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Little Sissy Things
The Pitfalls Of Style And Minutia In Weapon Arts
Man-Child Apocalypse & The Evils Of Charity
How To Combat Coercion Every Day Of Your Life
Banno's Boys
A Real Knife-Fighter's Legacy
The Microeconomics Of Wife-beating
Condoms, Marital Immolation, Ho-macking & Bitch-slapping
The Last Headbangers By Kevin Cook
The Insane Evolution Of America's Football Craze
Go Tell The Spartans
'Sorry Sir, Last Stands Are Now Being Handled By Social Services', With Hawaii Update
A Harm City Snapshot
'When God Died He Left Madonna In Charge'
No Man's Land By Jack Donovan
It's Unlocked!
Vigilance Versus Complacence
Harm City Courtship
One Man's Crocodilian Mating Strategy
Beyond The Garden Of Ishtar
Gilgamesh: A New English Version By Stephen Mitchell, For The Man Wary Of Emasculation
The Four Faces Of Cowardice
How Fear And Inaction Hamper Us All
The Last Man
The Upgrading Of Dwayne Munson
The Bro Train
On The Extinction Of Men
Genghis Khan’s Balls
Were You Bred For War? By Stefan Molyneux
When Your Helper Steals Your Tools
Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante Justine #1
When Your Helper Drives Your Truck Stoned
Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante Justine #2
Shaka Zulu’s Balls
The Royal Swazi Horn Dog’s Next Bride & The Origin Of Beauty Pageants
‘Letin’ The Trash Takeout The Trash’
A Fathers' Day Movie Idea: The Baytown Outlaws By Barry Battles
Why You Don’t Get Laid
Your Trojan Whorse: Appendix, Repossessing Your Manhood In A Woman’s World
The Ethics Of Stomping
The Violent Creed Of A Cowardly New World, Corrected And Annotated On 8/20/18
NOV/04/13 The Viking Hammerlock
Dark Age Dating Lore From Your Extraterrestrial Wingman
NOV/06/13 Holding Doors For Amazons
Notes From A World Beyond Gender
NOV/14/13 The Man Manifesto
Three Reasons Why Invasive Genitalia Does Not Equate To Effective Masculinity
NOV/18/13 Honor Among Men
Who Behaves More Honorably: Men, Women, Or Martial Artists?
NOV/20/13 ‘Still A Hamster’
The Bugs In Darwin: 11/8/13 By Fred Reed
DEC/07/13 ‘Excuse Me’
The Woman We Need
DEC/17/13 Wimp Of The Year
White Student Union By Vice
DEC/22/13 ‘I Am The Logical Conclusion’
Under The Nihil By Andy Nowicki
DEC/24/13 Heads Up He-man
Let's Not End Up Sharing A Cell With This Dude
DEC/30/13 'Michael Douglas Didn't Marry Me Either'
Welcome To The Man Cave
JAN/04/14 Mike Dawson & Dave Stewart
Welcome To The Man Cave
JAN/08/14 Virtius Maniples
Winter #2: The Shades Of Emeralda Ire: Anno Domini
JAN/13/14 ‘A Hideous Thing Came To Pass’
The Scarlet Citadel By Robert E. Howard
JAN/15/14 Dave The Twerp
Rudeness And The Extinction Of Men
JAN/20/14 White Howard
Time Out For A Manly Moment In The End Time
JAN/22/14 Hasti ‘Five Tooth’ Acine
Winter #3: The Shades Of Emeralda Ire: Anno Domini
JAN/31/14 Politically Correct Horror?
Academics As The Ultimate Horror
FEB/04/14 ‘From Hell’
Valhalla Rising By Nicolas Winding Refn & Roy Jacobsen, Starring Mads Mikkelsen
FEB/05/14 ‘This Is Evolution’
Thirteen By Joseph Freistuhler
FEB/07/14 Taboo You
Way Of The Terminal Man: Author’s Notebook #11
FEB/09/14 Conan The Husband
Age Of Conan Hyborian Adventures By Joshua Dysart
FEB/10/14 ‘The Primitive Math Of Violence’
The Way Of Men By Jack Donovan, The Most Important Book Of The 21st Century
FEB/14/14 The Gears In The Insanity Box
Embattled Hipster/Yuppies, Violent Blacks, A Shortage Of Rude Ethnic Whites, And Polite Latinos: Mayor O’Mama Help Us!
