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JUN/07/22 The Mushroom Hunters
Notes On Access And Support In Post-Apocalyspic Murica: 2/12/22
JUN/06/22 The Burn
Confessions Of A Late Life Pyromaniac: Cascadia, 2/8/22
JUN/03/22 The Berm
Hoodrat Civil Engineering In The Shadow Of Satan: Cascadia, 2/8/22
JUN/02/22 Nutsy’s Mom
Profile Of A Postmodern Pioneer Woman: Cascadia, 2/8/22
JUN/01/22 Ditching
A Hoodrat Journal: 2/7/22, Cascadia
MAY/31/22 Evergreen
Impressions Of The Cascadian Woods: 1/29/22 Thru 2/7/22
MAY/30/22 Weird Critter Morning
Cascadia: January 31, 2022
MAY/24/22 ‘I Burn Fossil Fuel!’
One Man’s War On Hipster Highway: Seattle Area, 1/10/22
MAY/13/22 Goodness Grace Us
The Upside Of The Downside, Or Positives About Da Vid: 2/21/22
MAY/05/22 Back The Blew
Where Is American Civic Slavishness Headed?: 2/21/22
APR/20/22 ‘While You Are Still Engaged’
A Long Time Reader Writes In: 2/10/2022
APR/16/22 Into The Gaslight & Hobo Journal
Two Spring Travel Books Completed In April 2022: 4/16/22
APR/08/22 Dream Trace
On Musing Under Overthought In Novel:1/6/22
APR/04/22 Writing Sorcerer
Dateline 2/4/2022, Cascadia, Washington
MAR/10/22 'What Do You Keep In Your Pockets?'
Miss Emm Wonders What A Hobo Keeps On His Mobile Person: 11/2/21
FEB/24/22 ‘Your Many Horrible Books’
A Crackpot Crisis Of Dissent: 12/28/21
FEB/23/22 White Man’s Coffin
Part Two Of The Metaphysics Of LaFond Writing As Howard: 11/29/21
FEB/22/22 White Man’s Burden
Part One Of The Metaphysics Of LaFond Writing As Howard: 11/29/21
FEB/19/22 The Keel Of Time
Musings On The Ruination Of Good Fiction Under The American Lie: 12/1/21
FEB/17/22 On Fiction
Musings On Depicting Universal Reality: 12/15/21
FEB/12/22 Crackpot Movies?
Incognegro Cues The Crackpot On The Wheel Of Time And Fiction: 12/1/21
JAN/27/22 'You Called It'
Why Not Write To Sell?: Part 6, Near Future Science-Fiction: Dateline 11/10/21
JAN/26/22 This Design
Why Not Write To Sell? Part 5, The Reason For The Short Novel This Design Is Called Paisley
JAN/24/22 Nestor & Achilles In Homo NGO Land
Why Not Write To Sell? Part 4, Sunset Saga Spoiler
JAN/24/22 Under The Simp Hand
Why Not Write To Sell? Part 3, Sunset Saga Exposition
JAN/23/22 Of The Gimp Hand
Why Not Write To Sell? Part 2, Self Help And Journalism
JAN/22/22 In Uncle Sham's Shadow
Why Not Write To Sell? Part 1, History
JAN/04/22 'As Good As My Word'
A Dialogue With A Fellow Writer: Dateline 10/28-11/7/21
JAN/02/22 2021 Writing Report
And December 2021 Word Counts
JAN/01/22 Mind Hatch
The Forward To Blunders Of The Divisible World: 12/14/21
DEC/30/21 Dell And Jenn
A Utah State Forest: 9/29/21
DEC/29/21 'Do They Know?'
Three Old Men Discuss Women: 10/5/21
DEC/29/21 'Just A Tich'
Picking, Cleaning And Bottling With Deb And Bob: Dateline 9/21/21
DEC/28/21 Hop Along Helen
The Journal Of An Abused Chicken, Kamas Valley, Utah 9/22/21 To...
