisms. This would make habitation at higher latitudes, higher elevations and in open country, more hazardous for mammals. We are now experiencing a magnetic excursion very similar to this 41,000 year old event.
What population is favored by each of these three conditions?
-E1. The start of a severe ice age, favors Neanderthals, who live in better cover, with more forests and caves to shelter and are cold adapted of extreme antiquity. Do note that animals, such as deer, elk, bison, with the latter two being plains animals, adapt to cold conditions, and to being hunted in their favored grassland habitat, by seeking forest and mountain cover. Europe had more forest and closer mountains, with the closeness of mountains enhancing cover in the places between.
The downside, over thousands of years, of seeking cover in the forests and valleys of Europe, was that the southward moving ice would reduce habitable land over time, adding southward pressure on the Eurasian extremity to that of the eastward pressure from invaders.
-E2. The Toba Super Eruption in Sumatra, had, as a legacy, eliminated the least adaptable modern humans who would invade, not from the south [Africa] but from the southeast and east, as indicated by the steady retreat of Neanderthals from Siberia and The Levant to their final enclave in Portugal over a 22,000 year period. [1]
-E3. The Luschamp Magnetic Excursion Event would seem to favor the Neanderthals based on the reasons given in E1. However, this event marks the beginning of their extinction, suggesting that the key mechanism was the pressure this event placed on modern humans to migrate to Europe. This mechanism has, as later analogues, the east to west Eurasian cultural displacement events that follow:
-Neolithic, Anatolian displacement of Cromagnon
-Bronze Age, Aryan conquest of Anatolian and Cromagnon
-Iron Age, displacement of legacy Aryan populations by Celtic Aryans
-Iron Age, Scythian, Germanic westward displacement of Celts
-Antiquity, Roman conquest of Celtic and Germanic tribes
-Late Antiquity, Aryan displacement by Huns
-Dark Ages, Germanic conquest of Roman and Celtic civilization
-Dark Ages, Arabic, Berber, [2] Turkic conquest of Aryans
-Middle Ages, Turkic and Tartar conquests of Aryans
-Middle Ages, Mongol conquest of Aryans
-Early Modern [1453-1697] Ottomon Turkic conquest of Aryans
This east to west Eurasian pattern persisted for ten thousand years and was only reversed my the modern European industrial war sciences of sail, canon, gun and bayonet. [This latter tool will be revisited in physical conditions.]
Overall, environmental conditions favored Neanderthal continuance in Europe. Do note that in North America, the greatest genetic disasters facing stone age Tribes, was what they suffered at the hands of more desperate tribes that were being pressured by the European invaders, specifically the Seminole extermination of the Timicun. [3]
Physical Conditions
-Neanderthals had larger brains. Scientists claim that their brains were of an inferior type, with no evidence cited other than their lack of an advanced tool kit. This lack of an expanding toolkit could have actually indicated a perfect adaptation to their environment. While the expanded toolkit of Cromagnon may have indicated a desperate measures to adapt to changing conditions, just as Christendom developed superior sailing methods due to being pushed to the very coasts of Europe by Islamic forces. [4]
-Neanderthals were stronger, favoring them in close combat
-Modern Humans were taller, favoring them in long range combat
-Neanderthals had night vision, favoring them in close combat
-Modern Humans had the ability to develop articulate verbal language due to throat structure, which favored them in our third category, social structure and over longer periods of time.
In terms of physical combat and ability to gain food hunting, it seems that Neanderthal and Cromagnon races should have settled along an environmental break line, with one under cover and the other in the open areas, just as the Anatolian and Cromagonon populations of Neolithic Europe would later do for some 1500 years until the Aryans conquered both. Indeed, the Cromagnons began as mammoth hunters on the plains and the Neanderthal as auroch hunters in forests and valleys.
Overall, the above evidence suggests that the racial advantage necessary to extermination must lie in the social question, even as the impetus to enter a cornered race’s homeland at a physical disadvantage must lie in a higher power—the environmental conditions. [5]
Part 2, Dream Seeker, will address the crucial question of the opposing social structures and discuss the social dynamic of the Neanderthal extinction.
Part 3, Spear & Fang, will discuss the military dynamics.
-1. Europe was effectively Cromagnon by 28,000 B.P., with the final trace population 10,000 years later at peak glaciation being crossbreeds hiding in caves overlooking an impassable sea in Portugal, Gibraltar, and I think a place in Italy. By this time Solutrean hunters of the Cromagnon type had already journeyed to what is now Maryland, establishing the ‘Clovis’ toolkit there, some of which included stone from France.
-2. only the Arabic and Berber invaders of Europe came from the south, but came east to west first
-3. The effect of Anglo-Aryan industrial pressure on tribes effected a cultural extinction, partially and in many cases in full, with the loss of must Amerindian languages. But the Iroquois, Seminole and Sioux, under European pressure and influence, exterminated, genetically, no less than 7 tribes. Combined Anglo-Lakota extermination, focusing on women and children, brought Black Hawk’s people from 15,000 to 129 persons, effectively a physical genocide.
-4. I have found out west, that not living under cover, being out in the open plains, brings weather events and temperature drops of a severity multiple times greater then in the forested east, and in a fraction of the time. The temperature variation in Cody Wyoming, in 8 minutes in September 2016 was 85 down to 38 degrees, a variation which takes an entire season in the east, when under cover. This mechanism, the harsh and dynamic environment of temperate grass lands, might explain why in Asia [from Aryans 2000 BC, to Mongols 1400 AD] and in North America [from pre-contact to Comanche to Lakota] why tribes from the plains and steppes have always driven weaker tribes into forests, in Europe from east to west, and in America from west to east, out of a do-or-die desperation to survive.
-5. The natural advantage of close combat over distant combat will be illuminated in Part 3.
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Real History Month
What If Africans Had Not Invented Everything?
Without the scientists of Egypt, Dahomey, Swaziland and Uganda, it is well known that we would have no wheel, guns, steel, factory made germs to whack mamma in the old age home, nuclear power, the eternal [they stole that shit and made it internal, its a scam!] combustion engine, planes, train and big ass brains...
But, imagine if palefaced savages who were chucking spears at each other in forested Europe while Big-Headed Yakub was polishing the chrome on his Mothership, imagine if those ghostly apes had invented something rather than stolen everything?
Well, that is the idea behind this February's postings in 2023: all history, a comic relief from the real dark history taught across the nation as the only history in all of American public schools.
Negro, imagine if dem crackas actually had brains—scientists too!
Thank Gawd its the shortest month of the year!
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‘Any Other Blade Instructors in Town?’
A Baltimore Operator Wants to Know Where to Find Escrima Instruction: 9/11/2022
Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, I received the following texts from two men I coach when I am in Baltimore.
“I am going into East Point Mall to interview a bar tender for an event and I’m open carrying a [steel] pipe. WTF!”
-The Brick Mouse, Saturday, 9/10/2022
“Let me know when you are back in town so we can train at Loch Raven… May, you mean you’re gone forever?… Any blade instructors in town while you are gone? What art does he teach? Did you teach blade under him?”
-The Operator, Sunday 9/11/2022
Realizing that most of the people I work with on combat, are back east for 9 months while I am out west, I thought that I should paraphrase my text answers to The Operator.
Who could I recommend for blade instruction in Maryland?
First, I am not an instructor. I am a coach. I am not certified to teach a knife system. I do not practice a knife system. I have the dubious distinction of having actually cut and stabbed real people with real weapons, have had more blunt knife duels than anyone I know of, over 220 with dull steel and many thousands with non-steel blunts, and have used knives to defend myself from packs of hyena men on numerous occasions.
The last time I defended with a knife was on Thursday night, about 7:50 PM, August 5, at Eastern Avenue and 54th Street, right where The Brickmouse a month later open carried a pipe. I used multiple knife carry to discourage three Bantu hyena men and one Latino Bandito from continuing their attacks upon my aged person.
The above is somewhat informed by the 300-plus interviews I did with other blade users, witnesses and targets, resulting in the book The Logic of Steel and the updated version The Violence Project.
Wherever you are, you can train useful principles with any FMA [Filipino Martial Arts] guru, or in the art of Silat. Kung fu, karate, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, all of these arts have a bizarre, unrealistic and deluded view of blades and should not be accessed for blade training. With the FMA crowd, you will be indicted into a cult of blade doctrine that is usually about 30% bullshit. However, considering that most martial arts are 100% bullshit on the blade subject, this is preferable.
