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OCT/04/23 Techtardia Z
Boomer Retard Writer News
MAY/17/23 Trains And Disease
Two White Monkey Podcasts
MAY/16/23 InTheseGoingsDown
Mister Gray And The Crackpot Conversatin'
MAY/03/23 Revolution & Genocide
White Monkey Podcasts #2 & #3
APR/18/23 Revolution Throughout History
White Monkey Podcast #2
APR/02/23 The White Monkey
And The Crackpot: Podcast #1: With An Unfortunate And Unquotable Title: N...s Vs Africans
SEP/15/22 Old Podcasts
Discussing Audio-Crime With The Author Of The King Of All Things: 5/4/2022, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
JAN/13/22 Incognegro Periscope
A Conversation Between A Video Maker And A TV Hater: Dateline 11/9/21
OCT/19/21 Death Cast Down From The Proud Tower
James LaFond – Myth Of The 20th Century
OCT/12/21 A Silver Voice In The Darkness
Return Of The Crackpot—Dis Pale-Ass Negro Gotx Loose?
OCT/04/21 The Great War And Fantasy
The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #5
SEP/27/21 The Metaphysics Of Haft
The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #4: With Mister Grey Review From 9/28
SEP/20/21 Primordial Tribes
Pulp Renaissance Podcast #3
SEP/17/21 A Discussion Of Mythic Origins
Richard Barrett And James Discuss History, Myth And Fiction In Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #2
AUG/24/21 Young Richard And The Crackpot
The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #1
AUG/15/21 Monkey Lyre Thralldom
'Jack London's Discipline': Rusty Wants To Know If 1,000 Words A Day Is Good Writing Advice
JUL/13/21 Audio Knave
Is There Anymore Crackpot Podcasting Or Hobo Historicizing On The Whorizon?
MAY/08/21 History Of Poleese
David Wheeler Cues The Crackpot On PIGs
MAY/03/21 While We Were Away
A Podcast, An Audio-Chapter, A Novel And More Pulp Fiction Went Up
APR/23/21 Boomer Land
A Myth Of The 20th Century Listener Asks For A Crackpot Prediction
APR/17/21 Living Backstory
The Backstory To The Prophetic 2048 Novel Ghost Snatcher Is In Play And Discussed On Myth Of The 20th Century
APR/12/21 I Do Not Recall This
A Talk With Rusty About Knives It Seems
MAR/26/21 If The Moon Had A Voice
She Would Sound Like This: A New Podcast With Lynn Lockhart
FEB/22/21 Rusty And James As Victor Davis Hanson's Rent Id
Savior Generals Discussion Cuing Off Of The Eminent Historian's Work
FEB/16/21 Old School Dystopia Scifi
Rusty And The Crackpot Discuss Rollerball And Other Classic Science-Fiction Movies
FEB/05/21 All Things Pulp Fiction
Rusty And Richard Barrett With The Cracked Pottery
JAN/29/21 Ancient And Modern Combat Part 2
Rusty And The Crackpot Continue The Discussion On Human Concussion
JAN/28/21 Fire And Vice
The Rude Crackpot And A Noble Аrуаn Discuss Health, Correspondence And Blog Posts
JAN/27/21 Myth Of The 20th Century
Nick Mason, Hans Lander, Adam Smith And James Discuss A Book That Got The Author Killed
JAN/22/21 Ancient Athletics
Rusty And The Crackpot Discuss Arete And Agonistics
JAN/18/21 Police State
Rusty And The Crackpot Discuss Da Poleese On Rusty Vignettes
JAN/12/21 Rusty Vignettes Outlines
The Crackpot Offers A Dozen Worm-Holes Into The Collective Souls Past
JAN/12/21 Rusty And James
A Wide-Ranging Historical Discussion With An Audio-Historian
JAN/06/21 Rusty Vignettes
The Crackpot Will Be On A History Podcast Soon
DEC/16/20 The Last Pirate
How Can A Listener Get Invited Onto The Crackpot Podcast?
