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NOV/03/23 Tack Hammer Defense?
An Emergency Self-Defense Post For The Arkham Reporter: 10/31/23
OCT/04/23 Techtardia Z
Boomer Retard Writer News
SEP/13/23 Of Dogs And Men
Question On Masculinity Books
AUG/21/23 ‘A Modern Tragedy’
A Dialogue About ‘The Wider Public’ Delusion With A Plantation America Reader: 2/5/2023
AUG/08/23 ‘The Multitude’
Don Quotays And The Crackpot Discuss The Zman: 2/24/2023
AUG/07/23 Knucklehead In An Ether Cave
Remote Coaching Notes: 2/10/2023
JUL/27/23 Boxing Headgear
Paul Bingham Wants To Know What Kind To Use: 1/29/2023
The Atom Bomb With Lame Gaming News: 2/24/2023
JUL/13/23 Echoes In The Machine
Texts And Thoughts From Friends As The World Goes Mad: 11/2/ To 12/25/2022
JUN/30/23 Pedestrianism
Lynn Lockhart Cues The Crackpot On Walking: 1/10/2023
JUN/29/23 Gay Pageantry
Lynn Lockhart Wonders About Medieval Masculinity: 12/14/2022
JUN/27/23 Prosperity And Safety
Don Quotays And The Crackpot Discuss Society: 12/30/2022
JUN/26/23 The Shroud Of Aryas
DQ Discusses Crackpot Climatology: 12/29/2022
JUN/16/23 Wonk Polarity
The Systemic Metaphor Behind Seeker Cain: 12/22/2022
JUN/13/23 Taken
Mister Gray Wonders How LaFond Delivers Bad News: 12/14/2022
JUN/12/23 Surgery As A Transhumanism Portal
Lynn And James Discuss A Centerpiece Of American Occultism: 12/18/2022
JUN/09/23 ‘Cleanblood Cross Training’
Part 2: Nugguh Satarn Is Interested In Crackpot Sports Classifications: 12/26/2022
JUN/08/23 ‘Soy-Ciety’s Unending Gaslighting’
Part 1: Nugguh Satarn Is Interested In Crackpot Sports Classifications: 12/26/2022
JUN/07/23 Ritual
Teutonic Fist Cues The Crackpot On Organized Metaphysics: 12/29/2022
JUN/05/23 Paranoid
Trad Brad Cues The Crackpot On A Possible Grift: 1/6/2023
JUN/02/23 Pain Tolerance
Lynn Lockhart Cues The Crackpot On Pain And Fighting: 1/5/2023
MAY/31/23 ‘Functional Self-Protection’
Dragan Would Like The Crackpot Opinion On The Optimal Combat Skill Progression: 1/7/2022
MAY/30/23 ‘What Is Your Advice For A New Writer?’
Portland Joe Asks The Crackpot After Beating Him Up: 12/26/2022
MAY/29/23 Letters From The Inner Reaches
Final Dialogues With Readers: November & December 2022
MAY/26/23 Grappling The Knifer
Crackman Cues The Stabby Crackpot On Knife Defense: 12/29/2022
MAY/24/23 The Iron Dildo
Devil Dick Prompts The Crackpot On Pseudo-Masculine Negroidaltry: 12/29/2022
MAY/23/23 Dancing With The Dark
Conversations On Race From The Well Of The Damned: 11/6/2022
MAY/22/23 ‘Just Some Dumb Homeless Kids’
An Inspired Afterward To Jimmy: 12/3/2022
MAY/19/23 ‘The Honorable Thing’
Living With Honor In An Antitrust Society: 11/10/2022
MAY/18/23 Upon Kismet’s Tit
Is Leviathan Quitting Her Zombiecide Or Marking The Woetide?: 11/10/2022
MAY/17/23 The Name
Tales Of Domestic Use From Devil Dick 10.16: 11/11/2022
MAY/16/23 ‘Bodymore On Business’
Web Comment From Bryce Sharper 10.16
MAY/15/23 ‘Taking Hyphenated Names’
Five Guns West Offers More Infamy: 11/9/2022
MAY/12/23 ‘The NPC Soy Brigade’
10.04 From Teutonic Fist: 11/10/2022
MAY/11/23 ‘To Just Play The Game And Perish’
A Dialogue With Musician Barry Bliss: 12/3/2022
MAY/10/23 Your Black Master, Part 3 Of 3
A Discussion Of Race, Tolkien, War, Industry, Biology And Parasitism: 11/11/2022
MAY/09/23 ‘Did The Right Side Win’ Part 2 Of 3
A Discussion Of Race, Tolkien, War, Industry, Biology And Parasitism: 11/11/2022
MAY/08/23 ‘The Shield Of Achilles’ Part 1 Of 3
A Discussion Of Race, Tolkien, War, Industry, Biology And Parasitism: 11/11/2022
FEB/15/23 Pale Face?