Caution: FMA, Silat and the Libra knife art, are all practiced in a legal vacuum. Most instructors will show you to disarm and then kill a knifer, which puts you in prison in most of this nation. They all teach multiple stabs, which puts you in prison in most of this nation. Libra, is actually intended as a knife system that enables a knifer to confront and then murder unarmed people, and is suicidal against guns or in a legalistic society. After viewing the training, I am of the opinion that it is intended for use in Latin America for abduction, murder and torture of unarmed persons, not for survival among armed and unarmed aggressors.
If you are in the Maryland area, I suggest:
[Not the best qualified, as these are two brothers who no longer instruct.]
Sifu Tom Clark of Practical Mixed Martial Arts, Edgemere, MD. I coached for Tom over a 20 year period on and off. He judged some of our agons and was certified under Larry Hartsell, Richard Bustillo and in Lomenko Escrima. All of these teachers are deceased. Tom spent a lot of time and money traveling to train with such gurus. He is also versed in boxing and Judo, was a kempo black belt and is certified under one of the branches of the Gracie family. There are many chances for you and Tom to be on the same page with some art other than the blade, which will help in your cross training.
Sifu Arturo Gabriel, who is on the cover of the book, The Logic of Steel, who has a wealth of real experience with violent crime, has a similar skill set as Tom Clark, is certified to teach in six arts, and has developed his own escrima style.
Erique Watson, a man taught by Tom Clark and Gabriel, who instructed under Clark, and has been coached by myself since 2014, when Gabriel sold him to me, is really, in my opinion, the best man in the region to work with. He is naturally such a good teacher and understands what it is to be an adult novice in combat arts, which Gabe, Tom and I have not been, starting as we did in our early youth. He is less qualified on paper then either of his seniors, but, he has a lot of contact stick experience and has dueled with dull machetes. Erqiue is located in southeastern Pennsylvania.
For blade instruction, these are the men I would recommend in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Generally avoid the Filipino instructors, as they will always track you on a lower level then their own race, will not fight contact with weapons and generally run a financial grift. There are exceptions, like John Bosch and John Jakoba. But most of the ethnic FMA instructors are cult builders first and foremost. In fact, it is common for visiting FMA gurus to teach a seminar to all, then have a closed seminar for racially like junior instructors to keep them ahead of the Anglo subhumans.
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Beyond the Fishbowl
An Exercise in Perspective for the Novelist: 9/1/2022
“Someone found a bunch of documents showing a Soros org funded and executed Freddie Gray riot. You are Jonah in an Amtrak car you know that. Prophet.
-Lynn, by Skype, 9/1/2022
Robert H. Heinlein, a genius of the science-fiction genre, wrote a novel or story with fishbowl in the title and discussed the concept in a letter reproduced in his posthumous gripe tome: Grumbles from the Grave. Briefly, the distortion caused by the fishbowl, refraction of the circumscribing substance beyond the habitat of the occupant, prevents an accurate view. Only a fish that somehow got beyond the fishbowl could actually see his own existence in context.
Heinlein understood this concept and was also alienated enough from even fellow science-fiction writers and his readers, that he was able to write Stranger in a Strange Land and Number of the Beast, as well as The Door Into Summer, novels that while not strictly predictive in the prophetic sense, were descriptive of human adaptations to circumstances as yet unexpereinced by people of Heinlein’s time.
I don’t see how I am anywhere near as intelligent as some critter like Heinlein. Yet, I have predicted—Mister Grey told me 14 things—over the past ten years of writing commentary on the current human condition that have either come to pass or come to revelation.
Part of this is total lack of education on my part. For instance, Marcus Casca and I split the concept of Aryan culture developing in symbiosis with canines and horses, he writing Hounds of Aryas and me Beasts of Aryas. I spoke with this man in person. Not only did he have a command of ancient literature similar to my own, but he is younger, sharper, un brain damaged. But, when he told me that canines were not domesticated until 16,000 years ago and informed me that my theory that Neanderthals were eradicated by a modern human canine alliance, he indicated that it was a drunken fantasy—for academia had declared 16,000 years as the earliest animal domestication.
It turned out that he was wrong and I was right. You see, he had been inducted into the Academy and was honor bound to abide by their lies, straight-jacketed into seeing only through the rims of the fishbowl outward, with the view inward even through the mirror provided by the Academy, distorted. Since our discussion, my contention that 40,000 years ago saw the first canine domestication has been proven genetically. Even if it had not been proven, I would stick to my fangs, because:
-Lack of missile weapons by Neanderthals and use of missile weapons by modern humans did not decide the conflict, because spear throwers were in use by the moderns that got their heads handed to them and their women raped in the Middle East and Europe between 150,000 and 70,000 B.C.
-Neanderthals were whacked between 40,000 and 28,000 years ago.
-40,000 years ago there was, according to Marvin Harris, in Our Kind, a great expansion in language skills among modern humans And language skills, communication, is a key component to canine domestication.
It’s obvious from outside of academia, that what was needed to hunt down men who were as fast as wolves over a long distance and as strong as chimps—essentially little grizzly bears—was wolves. Even if the latest evidence did not put wolf domestication at 40,000, what says that a thing such as canine domestication, knife use, spear thrower use, bow making, what says that each major change can only happen once?
Academia says that, not reality, and not God. Indeed, God claims in Genesis to have created man thrice, in three different ways. The fact that I am uneducated helps me look at history as an inquiry rather than as a religious devotion to a cult of thought induction and perspective reduction.
Now for the Baltimore Riots of 2015, that was a no brainer:
-The DOJ, Crip 52 and The Black Gorilla Family all declared against the Baltimore Police Department in simultaneous ways that supported each other, within 24 hours!
-The entire thing was timed to occur 21 days after food stamps ran out in April, the same exact time that the federally instigated 1968 riots were timed, the same time of the year—spring time—that Bantu murder rates typically begin to climb. Ironically, the 2020 Floyd Christ riots across the country were also a late April event.
-Military contractors were terrorizing civilians, including me, this was repeated in 2020
-Ambulances were not dispatched.
-Police officers assassinated a white citizen after the fact to cover up the murder of her brother by black coworkers during the riots.
-White men were seen leading BLM contingents in the manner of military advisors. This was the dominant BLM leadership model in 2020, ghosts on the ground out numbering actual blacks.
-BLM and Antifa were given police powers over white civilians trying to get to work, [specifically in I-83 in Downtown Baltimore] powers that were enforced by police and the judiciary. Again, this was repeated in 2020.
My general ability to see through academic lies has to do with me not being educated, that is inducted into the cult of lies. My ability to see right through the news comes from a lifetime of people who watch the news and hid in their homes and automobiles, telling me that what I was experiencing on the streets of Baltimore was false, and that what they were told—being the opposite, always opposite of reality—was true because the news said so.
Below is an example of how full spectrum the American addiction to the fantasy of the lie, of SHOULD and WOULD over IS and DOES, has been through my lifetime.
The following is a lie that is believed by all Americans of all races and political orientations. Antifa and BLM and White Nationalist Natsies all believe that through most of the 1900s and the early 2000s, that the purpose and activity of urban police departments in integrated cities was beating up black men, for living or going near white people. But, in reality, what cops have done far more often than beat up black men for being in the wrong place, was to beat up, shoot, kill and arrest urban palefaces for defending themselves against black men.
The only difference between an Antifa Queen, a BLM Kang and a White Nationalist Natsy perspective, is that they disagree on whether white cops beating up black criminals to enforce racial segregation is wright or wrong. Everybody completely misses the fact that while all cops were supposedly enforcing segregation, that the cities they patrolled were increasingly desegregated! I knew the facts because I was hunted and threatened by cops and blacks at the same time in the same places.
They all agree that the fantasy of blue on black violence for white segregation is true, when it is merely an academic doctrine, 180 degrees opposed to reality. That reality is, that mostly what cops did over 100 years, and still do to this day, was and is beat the shit out of palefaces for resisting African colonization and the mayhem, crime, murder, robbery and rape that goes with it.
Blacks know this. On August 12, out of Denver to Salt Lake City, an upscale black couple dressed down two conductors on the Amtrak car I was in for assigning them to sit near a feral white man of low class—being me. They insisted on being moved a car up to be seated among the vacationing white executives. The conductors eye fucked me, while sucking up to the Gawdly Royals and declined to offer me alone on that train car, no courtesy, no option to visit the limited seating in the public car, and spoke loudly of how they came from law enforcement and military families, like the black man seated across the aisle from me, whose wife was scandalized by my pale complexion and shaven head. It was fine for her husband to have a shaved head, but no lowly cracker can be forgiven for shaving his head. This is the only hostility I have ever encountered from Amtrak conductors, these being college educated white men, and acting in service to the aristocratic sensibilities of a black husband and wife.