NOV/03/20 If I Cannot Rationalize It
It Cannot Exist: Crackpot Podcast 085
SEP/07/20 About Writing #1
Crackpot Podcast News
SEP/01/20 Into Ruin
Plynimbus Cues The Crackpot On The Fate Of Civilization
AUG/28/20 More Waking Up In Indian Country
On Bitchute With The Myth Of The 20th Century
AUG/27/20 Waking Up In Indian Country
A Discussion With Adam, Hans And Nick Of The Myth Of The 20th Century
AUG/22/20 Lost Podcast
Crackpot Podcast #84
AUG/08/20 Mudshark Metaphysics
The Mechanics Of Bitch Trust And The Lords Of Dusk
AUG/05/20 Book Store Tours
Winter 2020 Publishing Podcasts
JUL/14/20 Scarecrows & Fake Meat
Crackpot Podcast #82
JUL/02/20 Hobo History: Episode 1
A New You Tube Channel
JUN/02/20 Crackpot Podcast #80
With Podcast News
MAY/23/20 079 Platonic Crackpotism
Fighting And Homeschooling Crackpot Podcast
MAY/01/20 Asian Granny To Suleimani
078 Crackpot Podcast
APR/27/20 Crackpot Kwaranteen Violation
Third Rail News
APR/24/20 With The Myth Of The 20th Century
And The Red-Face-Island War
APR/23/20 The Third Rail
A Third Ride On The Dissident Railroad With The Big-Brained Nimbus Crew
APR/12/20 ‘Purchasing An Authentic Identity’
Crackpot Podcast #77: A Fine Young Man Speaks With The Silver-Tongued Lady And The Plutonium-Tongued Crackpot
MAR/05/20 The Knee-Brace
Crackpot Podcast #76
FEB/14/20 Ebony And Ivory Deviltry
His Elemental Opaqueness Graces The Crackpot Podcast
FEB/05/20 Abominable China
Crackpot Podcast #74
JAN/24/20 Adam Smith, Neanderthal, WQ
Crackpot Podcast #73: Adam Smith Author Of Exit Strategy
JAN/13/20 The DQ
Crackpot Podcast #72
JAN/02/20 Barber Beer Boxing
Crackpot Podcast 71
JAN/02/20 On Barbarism
Crackpot Mailbox: Viking Age Barbarian And LaFond Considering Our Anti-Frailing Nature
DEC/22/19 Paleface Hoodrat As A Bond Villain?
Cracked Pottery Curated And Available For Inspection On The Third Rail
DEC/21/19 'Point Or Edge Dominant?'
Crackpot Mailbox: TheAmericanDagda And The Fractured Murican Amphora Discuss The American Dagger
DEC/20/19 Borzoi To The Techtard Rescue
Your Link To Following The 10:00 AM, 12/21/19 Conversation
DEC/20/19 The Third Rail
The Crackpot Will Be Hosted By Borzoi Boskovic And Another Worthy 10 AM EST, Saturday, 12/21/19
DEC/17/19 The Pain Scale
Crackpot Podcast #70
DEC/06/19 'Gospel Hour'
Crackpot Mailbox: C8, Bryce Sharper, Thawtcriminowitz And James Discuss Masculinity Rising
DEC/05/19 Two Palefaces In The Night
Dennis Dale And The Fractured Amphora Chew The Apocalyptic Phat For About 4 Hours
DEC/05/19 Catholic Kulcher
An Interview From The Ghetto
DEC/03/19 Rain Check With Dennis Dale
Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 9:00 PM Leased Coast Time, 6:00 PM Bereft Coast Time
DEC/01/19 How A Podcast Is Gestated
Crackpot Mailbox: Oikos Catholic Communes With Cracked Pottery Across The Graveyard Of Souls
NOV/30/19 Livestream Tonight With Dennis Dale
Crackpot Mailbox: Midnight Leasedern Time 9:00 PM Leftoid Time
NOV/28/19 Sarah, A Little Militant In My Heart
Crackpot Podcast 69 & Hijas De Su Madre
NOV/15/19 Crackpot Podcast 68
Hell Yes Beto Crackpot Podcast & Declining Virulence Of Tyranny
OCT/31/19 Dark Kangdom Drawing
Notes From The Crackpot's Return To Harm Citay And Invitation To This Year's Murderbowl Drawing
OCT/28/19 Ishmael Returns Crackpot Podcast
Crackpot Podcast 67
OCT/20/19 Buried News
Crackpot Podcast 066
OCT/09/19 Rick Wayne
065 Crackpot Podcast
SEP/25/19 Starter Pack
064 Crackpot Podcast
SEP/08/19 Doctor Dread
Crackpot Podcast 63 Is Up
AUG/31/19 Lloyd De Jongh
Crackpot Podcast 62
AUG/23/19 Grocery Apocalypse
Crackpot Podcast 61
AUG/12/19 Mister Grey
Crackpot Podcast 60
AUG/03/19 Big Ron
Crackpot Podcast 59
JUL/24/19 With The Myth Of The 20th Century Crew
Episode 130: Return-of-champions-fighting-for-territory-in-the-ruins-of-civilization
JUL/24/19 5D Bender
Erin Samaritan On The Raritan Rescues Humpty Grunty From The Base Of The Techtard Wall On The Overton Railroad
JUL/17/19 This Is America
Crackpot Podcast 58
JUL/08/19 'In The Coming Years Or Decades'
Unearthed Crackpotn At The Sanitarium
JUN/03/19 Pretty Fat Girls
Crackpot Podcast #56
MAY/07/19 Cluster
Crackpot Podcast 55
APR/12/19 Wild Stevedore Jackson
Crackpot Podcast - 54
APR/04/19 Man Bites Dog Archives
Crackpot Podcasts: Mister Bob, Jeremy And Luther Of The Shadows
APR/04/19 Trying Not To Be Too Big An Asshole
And Failing On Midnight Movie Cowboys
MAR/28/19 An Erased African American Hero
Holt Collier – Slave, Confederate Soldier, Ninth Texas Calvary Man, Outdoorsman, Cowboy, And Hunter
MAR/23/19 Midnight Movie Cowboys
A Movie Nerd Martial Artist Whose Favorite Boxer Is Marvin Hagler Wants To Talk To Me—Hells Yes!