DEC/27/21 The Title
Considering The Header For Your Life's Work: Dateline 9/21/21
DEC/26/21 Aging With A Story
'How Is Your Fiction Reflective Of Your Changing Worldview?' Mister Grey Cues The Crackpot: 9/28/21
DEC/25/21 Michelle Of Ogden And Sylvia Of Nabbinggaol
Ogden, Utah, Riverside Golf Course Diner: 10:20 AM, Wednesday, September 15, 2021
DEC/23/21 What Enables Leviathan
Musings On Social Control
DEC/16/21 'Back To Their Turnip Field'
Teutonic Fist Cues The Cracked Pottery On The Indo-European Lottery
DEC/09/21 Techtard One To Boomer Control
The Crackpot Situation In The Second Year Of The Ascension Of Our Lord Floyd: 12/7/21
DEC/06/21 My Joyless Lips
Yeti Waters Communes With The Crackpot: Dateline 9/14/21
NOV/29/21 Keyless
Thursday, September, 2 2021
NOV/24/21 Pulp Fiction Podcast Topics
A Proposed Subject Outline From James LaFond To Richard Barrett: 9/2/21
NOV/23/21 Haft And Almuric In Print
New And Old Fiction Of The Brutal Type
OCT/27/21 Gamers Of Earth
Missive To The Nimbus-Brained Reader: 8/11/21
OCT/20/21 'I Think Of You'
Traveling Jeanie Discusses Travel With A Hobo
OCT/18/21 Afterchild
Sunday, 8/1/21, A Writing Exercise
OCT/05/21 Fractional Autonomy And Mortality
A Reader Wonders If The Crackpot Might Be Suicidal: 10/5/21
SEP/25/21 Jason
Lunch With A Fellow Writer: Carney, Baltimore County, MD, 1:30-3:30 P.M. 7/21/21
SEP/24/21 Beyond The Pale Complete
At 28,305 Words
SEP/18/21 Ocular Defamation
Is The Crackpot Going Blind Or Losing His Mind?
SEP/09/21 Bend Time Completed
An Overton Railroad Draft: #63 In The Unpublished Book List
SEP/09/21 A Wrong Time Ago Completed
An Overtone Railroad Draft: #62 In The Unpublished Book List
AUG/30/21 Peeper Reaper
Michael Collins And James Discuss A Writer's Eyes
AUG/15/21 Monkey Lyre Thralldom
'Jack London's Discipline': Rusty Wants To Know If 1,000 Words A Day Is Good Writing Advice
AUG/01/21 'Sleepy Head'
14 Pages In The Life Of A Gentle Soul
JUL/24/21 Traditional Publishing
Crackpot Response To What Seems The Only Legit Literary Agent In America
JUL/21/21 'Dere Goes Midal Urff'
The Most Reviled Science-Fiction Writer Tries His Rude Hand At High Fantasy
JUL/20/21 Anachronistic Publishing?
The Care And Kneading Of Your Pet Graphomaniac
JUL/18/21 Truescream Radio
Horror Semi-Serene: 6/30/21
MAY/15/21 Shadow Ban
'James, The Logic Of Steel And The Fighting Edge Are Listed Only As Used On Amazon?'
MAY/14/21 Lead Time Under The Gloomshine
Writing And Publication Notes From The Graphomaniac
MAY/07/21 'This Thing'
Science-Fiction Backstory Discussed By An Actual Science-Fiction Supporting Character
APR/19/21 In This Hat, He Believes:
The Crackpot Hobo Historian Living Out Of A Backpack Declares Social Justice Mommydarity—At Last!
APR/10/21 Hobo In The Hood
Nostalgia Bathing In The Meat-Puppet Metropolis That Spawned Me
MAR/28/21 Writing In Mordor
Spring Posting
MAR/21/21 Reality And Escapism
Discussing Herd Immunity To Reality In The Science-Fiction Setting With Electric Dan
MAR/07/21 Untangling Story Ideas
Brian Jewell Consults The Cracked Pottery On Writing Multiple Stories
MAR/07/21 Alien Abduction?