My family, my friends, your family your friends, will all look upon this statement as a lie or delusion on my part, that only blacks are the targets of law enforcement. But they reside in the fishbowl of the lie, while I flop along outside of their false habitat. They surely also do not realize that Amtrak conductors are government law enforcement functionaries, who have the power to set you off a train in the middle of a desert, to die—and they let you know every time they make their smoking announcement.
Life has simply granted me an induction free perspective as I have failed to gain entry into the various cults of Man and expire outside of the world of Man jotting down my observations, perhaps for a future generation.
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Vetting Ghost Snatcher
An Experiment in Self-Publishing: 9/19/2022
-2. Ghost Snatcher
In the Company of Heroes in the Shadow of America
2019, 14,597 words,
Reading done by Banjo
Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
At the close of 2019, at Punky and Rick’s place in Bellavue, Pittsburgh, I completed Ghost Snatcher between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020. As this book was being written from an Eastern Perspective as a crusade against Western men, I used friends from the east as character models:
-Nero the Pict as Crank Shaft Witherspoon
-Erique as Mainline Watson
-Israel as Old School Johnson
-Earl as Acetylene Jackson
-Myself as Berstan Dessalaines or “Captain Sunshine,” the Colonel’s Nickname for my eastern ass.
Page 13: axil to axle
Page 18: embers to members
Using Bold as video evidence of the expedition and italics for the officer’s log of Captain Sunshine works better in this reading than I thought it would when writing it. I am most pleased with the Justice Service awards earned by this company of heroes, including:
Crankshaft Witherspoon
Awards: Auto-Engineering Service Star, Martin Luther King Justice Award, No Borders Resettlement Award with Gull Wing Cloudburst, Purple Heart [2 awards]
Conviction Reassignment Awards: Armed Robbery, Murder 2, Manslaughter, Menacing—six counts, all overturned and reassigned at Demographic Service Awards after the Whitefish, Montana Riots
Outstanding Community Service Debt: 162.5 hours
The awards covers a lot of character back story and serves as oblique world-sketching at the same time. I should use this method again in a future work. Just writing this as a lark over two weeks left little imprint on my mind.
Page 19: capitalized Crankshaft
Page 20: comma changed to sentence break
Page 21: italicized monologue paragraph at page bottom, shard to charred
Page 22: into to into it
Page 23: Guerilla to Guerrilla
It is beginning to irritate me that compassioned is not yet in the computer dictionary. It should be—I made it up almost four years ago.
Page 26: Italicized:
“Are you fucking kidding me, Acetylene!”
“Oh, my Earth!”
“No! Desist!! Hold your fire!!!”
Decided it was confusing to italicize Sunshine’s Captain’s Log outtakes and reversed it.
Page 27: Had to repair this sentence:
As the Ghost Snatcher speeds by, the head of the downed rider can be seen to be wracked with deep-felt sobs of pain and disapproved invalidation…
Page 28: quality to equally Page 29: insert such before “that he has taken”
Page 31: Capitalize Mainline
Page 32: Catcher to Snatcher
My favorite footnote from page 32:
-1. Dessalines is not the Principal but the Principle Warrant Officer, as the Justice Service is a minimally hierarchical organization focused on Principle.
Page 33: The Red Rock Warrant was written at the request of Riley Smith who wanted to serve as a patterned character killed by Negro law officers for the crime of Caucasian gun ownership. It pained me quite a bit three months later, when Riley’s wife called me one morning and told me he had passed in his sleep.
Page 35: Catcher to Snatcher , tightened up a comma,
Page 37: inserted comma
Page 39: changed comma to M-dash, tightened up comma
[It looks like punctuation mistakes increase when I worte the action scenes.]
Page 41: comma changed to sentence break,
Page 42: confederate to Confederate States of America.
Page 43: comma and an and to a period and Then,
Page 44: titled to tilted mugs, and to a sentence break, corelate to correlate
Page 45: after to afta, for to fo [preserving ebonic dialogue consistency], goo your to Joo York,
Page 46: added m-dash and last phrase of: “...left behind forever the obedient world of bitch-ass zeroes, and became a man—joined the company of true-ass heroes..
Page 47: extasy to ecstasy
Page 48: and changed to sentence break, that to than at page bottom,
Page 50 is the best monologue in the book thus far
Page 53: comma changed to sentence break
Page 55: added the first ‘a’ to this passage:
“Well, this motherfucker was kind of a greasy Greek or Italian, not even a…”
Page 56: replace sic with set
This scene was based on having dinner at the Silver Moon Diner on U.S. Route 40 in Baltimore County on Monday nights in 2008 with my son and seeing the fat owner count his money with a handgun on his lap.
Page 59: The Jersey Warrant placed my good friend mister Saffrono as the affirmative enemy of Crankshaft Witherspoon
Page 70: grifted to grifting, add comma after scalps,
Page 71: Finish first day of proofing, about 2 hours.
Page 73: “to have a hangover” was missing ‘a’, put the ‘h’ at the end of Pittsburgh, this warrant seen was based on a speech writer that drove me to the Amtrak station in Pittsburgh in spring 2019
Page 80: I threaded in my experience in Portland for the backstory to Captain Sunshine.
Page 84: t-therapy to T-Therapy
Page 87 and 88: goo to Joo
Page 93: protested to protesters
Page 95: capitalized Boy Blunder, change ro to to
Page 97: capitalized The Service
Page 98: ore to more
Page 99: ‘mal-con-tance,’ in dialect for malcontents, capitalize Crispy,
Page 100: grenades to grenade
Page 101: You to yo in dialect, en to en, bel to belt,
Page 102: ta to da, in dialect
Page 104: al to all
I must say, that I totally forgot that I had these negro soldiers use live feminist Earth Daughters as meat shields.
Page 107: rifle to rifles, capitalize Ghost Snatcher
Page 108: capitalize Snatcher, into to into,
Page 109: to9wards to towards,
Page 110: day to dat in dialect, comma inserted
Page 113: The drive to They drove,
Page 114: insert quotation mark before “Soap
Page 115: capitalize Mainline, tightened up fourth blank page
Page 116: remove extra comma,
Page 118: ire to tire, capitalize Crankshaft,
Page 119: inset a before madman, broke dialogue from action and started the action paragraph with Oldschool then…
Page 120: shat to that
Page 121: boll to bolt am to jam, capitalized Crankshaft,
Page 122: game to came
Page 125-6: remove quotation marks from assigned crew dialogue, battel to battle
Page 127: capitalize Colt, removed crew dialogue quotes, huooked to hooked
Page 128; Rocy to rocky, fore to fire [a common typo of mine]
Page 129: No to Now, catcher to Snatcher
Page 130: own to down, low case to capital J…, insert quotation marks of Oldschool’s dialogue [no longer prefaced as crew dialogue], ahnds to hands,
Page 131: prograsse to progress [what a retarded typo], treet to tree, capitalize Sunshine, capitalize “Come…
Page 132: lace to place, won to down, tow to toward,
Page 133: I to I’ll, yap to tap,
I am pleased with the way Ghost snatcher ended, being a hero tale. The final character introduced, is the youngest grandson of Bob, my friend who showed me the places that I used for the scene of this novel. This record is being appended to the novel, which I hope has entertained.
Other novels written from 2019 to 2022 that take place in the same near future setting as Ghost Snatcher, are:
-American Dream Boat
-Wake Christopher
Unwritten novels: Tagline-Newslaw, Machete Virus and the Man Too High to Hassle may be set as one, two or three tales in this same socially just future.
This appended editorial log, is not being proofed or edited. There is not much point in that when I have just finished it and my mind will transpose corrections unmade.
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Confessor #1
Conductor Wyethstone removed his helmet with its Seth-scale pennons, brass cheek guards and coif of brass scale and submitted to the retinal scan. This quite irritated his right eye, which had ever been ultrasensitive to light direct, ambient or oblique, ever since he was cleaved over the right brow by a Sathur war ax on the Juthegeran field where he earned his elevation, due not only to his heroism, but to the death of three of his superiors. The pain spiked in his right eye, his ear now inwardly ringing, his vision impaired on the right periphery.
The voice of the Confessor then spoke in its serene baritone, “Replace your helmet. It may be required upon your confession.”
So the heretic has been here and has sought an audience with the Presence of Piety?
“Conductor Wyethstone, welcome back to Confession. Peace be upon the cold altars of our sister nodes.”
“Peace be upon them,” intoned the Conductor by way of refrain in the absence of a choir.