A Readers Asks About The Plantation America Book: Paleface 10/3/2022
JAN/31/23 ‘Any Other Blade Instructors In Town?’
A Baltimore Operator Wants To Know Where To Find Escrima Instruction: 9/11/2022
JAN/30/23 Beyond The Fishbowl
An Exercise In Perspective For The Novelist: 9/1/2022
JAN/26/23 ‘Cryptotheology’
Engaging The World From The Mechanism Of Functional Insanity: Utah, 8/18/2022
JAN/25/23 ‘Hallucinatiins While Awake’
Allen Wonders Why The Crackpot Does Not Seek Medical Help: Utah, 8/18/2022
JAN/24/23 ‘The Word American’
Yeti Waters And The Crackpot Discuss American Ineptitude: 8/15/2022
JAN/23/23 Remasking The Herd
Crux Cross And The Crackpot Discuss The Unmasking Of Mastery: 8/15/2022
JAN/20/23 'Da Plague, Da Plague!'
Don Quotays Cues The Crackpot On The Shamclock With An Annochronistic Curse: 8/2/2022
JAN/19/23 ‘Staff Safety’
Jeth Randolph Discusses Private Retail Security With The Ghetto Grocer: 8/2/2022
JAN/18/23 ‘Starting Boxing And Grappling Together’
MC Revisits On The Road To Knucklehead Damascus: 8/2/2022
JAN/17/23 The Husband In Post Modernity
Teutonic Fist And The Crack Pot Revisit Slave Soldiering: 8/1/2022
JAN/16/23 'To Develop Warriors Of Character'
Bedford And Mistah Jimmy Discuss The Martial Virtues Of The Frisbee: 8/3/2022
JAN/13/23 Slave Soldiers
Teutonic Fists Cues The Crackpot On Why Grownups Suck—Forever: 7/20/2022
JAN/12/23 A Sunset Saga Review
7/15/2022: A Young Writer Discusses Early Crackpot Fiction
JAN/11/23 A Year In The Stew
Mister Grey, Don Quotays & JW Echo In The Machine: 7/15/2022, Baltimore
JAN/10/23 Dear Mistah Jimmy
WEF Discusses Table Top Gaming And Demographic Shaming: 7/15/2022
DEC/30/22 Bodega Butcher
Crux Cross Cues The Crackpot On His Latino Spirit Animal: 7/15/2022
DEC/29/22 Hunting Feral Meat-Puppets
Yeti Waters Discusses Surfing The Urban Apocalypse: 7/15/2022: Part 2
DEC/28/22 When The Wrong Thing Feels Right
Yeti Waters Discusses Surfing The Urban Apocalypse: 7/15/2022: Part 1
DEC/27/22 Being Predated
Marius Quizzes James On Knife Use Against Adult Bullies: 8/2/2022
DEC/26/22 Becoming The Inner Dark
Adult Bullying Part 3 Of 3
DEC/23/22 Finding The Inner Dark
Adult Bullying Part 2 Of 3
DEC/22/22 The Eaters Bark
Adult Bullying Part 1 Of 3
DEC/03/22 Ferality
Crux Cross On Crime And MC On Training: 12/3/2022
DEC/03/22 Closing The Crackpot Mailbox
Announcing The End Of Self-Help Writing: 11/9/2022
SEP/23/22 Superstitious Bumpkins In An Open Carry Town
A Discussion Of Plantation America Origins And Destination: 5/29/22
SEP/22/22 Math Is Hard