A Missive To The Readers From A California House Of Ill-Repute: Dateline 3/7/21
MAR/07/21 Uprising Completed 3/1/2021
A Wendigo Short Novel
FEB/22/21 On The Road Again
FEB/22/21 ‘True Science Fiction’
Brian Jewell And The Crackpot Discuss The Gaslit Night
FEB/22/21 ‘Cocked In Those Days’
Captain John Smith Parses The Crackpot’s Managed Decline
FEB/22/21 'Creativity Has Its Madnesses...'
Fire Wonders About The Compelled Writing Experience
FEB/22/21 'Hea Humbassa'
German Coffee Folk Music For Rebel Knell From Beowulf
FEB/21/21 Let The World Fend For Itself In Our E-store
Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View Of Urban Blight
FEB/18/21 Apathy Yore 2041
Backstory For Beyond Rainbow Bridge
FEB/14/21 Cube Completed
The Redaction Of Bronson Caan: A Novel Of 2121
FEB/13/21 Rebel Knell Cover
Notes To The Artist For The Cover Of The Most Politically Incorrect Novel In History
FEB/12/21 Rebel Knell Combatants
A Brief On The Composition Of CSA Task Force Baku, And Protagonists
FEB/06/21 Pre-Conditions For Axis Victory
A Science-Fiction Backstory Exercise For The World Of Rebel Knell And Hurt Stoker #2
FEB/04/21 What If The Germans Won WWII?
A Science-Fiction Backstory Exercise For The World Of Rebel Knell And Hurt Stoker #1
FEB/02/21 Battling Cerebral Sprawl
Author’s Notes On Retaining Historical Focus As A Novelist
JAN/30/21 Fire And Vice Completed
Soliloquy 2021: January
JAN/28/21 'Hold On Mr. LaFond, This One's Gonna Be Weird'
Beowulf And The Crackpot Discuss His Least-Read And Largest Work
JAN/28/21 Recommended Avoidance Reading
With Brian, The Man With A Known Name
JAN/25/21 Dream Eater
Backstory Notes For The Science-Fiction Novel About The Neanderthal Diaspora
JAN/25/21 All In
More Bad Thoughts In Print From The Crackpot Suppression Archive
JAN/22/21 Completed Beyond Rainbow Bridge
The Curious Afterlife Of Dandelion Machi
JAN/21/21 Soliloquy 5
Considering Suicide
JAN/18/21 ‘Preventing Misinformation’
Science-Fiction Notes On Life In Polytheistic America
JAN/08/21 Spitlord Approved
Four Overton Railroad Drafts In Print... I Spit You Not
JAN/08/21 Rich World
#5 Science-Fiction Predictions: The Face Of Post-Human America: 2030-33
JAN/07/21 Spit Lords Of Cuckmenistan
Why Conservatism Is A Trap And Patriotism Is A Lie In The Realistic Science Fiction Setting
JAN/01/21 Writing Inventory 2020
A Crackpot Completion Report With Goals For 2021
DEC/31/20 December 2020 Word Counts
Happy New Year And Thank You
DEC/31/20 Glitch World
#4 Science-Fiction Predictions: Ritualized Social Control: 2025-29
DEC/30/20 Wearing Wan
Missive To The Message Board
DEC/26/20 ‘A Far-Seeing Place’
On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft By Stephen King
DEC/24/20 Merry Christmas, Lynn
Addressing The Editorial Angel Of The Bored
DEC/24/20 Sensureship Intern Wanted
Dear Readers, The Cracked Pottery Needs A Hand
DEC/22/20 Soliloquy 2020 Completed
Science-Fiction Musings On The Possibilities Of Life Within The Machine: 12/2-22/202
DEC/22/20 Under The Eye Of Sauron
DEC/20/20 'Techno Corporate State?'
Devil Dick And The Crackpot Discuss Urban Futures
DEC/20/20 Darkest Eve
DEC/19/20 Prentice Dolphin Complete
A Science-Fiction Novella

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