A sense of urgency upon him, he cut to the matter of the chase, “Benevolent Confessor, since my last confession I have used three women uncleanly—women already unclean—not soiling the virtuous, have put to death six villages, three towns and a city, re-killed the dead consigned to an overcrowded necropolis, sunk 12 ships of concession, have trodden the Sathur into the earth at every possible step of the boot, have sought out and eradicated innumerable Sethian lairs, putting to death those feeder humans held captive there, and have uttered wrathfully when unnecessary in three instances of impiety.”
The Confessor’s voice was grave, “That which feeds rampant Seth starves Foundation. That which hosts feral Sathur shuns humanity. That which tolerates weakness among Mankind welcomes his demise. Impiety brings its own hard punishment in the form of separation from the Peace of Foundation. Atone according to your better nature.”
“Omniscient Confessor, a potent heretic, for whom there is not a name, a man of Ais, black of hair and heart, less pale than he should be through seeking the sun, armed with a Star-Forged Aor and a device of disruption, made a raid upon Yuggra Sag, City of the Self-Mutilants, where resignation reigns in congress with the Lesser Ones. The Ravenkin say he piloted an air skiff from that cold candle of resignation to this, this Confessional, your holy place. I hunt his head!” declared Conductor Wyethstone, as he took to one armored knee, the steel knee cap creaking on the star-forged floor as his brass-scaled skirt tinkled upon the same and his shoulder plates of bronze creaked against their leather harness.
The nimbus of probing light which had examined his eyes faded and scattered into the many-faceted aspects of the Confessional, an inward facing jewel of rainbow iridescence, as the form of the Confessor took shape before and above him, from whence its all-knowing voice had so recently emanated from every point of the chamber except for the open portal through which he had walked so demandingly.
The awesome power in the presence of which he now knelt awed and imposed upon him so that he feared to meet the mighty gaze. A Confessor had never before, in five previous confessions, taken tangible form. A shadow now blackened the floor before him, indicating that the Confessor had taken opaque form—and he shivered.
Do not piss! You are an Agent of Foundation, a Conductor of its Holy Doctrine!
And yet he trembled.
“Conductor Wyethstone, rise and behold this Manifestation of Foundation.”
Wyethstone gathered his substantial courage and rose, sweat dripping out coldly from beneath his yellow hair to run in rivulets beneath his silks, his cottons, his leathers, his mail and his harness.
His chin quavered, but his narrow eyes beheld without flinching that which few humans of any sort had seen. Before him floated—or perhaps reposed in a reverent cocoon of force—a black field of force, through which no light might pass. Within this sphere of pure force contorted a face of sorts, a face of bound lightning dressed in a purple nimbus, pierced with two blue “eyes” one might call them, and a pink “mouth” set lowly between them. The form of the face was masculine, as was the voice and the eyes. But the pink mouth was incongruantly feminine, set within a lantern jaw of light.
“Conductor Wyethstone, all confessions are confidential, as was yours. What do you, in the name of Foundation, ask of this Manifestation?”
“I seek knowledge of the heretic, whom I believe to have intruded here.”
The voice was deeper and more resonant, “All, who confess, intrude, and their confessions are sacrosanct.”
The sustaining zeal of the fanatic buoyed him as his voice cracked, “I seek not his confession, but his declaration and his presence, which might possibly construe as a threat to Foundation.”
The field of force contorted like a thousand theosophic minds debating a point of reverence, the mouth growing pinker and more expressive, the blue eyes raging more balefully blue and boring through his soul, “He is Phane, a Heretic of Ais, seeking truth beyond the Doctrine of Foundation.”
“Blasphemy!” he frothed as his trembling muscles jingled his brass scale shirt and skirt.
The effortlessly suspended face of the Confessor softened and the resonant voice said, “His plea of seeking was granted, and accompanied by an Avatar of Confession, his Induction has commenced.”
His soul shook within, “Induction?”
The face contorted into a swirl of flowery contrast, “Induction as a Geist, not a Conductor, Paladin, Priest, Deacon or Monk, simply as an unsecured visitor, liable to extinguishment as a condition of Conduction—a Seeker, a Fool. He has been entertained and absorbed. The archive of his Induction is available as an audio transcript, open to rightfully ordained Agents of Foundation, of which you are manifestly, and yes, foremostly, one.”
The face went acid and long like that of a sleeping man with lax extended mouth of pink and drooping eyes of blue. The void of light-containing force seemed to hang like the long stone face of some ancient carven deity before him, as if bowing to him. His lack of piety and his forceful insistence washed back into his mind like a tide of ever-staining shame and he went to both knees, hands upon his unbelted sword and scabbard, in prayerful observance, “Forgive me, Confessor, for my arrogance, for questioning your omnipotence.”
“There is not to forgive,” breathed the sleeping visage under its purple nimbus of crowning energy, “Atonement lives. Stand according to your belligerent station and receive the report of induction as observed by our Aspect of Epitheoetics.”
Energized, validated, galvanized and invigorated, Conductor Wyethstone stood at Attention Severe, sword held before his heart, the pommel weighted with the Stone of Leaden Decision, the crosspiece etched with the Acts of Ascension, the black scabbard stitched red in the Trials of Perdition, and he prayed to the Spirit of Foundation for the cunning to digest the revelation, the wisdom to balance his options and the strength to enforce his decision.
Seth are indigenous, post-human species of intelligent life, which prey upon humanity in the form of vampirism and brain eating, detesting the consumption of mechanical flesh, which many-typed beings view mankind as an invasive species in need of eradication. By wearing Sathurhide and Sethhide equipage and trophies, a Conductor of Foundation, or the humble paladins from whose ranks they are drawn, demonstrate a commitment to the orderly propagation of the human species.
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Bob Wonders about the Ringing in the Crackpot Head: Utah, 8/18/2022
“James, could you go to a concert without it hurting your ears? I did not realize you had tinitus. Does it sound like it does when you fire a rifle and your ear rings? I’m glad I got mine evaluated. The noise was like to drive me crazy in the beginning, but I got used to it. The doctor has this hearing aid that is supposed to help for $7000! I told him he can keep it.”
-Bob, while driving from Heber to Kamas, Utah
I do not know what tinitus is, do not know if this is how you spell it.
I never recall having my ears examined as an adult.
First, the sound, or is it, in either or both ears or none, is... in my head, in all of it, or perhaps both ears like a layer of sounds.
There is the background, a hazy, fuzzy sound similar to what the interior of a sea shell used to sound like when I raised it to my ears as a boy. This background noise ebbs and flows but is always there. On some occasions it increases until it drowns out the foreground sound and becomes like a rushing waterfall in my head. This has happened mostly when I pass out and come to due to things I do not understand and have been diagnosed as seizures:
-passing out twice in church and once in school class as a boy
-passing out from running ten miles in work boots after working all day in 1981
-passing out after setting my broken finger while half asleep in April 2007
-waking from the episode when my nose was shattered into 7 pieces over 4 hours of “sleep seizures” on December 13 2011.
This background sound has been constant in my head since March 2019 when I had a bout of bad eye seizures and lung infections in Portland Oregon. This was a very poor health and very high writing productivity time, during which I met Jack Donovan and wrote: American Dream Boat, Under an Iron Crown, Book of Nightmares and Confessor.
On those few occasions when this sound disappears, it is always in the morning, when I wake, and I soon have bronchitis as the sound slowly builds again.
The foreground sound, I first heard in my left ear only, after I fired a college basketball player in late 2009, who then slapped me in the left ear as I turned to walk away. This sound is like the power outage alarm in commercial buildings.
Neither sound has ever bothered me, distracted me, or threatened my sanity. I do recognize that these sounds probably mean that something is wrong either with my ears or my brain. I do not seem to have a hearing problem. I do not recall ever firing a high powered rifle, just shotguns, hand guns and carbines. My left ear hurts on occasion where I was slapped and I do not seem to hear as well out of that ear. But this has never been tested.
The sounds do seem to occur when I have increased creative energy.
The sounds do not interfere with my hearing. In fact, the sounds recede into the background while I am listening to music and speech, and when speaking.
When I am alone and still, reading and writing, falling asleep, waking or simply lying and wondering, the sounds increase.
I wonder sometimes if the sound is a frequency from inside or from Beyond. It is not painful. Doctors are expensive and I rate their witchery, drug-pushing and brain-washing as a great threat to my autonomy, so am not inclined to spend my life’s savings on satisfying an idle curiosity as to the cause of this condition, which might just be the ringing of the spheres within. Doctor Dread is not an ENT specialist.