A Look At Transhumanism Through Homos And Bimbos: 5/22/2022
SEP/21/22 Petty Lords
A Reader Asks For Plantation America Primary Sources: 5/23/22
SEP/20/22 'To Secure A Hard Copy'
CW From Baltimore Wants To Know How He Could Get A Physical Copy Of A Book From The Crackpot: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
SEP/16/22 Nicole
Corresponding With A British Babe About: Survival, Horses And Jeth Randolph: 5/4/2022
SEP/15/22 Old Podcasts
Discussing Audio-Crime With The Author Of The King Of All Things: 5/4/2022, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
SEP/14/22 MegaDomnicron Watch
Crux Cross And The Crackpot Discuss The Postmodern Funerary Cult: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 2
SEP/13/22 The Target Audience
Nicole The Brit And Don Quotays On Jeth Randolph's Urban Survival Method: 5/2/2022, Lancaster Pennsylvania
SEP/12/22 Yeti Season
Don Quotays And The Crackpot Discuss Gaia’s Frigid Season And The Grey God’s Return: 5/4/2022
JUL/18/22 Dialogues At Dusk
A Note To Email Correspondents: Baltimore City, 7/18/2022
JUL/12/22 Hannah Hatchet
Profiles Of Frontier Women: 4/15/2022, Missouri
JUL/11/22 Hunt The Rich
Banjo Sings The Song Of Violence And Han Silo Heralds The Deserved Fall: 4/14/2022
JUL/08/22 The Plantation Mindset Lives
Lynn Lockhart Prompts The Crackpot On The Bugperson Lineage: 4/10/2022, Missouri
JUL/07/22 As The World Turns
Clued Prompts The Crackpot On Dystopia Now: Missouri, 4/13/2022
JUL/06/22 The Brovid Jiveteen Waxx Chronicide
Viking Age Barbarian And British National Cue The Crackpot On The Bogus Plague Cure: 4/11/2022
JUL/05/22 Modeling Western Fantasy
Paul Bingham And The Crackpot Discuss Sorcerer! The Novel: 4/4/22, Denver
JUL/04/22 Ramshackle Musehouse
Notes On Developing Ideas For Nonfiction: Denver, Co, 4/4/2022
JUL/01/22 'Don’t You Love Your Life?’
Lana Sol And Dawn The Doll Discuss Hobo Journalism: 4/3/2022, Denver
JUN/30/22 Training New Warriors
A Christian Soldier Consults The Hoodrat Oracle: 4/4/2022 Denver
JUN/29/22 Forgiveness
Mister Grey Wonders About Our Most Lauded Quality: 3/29/22
JUN/28/22 No.Ass.Today.Oleg.
Musings On Fear News And Creep State Mind Control: 3/19/22
JUN/27/22 The Naked Exercises
And Notes On Video Reference Analysis, Coaching And Commentary: 3/15/22
JUN/24/22 The Bully
A Twitter Friend Of Lynn Needs Advice: 3/9/22
JUN/24/22 Andrew Edwards Interviews The Crackpot
Warhorse Podcast #31: An Affair Of Honor Part Two
JUN/23/22 ‘Baltimore?’
Will The Silverback Ivory Hoodrat Return To The Foe Den? 3/3/2020
JUN/22/22 ‘How Are Things In Portland?’