MAR/19/19 Cracker-Boy IN PRINT!
Crackpot Podcast 53
MAR/17/19 Lunch With Dennis Dale
Speaking Of Many Unthinkable Things: Live Stream, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, About Noon, From Portland
MAR/04/19 System Become God
Crackpot Podcast 52
FEB/06/19 Servant Of Empire
Crackpot Podcast 51
JAN/30/19 The Crackpot Palace
Landing On Your Writing Feet Away From The Harm City Heat
JAN/22/19 Would You Be My Neighbor?
Working Class Journalist Dennis Dale To Do A Live Stream Café Interview With James LaFond: 1/23/19
Crackpot Podcast 50
JAN/07/19 Post Plantation Child Rearing
Crackpot Podcast 049
JAN/06/19 'Hugging'
The Crackpot Does A Video Book Review
JAN/02/19 Vlad Tepid
Crackpot Mailbox: Wants To Know What The Crackpot View On Human Mortality, Dignity And Heroism
DEC/18/18 Hello Again!
Crackpot Podcast 48
DEC/09/18 'Spewing Hate'
2 Woke 2 Fuck With Pat Dixon On A Ghostly Guilt Roundup
DEC/07/18 Radio Program Invitation
Crackpot Mailbox: Deanna Spingola Invites James To Appear On Her Republic Broadcasting Radio Show Saturday 12/8/18
NOV/22/18 Happy Thanksgiving
From The Myth Of The 20th Century
OCT/09/18 Plantation America
A Brief Video Of Caucasian Bondage In North America
OCT/08/18 Ire & Ice
Crackpot Podcast 046
OCT/01/18 045 Rail King
Crackpot Podcast
SEP/25/18 The Mighty Khan!
Crackpot Podcast 44
SEP/17/18 Summer Fiction
Crackpot Podcast 43
SEP/08/18 Do A Maneuver
Crackpot Podcast 42
Crackpot Podcast 41
AUG/12/18 Dissipation
Crackpot Podcast 40
JUL/30/18 Summer Plans
Crackpot Podcast 39
JUL/24/18 Nero The Pict
Crackpot Podcast Ep 38
JUN/25/18 Twerps, Goons And Meatshields
Crackpot Podcast Ep 37
JUN/21/18 The Shape Of Cracked Pottery To Come
Podcasting And Publishing News From The Ancient Crockery Itself

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CrackpotBookstore Tour - Masculinity Aug 4, 2020
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Crackpot81 Baruch & the Dostoevsky of Baltimore Jun 25, 2020
Crackpot80 Culinary Reparations May 28, 2020
Crackpot79 Platonic Crackpotism May 9, 2020
Crackpot78 Asian Granny to Suleimani Apr 30, 2020
Crackpot77 Alfredo, Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcake Apr 5, 2020
Crackpot76 The Knee Brace Mar 4, 2020
Author's Voice03 James LaFond The Author's Voice Sep 25, 2019
Author's Voice02 James LaFond The Author's Voice Sep 25, 2019
Author's Voice01 James LaFond The Author's Voice Sep 25, 2019
7 Novels About Protagonists Tossed on the Uncaring Seas of Fate: Sold, Cox & Swain, American Dreamboat, Little Feet Going Nowhere, Flood, Haft, Uprising, and bonus children's story Tamarno!
Upon The Earth Plantation America The Combat Space Harm City to Chicongo The Man Cave
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