I have worried a few times when the ringing has coincided with vertigo, or a lack of balance and orientation, that I am describing as vertigo. But my balance quickly returns and I seem to be physically able enough to spar with effect and execute combative footwork.
I have sometimes noticed an increased ringing when weather is drastically changing, such as today as storms sweep up from Arizona into these high Utah mountains.
The ringing in my head does go entirely away while boxing and stick fighting, including being punched in the head. Sometimes, when eating a stiff punch that slams my neck bones together, I note a yawning silence within.
I am almost 60, less athletic and weaker than 60% of boys, youth and men in my age group.
-I have had at least 25 concussions
-I have fought over 20 boxing matches,
-over 670 stick fights and,
-over 220 blunt steel duels.
I hold all of the freight handling records for volume, speed and duration in grocery stocking:
-freighted 934 cases of dairy in one shift in 1994,
-sorted 2,000 cases of grocery on 22 pallets of from pallet to U-boat in 4 hours in 2002,
-freighted 600 pieces of frozen food before it thawed in 1995
-freighted 650 pieces of grocery in one shift in 2008 as blood ran out of my ass
-dragged, sorted and built 21 pallets of freight into displays in one shift in 2009.
In 2005, I once stayed awake for 5 days, working as a grocer and preparing for a fight sparring and making equipment, and fought 41 stick and machete fights on the fifth day.
I have not taken care of myself. I never thought I would get this old and am not surprised that physical life is imperfect. Trying to recapture the health of 40, to me, that would sound as the knell of insanity. I have gotten a lot more use out of this substandard body than I ever expected. I am grateful, and I am weary.
As I become increasingly fey and tend to superstition and look away from our science-haunted world, I wonder if this ringing in my ears might be a tone of sorts that bears on writing. I think, starting today, I should note in my writing journal, how loud the inner spheres ring on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being deafening, in that I could not hear outside sounds, only the inner one. That has not yet happened. A 9, will then, by definition, be the loudest I have experienced, as thus far, the inner ringing has not blocked outer sound, but has retreated before it.
Today is a 7.
The ringing in my head must remain a mystery.
I do thank you Bob, for your concern.
02.01.23   NC — The MILES can be a biatch....
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Engaging the World from the Mechanism of Functional Insanity: Utah, 8/18/2022
[Interestingly, Flop soon died and I lost this new contact, Allen, and contacts of all who I was texted or called by in June, July and August.]
Allen, I think it no accident that you share the name of Allen Hoyt, a man I wrote about as Stick, a white trash Thomas Hearnes from East Baltimore who I lost contact with 20 years gone. Then, while having dinner with two old East Baltimore girls, they informed me that Allen had just passed. Allen was one of my heroes, bold, cunning, hard-working, smart-fighting a flawed man who was kind to children, cruel to management and indifferent about women—our collective Achilles heel.
My health plan, since I coached for Doc Dread, who still gives me free care, was setting aside $20 a week out of my $140 income, for dentistry and perscriptions.
When Obama got his health care passed and I was taxed for not having health insurance, my $20 a week disappeared. My youngest son was tasked with an intervention, to get me on the Obama Care train. Since it had been my choice to quit making good money and having insurance, so that I could write, I did not think it moral to dip into the public coffers for my health care. He made me promise to at least get my heart checked, since I was putting on weight and over 50.
I saw him the next Saturday and he asked me how my EKG had gone. I declared, that I had not slept in two days, had sparred with the Captain yesterday, then had sex with Ms. Ezz, got drunk on wine, had sex with Lily, then ran to the bus stop a mile away and worked freight overnight for 10 hours and walked 5 miles to his apartment that morning. I declared my heart fit for duty. He scoffed and sat me down and signed me up for Obama Care, which turned out to be Medicare.
This remained unused, because I could not use Doc Dread and had to settle for third rate Pakistani doctors who hated me. I continued my care as normal, If I needed medicine for the eye or a muscle relaxer to deal with the hip pain, I called Doc and paid cash for the drugs.
Then there was the previously related demon attack in Hallucinations While Awake. While in the hospital, getting checked, this Medicare kicked in and took care of my surgery and such. I decided to keep this Medicare current. There was a problem. My son, a successful young consultant, did not have the time to resign me. Lily spent 8 hours helping me get started on the re-enrollment. You see, one must return to the Medicare sight every November and grovel again, begging, as the web site foils my techtarded brain and I am bombarded with images of who this insurance is intended for, with none of those human images looking anything like me. I had budgeted 16 writing hours to sign back up, and failed to register. I would not sacrifice another article, chapter or even paragraph for this grovelling cause.
A year later I was rolling in the cottony hay with Lily when I thought I was having a heart attack, pain in the left chest and arm, numbness in the hand. She gave me a speech, and I declared that we would finish our tryst, in hopes of my dying on her, and if I survived we would have dinner with Doc. She did not end up pinned under my lifeless body and Doc declared, on the TGI Friday’s parking lot that my heart was fine but I had torn rib muscles and carpel tunnel.
My EKG has ever after been administered by the lusty ladies in my life, with me hopeful of dying on the examination table.
The point is, to me, living is something opposite of passively trying not to die by bowing before the priesthood of medicine who in fact run death factories and specialize in poisoning us with their witchery.
At Ocean City, while the spheres sang in my head, as I prepped to be my brother’s best man at his wedding, it occurred that his darling mother-in-law to be, quite the doll who I spent as much time drinking with and playing cards with as possible, had come down with the Dread Minus. She had been vaxxed and boosted, just like my other family members who had been vaxxed and boosted and were still catching The Vid.
I sat on the couch writing Writ Hate as Tony called a meeting and decided to close the wedding to people who had not yet arrived and been exposed. Exposed vaxxed people and some unvaxxed did come down with the plague. No one died or was hospitalized. Still, we are told that Death stalks us in the breath and touch of our loved ones. For the coven of the Doctors lie, children as they are of The Deceiver. The fine lady felt terrible. Testing kits were pulled out of The Vid survival pack my Brother-in-Law carries. I was asked if I wanted to be tested and responded:
“Science is fake, medicine is fake—I believe in angels and demons.”
“Ookaay!” said my sister, convinced of my endearing insanity.
If I got The Vid, my Guardian Angel ate it. Many of the rest got sick and my brother was really worried about me with my extensive history of lung ailments, and sent me a text on his honeymoon, so I called him back after leaving the ocean as he worried about my health and declared, “Bro, I’m fine, drank a fifth of whiskey and three cases of beer—nothing can survive in my blood stream: and I boxed with the Brick Mouse; I’m good, enjoy that beautiful bride.”
In short, as a novelist and historical inquirer and experiental journalist, I dedicate myself to locating and studying The ever shifting Seat of Evil in the Temporal World and its relationship to the Overworld. The Seat of Evil has varied in Time and Place, from military, to political, to religious and philosophical. Now, over these last three years, personally knowing 7 health care professionals, and knowing scores of people across the country who have been subjected to their care even as I have avoided their clutches, I have observed:
Our Earthly Masters occupy many seats of evil in the Assembly of The Damned. But just now, as I write and ponder my deteriorating health and vigor, I see that the throne among these seats of evil, that the dark pulpit of The Reaper, is in fact Modern Medicine.
I still hope to die embracing a sweet girl or stabbing a man-foe, though in probability will perish alone in a borrowed bed. My hope is that I am not ushered into the uncaring maw of Eternity by the fiendish enemies of humanity, who declare they are our healers but are in truth our masked death dealers. [1]
Write on, Allen. Loose another errant arrow into the Evil Eye of Man’s vile World!
-1. Do note, that the term Doctor is the root word of doctrine, indoctrinate and doctrinaire and that the task of the Doctor in early modern times was first and foremost the control of the mass mind through indoctrination of inflexible beliefs and was only latter generally attached to healing the body.
01.26.23   Ruben — Stunning stuff bro!!!
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‘Hallucinatiins While Awake’
Allen Wonders Why the Crackpot Does Not Seek Medical Help: Utah, 8/18/2022
“James, being an aspiring writer I do follow your work with an eye on increasing my own output. I read your writing journals with curiosity. Over the past years I have read many entries about eye seizures, which seem to have been brought under control, notes on vertigo and a ringing in your ears. It is useful for my purposes and apparently for you, to post rather intimate accounts of your waxing and waning health, boxing, drinking too much and physical activity. Your prolific level is so far above the rest of us that you bear study by other writers.
“That said, and knowing it improbably that a person who renders characters in fiction with such empathy is not sensitive to his own condition, shouldn’t you seek medical attention?”