The Brick Mouse Wants To Know: 3/3/2020
JUN/21/22 Portland Joe & The Brick Mouse
Addressing Muscular Tightness And Back Spasms In Your Prime: 3/3/2022
JUN/20/22 How Retarded Is The Crackpot?
Follow Up To Words: 4/10/2022, Missouri
JUN/17/22 ‘Do You Visualize Words?’
The Mother Of A Learning Reader Wonders: 3/24/22
MAY/06/22 A Stable Of Mares
A Question Fielded From The Pasture Of Yore: 1/24/22
MAY/04/22 Rage Of Athena
Bio-Weapon Fallout Notes From A Mother: 2/15/22
MAY/03/22 Cheese Count
Some Supply Chain Notes On A Resource Yet To Be Targeted By The Elites: 2/15/22
MAY/02/22 Thought Police Beat
Discussing Neopolitics With Devil Dick: 2/25/22
APR/29/22 'A Graphic Novel'
Rolf Discusses Possible Plantation America Fiction With The Crackpot: 2/19/22
APR/28/22 When You’re Game
Buffalo Bob And The Crackpot Discuss Our Hunting: 2/11/22
APR/26/22 Biker Abatement
T-Rex Wonders Of The Advantage To A Motorcycle Helmet In Yeti-to-Yeti Combat: 2/15/22
APR/25/22 Documenting The Death Of America
Han Silo And Hoary Hobo Discuss Next Level Street-Fighting: 2/13/22
APR/22/22 Lie Of The Feeble
The Metaphysics Of Trashcanistan With Marius: 1/13/22 And 2/10/22
APR/21/22 Tactical Mask Police
Crux Cross And The Crackpot Discuss Viral Tyranny: 1/7-2/13/22
APR/20/22 ‘While You Are Still Engaged’
A Long Time Reader Writes In: 2/10/2022
APR/19/22 Brutality Beat
Harm City Correspondents Report In: 2/1-7/2022
APR/18/22 The Achillean Dilemma
Banjo And The Hobo Discuss The Plight Of The Maimed Hero: 2/13/22
APR/16/22 The Feedlot Of Souls
JW Cues The Crackpot On The Great Muzzle: 4/17/22
APR/15/22 Hobo Weapons
Viking Age Barbarian And The Sped Age Librarian Discuss Tools As Weapons: 2/21/22
APR/14/22 'Am I Doing This Right?'
A Way Overdue Crackpot Mailbox: 2/11/22
APR/13/22 Jump Rope?
Banjo Cues The Hobo On Skipping Rope: 2/13/22
APR/12/22 ‘Fat Ass Strippers’
Taboo Too Wishes Well For The Crackpot: 2/11/22
APR/11/22 Pacific Coast League
Yeti Waters And The Crackpot Discuss West Coast Crime: 1/12/22
APR/07/22 Chain Mail
Mister Grey Wonders About Iron Age Armor In The New Dark Age: 1/4/22
APR/06/22 Wargaming
Jack Man And The Crackpot Discuss Table Top War Gaming: 2/11/22
APR/05/22 Aging Runt Handbook
Ivan The Coachable Needs Some Advice On Limping On: 2/11/22
MAR/17/22 A Head In A Bucket
Jeremy Bentham Cues The Crackpot And Invokes The Khan
MAR/17/22 Harm Citay Fo Eva!
A Crackpot Mailbox Periscope: 3/16/22
FEB/26/22 'Time Holder'
Rick Wants To Know Who Came First, Zeus Or Jove
FEB/11/22 Experimental Combat Reconstruction
Portland Joe Cues The Crackpot On Lars Anderson: 12/30/21
FEB/10/22 Man In A Tinfoil Hat
A Gentleman With A Keen Rapier Discusses The Shoddy Logistics Of Our Haphazard Endtime With A Hoodrat In A Tinfoil Sombrero
FEB/09/22 Enforcement Fatigue Eve
Crux Cross On Big Snapple Mask Dynamics: 12/29/21

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