-Allen, Via Multiple texts to Flop the Zero Phone, 8/12/2022
Dear Allen, good luck with your writing. I am superstitious, increasingly so as I dotter on into decrepitude. I do omit much of my physical condition. I have not been noting when I see shadows of darkness during the day or in well lit spaces at night out of the corner of my eye. I have omitted the fact that my inner ears ring loudly almost every day for two years now, and sometimes combines with vertigo. It did note in June that I had “hallucinations while awake.” My sleeping life is a field of nightmare and self-doubting insecurities about the decisions of yesterday and tomorrow.
As I sit here this morning in Bob and Deb’s basement guestroom, my inner mind rings like a cross between a waterfall, the echo of the tides in a sea shell and the power outage alarm in commercial buildings. I used this condition in a novel, Writ Hate, while the condition was intense. I have used my eye problems in Night Song of the Nords/Eye of the Dictor, Ranger? And Uprising.
This summer my online computer and both of my phones failed, cutting me out of much of my habitual communications, such as this. In fact, I am recalling your texts from memory as the phone you sent them to died. I messaged by skype to my editor that I take these collectively as signs from God that I should isolate and write something deeper and better than I have. I have been bucking against the slave-driving muse monkey on my back, trying to get lost in history and simply write the easiest novel outlines, having balked in fear of failure over writing Of Ichor and War, which I outlined over a year ago.
My chief concern is writing, the reason I have consented to remain among the living. That concern became my only driving factor on December 11 2017. I had previously been writing a lot and better and was still staying close to family if in poverty so that I could be there for my sons who were well on their own and my sister and mother and two girlfriends and little Emma and my grandchildren. Of some hundred LaFonds, Kerns, Baringers and Quades I was the last of our kind to remain in our ancestral city. That night two pair of muggers set their sights on me. I nearly went to prison over the first two and then, the second two, giant Bantu twins, decided at the last moment that I was not worth burning a calorie, that I was the fish to foul to eat.
Shaken, with a torn hip rotator, getting fat, suffering from two small hernias and having both knees within 6 months of fully torn meniscus according to Doc Dread, I hobbled to work and quit. Then, I found glory at the desk, writing and writing for three days straight as I alternately drank coffee and whiskey.
I lost four hours in what doctors said was a sleep seizure. My nose in 7 pieces and on the wrong side of my face, while awaiting reconstructive surgery I came back to the room I rented and looked at the scene, the dried blood, all over, the numerous signs that I passed out cold face down in my blood and then rose again and smashed my face and clawed my way towards a mattress on the floor which I never attained. It looked like a demon had attacked me. But, only my hand prints were visible.
I think it was an attack from Beyond a punishment for my hubris and my writing. I have since sought to maintain only enough physical health to continue writing and also sparring with my fighters. I see myself as an undead creature writing a parting journal to the unborn. My sense of autonomy and agency were crushed by my failure to maintain residency in my home town due to lack of vigor and combat ability and was compounded by the attack two or three nights later. I try to maintain my health mostly to prevent opening that demonic door within.
But I listen attentively to the echoes and chitterings from beyond, the ringing in my head, the streaking shadows that never stand for a direct view, the waking hallucinations. I ma blessed to write about such things authentically from experience even as I am cursed to diminish in those very facets that attained a fractional autonomy in the face of the soul-devouring world that hates, not just me, but you, hates us forever and anew for the words that we try to honestly work into deeper meaning.
I had some very close conversations about writing with the excellent novelist Andrew Edwards, Andrew practices a higher version of the novelist’s art than I do, who am largely content with pulpish adventures. You see where I am, concerning the physical health, its subservient and not a priority in and of itself. However, knowing that readers care about the plight of this writer, I will spend a second passage on my recent health history and why I have turned away from medicine in favor of cryptotheology, in:
Engaging the World from the Mechanism of Functional Insanity
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‘The Word American’
Yeti Waters and the Crackpot Discuss American Ineptitude: 8/15/2022
The following email was copied in Baltimore on August 5 and answered in Utah on August 15.
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Drunk Again 8/4/2022
Killing time at the bar, study of human nature.  Soft ass negros from the west side look at you tough, face tattoos and inherited menace.  All show.  Upon inspection they're named Josh and Brandon, meek and polite when it serves them.  Symptom of their generation.  Everything is all show. 
[The soft effeminacy of the young black man of today is outrageous in contrast to the hard negroes of my youth. Part of it is the fact that most American blacks under 30 are half European, washed out and losing their instincts. At the same time, the big part of this emasculation is media coverage that teaches:
-1. That black men should be gay and black women should be trannies with lighter-skinned lesbian mates. The billbaords and bus signage in Baltimore is explicitly targeting blacks for transgender politics and they have proved to be highly susceptible to media gaslighting.
-2. Almost all HIV medication commercials focus on gay black men.
-3. The social justice politics that swirls at the center of the American social sewer places black men without agency, as nothing but victims of white men, even as black women continue to hold all of the cards in black relationships, which drives the following emasculating dynamic...
 4. Since USG placed all domestic authority and financial access in the hands of black women over black men, who have literally been barred from black families since 1965, then a black man can only behave like a man as the mate of a white woman. This leaves the black man-child at the mercy of the lone parent least qualified to raise a boy to manhood and most qualified to emasculate a youth—the white woman, queen of the world, who produces sons that may be only psychos and sissies. A black woman will at least insist that her son commit violence, on his own behalf or hers, while the white woman teaches him to kneel.]
New "yard management system" at work.  (I'm back moving trailers at the warehouse again.)  Oops.  Not called trailers anymore.  They are called "assets". (What's that make me?) 
[Hamslice, that makes you a Human Resource, which, to the hallowed American system, is less important than the assets it is temporarily charged with moving around until remote systems are developed.]
Imagine if a carpenter had to take commands from a handheld computer, and hit a button for every nail he struck, then take a computer generated command for the next one.  The modern philosophy is that taking all control, thought, and initiative out of human hands and turning it over to computers will improve efficiency is a prevailing notion grounded in ignorance.  The people at the top have absolutely no clue how things actually work.  I won't bore you with the details of the yard management system.  
[Bro, this is the classic misreading of management by its human resources. You sound just like my conservative Trumper friends who believe that USG was designed to serve them, rather than exploit them. We are in a postmodern system that faces an existential threat (the sun cooling for the next 30 to 60 years) and an internal threat (7-plus billion human livestock, with a historic tendency towards violence). To survive, the system management need to cull our population by 75% in 30 years. The Vaxx is only killing 3 million a year. That will hopefully improve. The best way to kill a lot of people is through poor system management and starvation. I expect an engineered super-famine in nine years. Note that rich individuals are often associated with failed businesses, such as Trump. The American Corporate model favors the executive that skims, then bails as “his” venture fails. This is how wealth is funneled up the pyramid. What the system wants is to herd us into suburbs and cities and then turn the water off and watch us all die in three days.]
I have been happy in my role as an automaton, and do exactly what the system says, I regale in the system's failure. 
[The system is succeeding and you are a valuable part of its war on humanity!]
Unfortunately the people at the top are too deluded to acknowledge failure.  They have no concept of failure.  If there was any justice in this world my boss would be begging me for spare change out front of 7-11....but I digress.
[Failure does not apply to them, just to us and the phony businesses we operate for them. Every corporation is a FICTION. Your boss is being compensated for his denial of your access to the power structure. There is no justice and there is no common good, only good for the few and woe for the many. People like you who dream of justice and a greater good and making the world a better place, must not be permitted to gain power. The system is dedicated to killing your parents in an assisted living facility, of denying you access to unfunded liabilities like pensions and social security, taking your home and making certain that your children become sexless or homeless so that they can be denied the ability to reproduce.]
I cannot in good faith let my fellow drivers wait too long unpaid for their loads, and I don't like the idea that small town shoppers will not have milk or cheerios this week.  I walk a fine line. 
[All automatons do just that, function upon the straight and narrow way. This is a good place to conceal yourself, since you are an enemy of the system and that it hates you with a collective virulence that no single mind can replicate.]
It is just another symptom of the staggering incompetence we will all be forced to reckon with sooner than we'd like.  It won't be inflation or Chinese rockets that end this show.  It will be the sheer ineptitude of Americans.
[The ineptitude of Americans to realize that USG hates them and that Corporate Postmodernism is dedicated to dine upon their bodies, hopes and souls...bro, this is working like a charm. Brill Yates and Hefe Heyjuz are smiling.]
History will have her way with us.  Just as the word "byzantine" has a meaning, the word "american" will too. 
[I really like this, extracting for the title.]
Hope you're doing well.  I ditched Ms. (redacted piece of fine ass) finally realized that I'm better off alone.  Hence the bar. 
[It is a shame that some old Yeti kin had not advised you to manage a stable of 3-to-5 hefers. The bytches will keep each other at bay. 2 steady girls, no more than 2 visits a week each, and a monthly girl from out of town, with the fourth slot open for skank of the week, like that pretty brunette slut with the giant tits that played black jack with us and flatly demanded that you bone her as I was excusing myself, one of those every other week will live things up and the regular bytches will smell her on you and tow the line with more adore.]
As long as the sun sets in the west, and the rivers run cold, old Yeti Waters is gonna stick with the SE Portland skanks.  Thank God my kids weren't raised on the Westside. 
Yeti Waters
Big Man, I have come to the conclusion that I do not despise USG. It is the best at doing what governments have always done. What I hate is Americans, who think that USG is a staggeringly incompetent megaslave that somehow always fails to serve its many minimasters when it always serves its corporate shadow masters. Americans are pathetic civic ciphers who worship their own lack of agency through the polar cults of Patriotism and Social Justice, which both rotate along the false axis of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
A brutal axiom of Olden Times was that “People should know that they are ruled.”
The nefarious axiom of Modern Times is that “People should think that they rule.”
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Remasking the Herd
Crux Cross and the Crackpot Discuss the Unmasking of Mastery: 8/15/2022
Email Received August 5, Baltimore, answered August 15 2022
This pertains to city-state-fed other employees agents only. Some persistent mask usage among regular people but I didn't survey.
The notable thing to me was the complete lack of masks on State Troopers (2 sighted) and NYPD (think more than 2 sighted but noted only 2) and near total lack of masks on LIRR agents _in the station_. Only but one agent, an afro-american behind a counter, even wore a mask, and that agent was doing the chin mouth thing (presumably free nose breathing). 
[Also, did not see any national guard soldier types. But, I should also say that the whole basis of this post is that it didn't occur to me until I saw the chin strapped counter employee that, whoa, almost zero masking among gov employees.]
[Further possibly immaterial comment: the two state troopers: one a cute euro am female blonde; the other a young maybe 6' 2" euro am male—and not big, like not a compensatorily tall guy. Hey maybe there were other guys in other corridors or it was a shift change or something but I got the impression that the overall policing 'coverage' package was different, reduced.]
So no full usage and almost no masks in sight amongst enforcement or enforcement aligned person's.
But then, on board they made that "still use" announcement, and the south Asian (guessing Hindu Indian) was fully masked up. 
Today, afternoon outbound LIRR train.
Hope all's well,
Sir, as I made my outro from Baltimore, mask usage had doubled from July 31 through August 5. Transit employees were once again fully masked and the billboards, signage and TV commercials were promoting masking up as a way to regain freedom.
In Pennsylvania from August 6 through 11 we returned to what you describe, no government employees masking and only the most fearful and slavish members of the herd masking. Note that the following trends held for Chicago and on the train through the Great Plains and Rockies. Mask slaves were:
-Professional class blacks
-Working class blacks with chin worn mask
-Some families of upscale whites, engaged in plague surfing paranoia, such as Dad, Mom and children using the same woman’s room and guarding the door, operating switches with elbows, etc.
-Lone cat women, sterile spinsters and unattractive white women.
-Lone, atomized, low status white men in middle age.
Law enforcement and government officials and strikingly attractive women never wear masks, ever, except for low ranking black female employees.
Note that during this trip, was the first time since December of 2019 that Amtrak was used for vacationing families, most of whom had never used the train for this. For the two plague years Amtrak was a job relocation and housing displacement service, with most passengers alone.
Plague paranoia has found its way into the new travel model, with families and sleeper class patrons enjoying high social status and lone coach passengers being treated like shunned subhumans by the families, and pointedly so by the Amtrak personnel. A lone traveler, such as myself, especially if a paleface male, will be moved by conductors at least once, to make room for cohesive family seating. I make it a habit, that when not assigned a seat, to get the worst seat at the head of the car where there is no table and the door light shines all night. The conductors go out of their way to give special consideration and priority service to blacks over all others. This is a marked continuation of the March 2022 Amtrak policy of demanding that all passengers but blacks and Amish mask.
Amish presence on the train is expanding to a dominant level, with up to a third of a given car being Amish. The higher social status of blacks and the high proportions of Amish make it apparent that whatever social control measures are used by Amtrak in the future will not be applied to these groups with the fervor that they will be applied to we proles.
Example: We had a very attractive black couple next to me who demanded and got removal from the back car, for it was beneath their status to be seated in the last coach on the train. As the conductors heard their case, the assistant conductor, Joe, who comes from a law enforcement family out of Delaware, eye fucked me, daring me to object to the assignment of race-based seating while his boss Carson promised to be a good servant to the Kangly Class.
At the same time, the dark, black female coach attendant, who was continually addressed like a subhuman servant by the beautiful, lighter skinned female Quean, kept defending herself as not assigning seats as a power play. She said, repeatedly, “It is not about control.” This, of course, underlines that her entire job is about control and must be, with 300 passengers being conducted by 3 attendants and 2 conductors. Such social control odds will place the government functionaries in a position to have to grant favor to large cohesive groups, like the Amish, traveling as extended families, and to blacks, who have supra-moral authority across the Western World.
I did speak with the Golden Skinned Kang about how the train was operated so that he could better provide for the many needs of his imperious Quean. And he did seem tolerant of my low status information, even as she was visibly repelled by the spectacle of her Gawdly Kang stooping so low as to consider the advice of a mere savage.
The low status women [whites] traveling alone, did on three occasions seek me out as a guide and protector, having discovered over two days that families, Amish and blacks held all of the attention of the government employees and that we atomized ghosts could expect no explanations of the service, such as where to offload.
More homelessness was evident in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Salt Lake City, with a reduced police presence in all three locations. The Police in Chicago assigned to the station were reduced to 25% of staff. I overheard the supervising officer saying he could not get officers to fill the shift even to half. Announcements that it was unsafe for Amtrak passengers to leave the Chicago station, had returned since the first time since the Miracle Mile was looted in summer 2020. Police coverage in Denver was also at 25%. This and the behavior of the various government officials leads me to suspect that since the vast majority of homeless, who break laws and cause problems by their very presence, are white and alone, that lone white folk have been slotted as the enemy of America.
I would suggest, that for paleface survival by loners, widows, divorcees, laid off workers, hobos and other Caucasian losers that a counterfeit “family” network be created, that loners pretend to be brothers and sisters, fiancees, bonded homosexual pairs and such, as these groups enjoy the service of the government and actual loners of European descent are targeted as vermin by law officers and train conductors.
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Vetting Beyond The Pale
An Experiment in Self Publishing:9/24/2022
-6. Beyond the Pale
The Seven Fantastic Heresies of Heshman Shew Mote
2021, 28,305 words, graphic in hand
Reader/Editor: the Graphomaniac
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
No work of mine has taken longer to finish then Beyond the Pale, which took a full decade to write. This tale is a combination of my most empathetic character development and most disappointing plot trajectory, with two of the three readers experiencing actual distress over the terminus of the story arc.
Page 15: removed an extra ‘a’
Page 16: corrected ‘Christendom’
Page 19: kneeled to knelt
Page 22: I have retained the long, florid sentence structure, as fitting to the subject. Insert ‘of’ between both and them,
Page 23: or worship to of worship
Page 24: never to ‘knew in his…’
Page 25: make paragraph break
Page 31: capitalized Time, arm to arms,
Page 32: her ad to he had, idetic to eidetic, insert come between Savior and before
Page 35: joyess to joyless
Page 38: best complex scene thus far
Lost correction record for 39-45.
The story of Pig Weed and the servants at the tollhouse was some of my better work I think.
Page 48: replace comma with colon at page top,
From page 50 of 114: I quite like this passage.
“Look, Madam Dear, up into the dome of the sphere. It is not real—it is for the meaty ones to fear. I will transfer the actual heavenly dance to you so that what you know is not what appears above in this heretic sky that is to us, in our Love, a lie.”
Removed a redundant “her.”
The artifice has drifted into technological Time, but the narrative has maintained a mythic chime. At page 50 I have attained agreement with this story, which I had utterly forgotten writing.
“In his mind's bell tower a fanatic voice of girlish brass sang, David, I so love the heretic sky!”
Page 51: removed redundant “the,” “boned” to “bones,” “the” to “that,” removed redundant “white,” space inserted between kinds and a
Page 52: confirmed to conformed
Page 53: and to an before unshakable, declaration of changed to declaration to, nation to notion of sainthood,
Page 54: insert a between is and spark, who to whose, kind to mind,
Page 55: insert ‘a’ between ever and creature, replace em with me twice, replace the with to before the
Page 56: italicized They will be taken, Florantine to Florentine, his for is, italicized Thank you, Ignatius, italicize They will, Ignatius. You should prepare.
Page 57: correct Reliquary,
Page 60: italicize last paragraph
Page 61: or oars to of oars
page 62: wood to would
Page 64: italicize What is a Tartar boy doing on this crusade to save the Christ from his own heathen kind?
Page 65: puzzles to puzzled
Page 66: replace flow with floor
Page 67: reduce space between a and start,
Page 71: David to David’s,
Page 73: glending to lending, a unique typo at least,
Page 74: reduced redundant a, capitalize Madam Three, remove his from before sword
Page 76: to field changed to the field,
Page 77: italicized Heshman—
Page 78: whack mole to whack-a-mole
Page 81: coldrons to cauldrons, waifers to wafers,
Page 83: a to am before among friends
Page 85: separated a from cousin, I had linked this story line to a science fiction series I did, having decided during the final draft that Beyond the Pale should be an internal, rather than an external fantasy.
Page 87: Bowie to scuba knife, this might be my most realistic knife fight, not to no,
Page 91: suprise to surprise, remove redundant and,
Page 95: no to now
The novel ends on page 95. It feels like a good story, perhaps too oblique in exposition for many readers. In many ways it is the most horrific horror story I have written, a dark fantasy, dreamed by an inmate of a grim dystopian realm, lived by its occupants with brutality, savagery, calculative malice, and, for one among their number an old Grace that this writer hopes never entirely abandons us in this scrap-made place.
This record of self-editing shall be placed on page 97 of Beyond the Pale, before the brief appendices of some articles written while the novel was composed, articles I will but briefly proof.
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A Tale of Ancient Oth
Copyright 2019 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Lynn Lockhart: Publisher
A Tribes Yarn
Dust Cover
Conductor Wyethstone has traveled to the depths of Foundation Seven in search of a dangerous heretic. With Foundation One and the other five pillars of Oth now lost to Time’s uncaring hand, Foundation Seven stands as the last Node of Generation, the last link to Man’s past, the residence of the last of Humanity’s seven Confessors. Will the Confessor hear his prayer and place him on the path to Conduction?
“They were not men who gathered for the charge,
But demons of a blood-black elder world.”
-Robert E. Howard, A Crown for A King
For Jakob the Apostate, my friendly Phane
Notes on Units of Measure
The origins of humanity on Oth are known to be identical and simultaneous, if not singular. The various nodes of Foundation, Conduction and Observation are thought to have played a role in the similarities of Othian languages and the general acceptance of human dimensions as units of measure.
Lineal space is measured according to:
-The Foot
-The Pace
-The March [a day’s travel on foot]
Vertical space and the dimensions of tools and devices are measured according to:
-The Nail [thickness of a man’s thumbnail
-The Knuckle [width of the middle one]
-The Hand [distance between the thumbnail and small fingernail of a spread hand]
-The Span [the distance between the fingertips of a man’s outstretched hands, generally equal to his height]
Depth is measured by the fathom, the height of a man, and the league, the distance to the horizon.
Foundation Seven 7
Confession 20
The Curtain Undrawn 37
The Path Untaken 47
The Stair Unclimbed 67
The Bridge Uncrossed 86
The Tree Unpicked 94
The Pit Unplumbed 109
The Word Unheard 134
Induction 141
Conduction 148
Foundation Seven
Awash in the Sea of Quam, rising from those tentacle-writhing waters at the girthy waist of the world, soar the heights of Foundation Seven, shear from the ivy-choked beaches, where Conductor Wyethstone tethered—or rather ordered it done—his zeppelin. It is impious to approach Foundation—and it being the distinction of Seven to be the last and only functional node of Foundation, its designation henceforth would simply be Foundation—any way other than the ancient stair. It being yet impossible to sail the waters of Quam, the very plant-life seizing any ship and holding it fast for the vines that feed on its pulp and the watery minds that feast upon the crew, one could only fly to Foundation. The zeppelin could not be tethered to the rocky glass beach lest the vines creep by night and pull the thing to ruin.
A hundred fathoms from the cliff face of Foundation, which glassy rock face cannot offer purchase to the life-drinking vines until they are broken by lightning, according to some foundational blessing, rises the Obelisk of Starfall, fifty fathoms high, rooted to the sea floor and of imperishable platinum. Here the majestic craft tethered, floating above the shinning eminence even as the many-tentacled sea heaved with famished curiosity, tasting the air for flesh, blood and soul. Other than downpours daily, this strange sea rested quietly, mirror to lazy cumulus clouds and restless thunderclouds in their vary-layered stacks.
A hundred fathoms long hung the Pontific Bridge, made of countless links of inorganic meltwood [1] set with planks of wood carved from the forests above. For 200 fathoms above the stair climbed, zigzagging up the black rock face, through the hanging canopy of cloud, above the misty cling of the breath of Quam—the sea which exhales death in the form of rain’s breath—in tier upon switchback tier of glassy steps, a span broad and a span deep, yet only a hand high. Despite the easy incline the stairs were treacherous, being burned from volcanic glass by some long-forgotten art. An acolyte had fallen to his doom and all watched in horror from among the clouds as he was gathered by the vines far below, his shattered form handed from one lithe vine to the next and swallowed by the slow-churning shallows.
The elder acolytes remained at the base of the stair, in the spacious monastery of smoked glass block, pierced by portals of opalescent looking glass. The Nine Reliquaries of Induction and the Holy Archives of light-scribed books in their compressed multitudes were kept by the automatonic monks there.
To further safeguard his return, his paladins remained at the top of the stair, where the Church of Fatefall glimmered in brass and platinum above the sheer obsidian cliffs, the Four Altars of Beginning kept by the automatonic priests and their bio-deacons, one altar for each of the Great Races of Man.
A march inland rose Foundation, as tall again as the island of volcanic glass it perched upon. The ramparts of the extinct volcano held in the earth and water that fed the body of the Forest Vale, before pooling and spilling over the east side of the glass caldera besides the Grand Church of Brass.
His personal guard of seven loyal men, shaven-headed stoics all, Disciples of Foundation to a man, accompanied him across the verdant, forested land, a forest that shaded pythons and tigers, aurochs and lions, apes and leopards, elephants and giraffe, all the most majestic beasts of the verdant habitat which remained around the waist of the world.
Foundation suggested the spire of the church supported by the sweeping buttresses of the cathedral, reaching for the very void beyond the sky, the void from whence it was said that all mankind descended.
Only a Conductor of Foundation might enter its confessional—since the kings of man had long ago ceased pleading their guilt at the silent confessionals of Oth. For only the confessional of Foundation Seven, the last living Node of Generation, remained to give voice to the Laws of Foundation, to hear the confessions of kings—and what kings might traverse the Soul Eating Sea of Quam in their miserable sailing ships?—and the reports of Conduction.
Therefore, only the Conductors of Foundation, yet seven in number, remained, though none resided at Foundation Seven, the Imperishable See which was designed to outlast humanity and shepherd its errant charges into Eternity, to a Netherworld Undreamed when Oth’s sun at last gave out.
On such grave business came Conductor Wyethstone. For the Eye of the World, faithless Ais, font of Lemurous Heretics had belched forth a being of mischief, a man aimed at the orderly heart of Foundation by the Accursed Conclave of the Covered Sea.
Powers disruptive to mankind’s limited consciousness had been unleashed among the Necropoli at World’s End suggesting hope where there should be faith, blood where there should be sweat, postulation where should reign resignation. A challenge to the system was afoot, heralding the call of the most powerful Champion of Conduction, not the eldest or most pious of The Seven Conductors of Oth, but its youngest, strongest and most vigorous defender.
So did the towering, armored, robed and upright form of Conductor Wyethstone, broad-shouldered and confident in the prime of a righteous life stride alone, to the stentorian clomp of his own Sathurhide boots, up the Stairs of Foundation Seven, through the Navel of Conduction and into the presence of the Confessor, the last potent strand of a mind that once spanned a galaxy and now sat in counsel to the strident will of the most pious representatives of a dying race.
Sathur are feral demi-humans of apish build with limited articulation and absence of literature, who sport tusks, are known to relish human flesh and harbor a great jealousy of the Human Condition, as favored by the Doctrine of Foundation.
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