FEB/16/14 The Last Bookstore
A Brief Survey Of A Bookselling Layout
FEB/24/14 'Warning Barbed Wire'
The Criminal Manchild Under The Mommy State
FEB/26/14 James Anderson’s Son
A Short Defiant Life
FEB/28/14 ‘Pity The Last’
Lone Wolf And Cub #2: Pitiful Osue By Kazuo Koike And Goseki Kojima
MAR/04/14 ‘Action With Intent’
Blood Brotherhood And Other Rites Of Male Alliance By Nathan F. Miller And Jack Donovan
MAR/07/14 Pray Queen
Dissident Notes On Our Cyclic Delusions
MAR/21/14 ‘Martial Brothers’
On Growing Your Combat Clan
MAR/28/14 ‘In The Chinks Of Your World-Machine’
The Women Men Don’t See By Alice B. Sheldon
MAR/28/14 ‘Lips Like Wine’
The Pool Of The Black One By Robert E. Howard
APR/09/14 ‘Her Price Is Steel’
Outlaw Of Gor By John Norman
APR/09/14 When Your Outlaw Biker Buds Can’t Fight
Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante Justine
APR/11/14 ‘Wellsprings Of The Dangerous’
On Danger By Ernst Junger
APR/16/14 ‘No Running, No Jumping’
The War Against Boys By Christina Hoff Sommers
APR/22/14 Happily Ever Under
The Devolution Of The Hero
APR/23/14 When Heroes Fought
The Weekly Nonfiction Combat Serial
APR/28/14 Ping & Pang
The Literary Misogynist
MAY/05/14 ‘Hats In The Ring’
The Manly Art By Elliot J. Gorn
MAY/05/14 ‘A Man Among Men’
[Updated With Reader Notes] Crow Killer: The Saga Of Liver-Eating Johnson, By Raymond W. Thorp And Robert Bunker
MAY/07/14 Reading Masculine Sign
Addendum Notes On Masculine Alliance From The Upcoming Book Taboo You
MAY/08/14 Manginas Rising
Trying Not To Get Sucked Into The ‘Manosphere’ Circle Jerk
MAY/09/14 ‘The Riddle Of Steel’ & ‘Pagan Ideas’
Start The World #5: Deep Conan By Jack Donovan
MAY/13/14 Harm City Asylum
The Measure Of Our Racial Fantasia
MAY/23/14 Saturnalia Forever
Harm City Philosophy: A Ghetto Guide To Political Correctness
MAY/30/14 The Fifth Week
A Taste Of The End Time In Harm City
JUN/10/14 ‘The Gender Of Tortillas’
The Meanings Of Macho: Being A Man In Mexico City By Matthew C. Gutmann
JUN/11/14 ‘I’ll Always Be A Gringo’
Mighty White By Jack Donovan, A Point Of Departure Commentary
JUN/12/14 ‘Another Chance For Men’
Bridget Calls For Harm City Masculinity
JUN/12/14 ‘Standing Off’
Notes On Vigilance
JUN/13/14 Dinner With Ajay
The Bitch Factor In Tribalism
JUN/20/14 Not Getting Punched
A Man Question From Adam
JUN/26/14 ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’
SEAL Team Six By Howard E. Wasdin And Stephen Templin
JUN/26/14 ‘Look Son!’
A Man Question By From Brooklyn Shane
JUL/01/14 ‘Comfort Is The Death Of A Soul’
The Wolves Of Vinland Podcast With Jack Donovan And Paul Waggener
JUL/03/14 ‘Chief Social Oncologist Of The Republic’
The Funniest Fred Reed Article Of The Year
JUL/10/14 ‘Should I Identify Myself
As A Martial Artist?’: A Man Question From Blake
JUL/17/14 Worshipping In The Temple Of Ouch
Achieving Self-evolution Through Combat
JUL/18/14 Shadowboxing For Bare Knuckle
A Man Question From Brooklyn Shane
JUL/18/14 ‘Thug In Peace’
The ‘Feral Tribalism’ Aftermath Of A Cop Killing
JUL/18/14 ‘Was Bruce Lee The Baddest?’
A Man Question From Quin
JUL/20/14 Bruce Lee Versus Craig Myers
Addendum To Was Bruce Lee The Baddest?, And Rhee, Lee, Ali And Me
JUL/24/14 Thor Gets A Sex Change!?!
‘Thor Losers’ By Jim Goad, July 21, 2014, In Takimag
JUL/25/14 ‘Eighteen’
Five Minutes With Glenn
AUG/02/14 ‘Sci-fi Male Solipsism’
Beauties In Beast Mode: Why Are So Many Men Applauding Masculine Women? By Jack Donovan
AUG/05/14 Far Above The Mangina Sea
Bernard Hopkins Putting Asses In Seats And Bitches In Their Place!
AUG/08/14 ‘What Are You Looking At?’
How To Answer This Perennial Jerk Challenge: A Man Question From Alex In Athens
AUG/14/14 Survival Dating
The Hot Crazy Matrix: A Man's Guide To Women By Tactical Response
AUG/15/14 'Saving The World Sucks'
Robert E. Howard And Masculinity In Fiction
AUG/21/14 A Man Question From Craig
How Did George Benton’s Defensive Skills Compare To Today’s Boxers?
AUG/22/14 Four Ruthless Whores
An Excerpt From James' Upcoming Trilogy Of Misogynistic Masterpieces
AUG/24/14 ‘The Death Hug’s A-comin’’
Hell’s Belle’s: The Trailsman #277 By Jon Sharpe
SEP/04/14 A Win For Tribalism
The Global Corporatocracy Stubbs A Toe In The Amazon
SEP/10/14 ‘Those Husbands Have No Balls'
Mister Bob: Ethnographic Reflections On An Interesting Life [The Inspiration For T. Spoone Slickens]
SEP/15/14 ‘What About The Rest Of Us?’
A Man Question From Adam
SEP/15/14 ‘The Iron’
STW #8—Strength Beyond Strength By Jack Donovan
SEP/19/14 ‘I Want To Fight Professionally’
A Man Question From Oliver
SEP/22/14 Ray Ray Race Relations
A Note On Our Divisive Collective
SEP/22/14 ‘Pimp Slap Politics’
Understanding Feminist Blowback Among African Americans In Baltimore
SEP/28/14 ‘The Woman’
And You Brothers Thought It Was ‘The Man’, Oops! Jeremy Bentham Corrects The Tragic Disinformation Of The Oppressed
SEP/30/14 The Extreme Bachelor Pledge
Another Reason Not To Invite The Harm City Ethicist To Your Dinner Party: Updated For Your Trojan Whorse
OCT/03/14 ‘Behavior That’s Admired’
Beowulf: A New Verse Translation By Seamus Heaney
OCT/06/14 If Aliens Attacked...?
Two Woman To Man Questions From Sharon
OCT/07/14 How Do I Rate My Power?
A Man Question From Samuel
OCT/17/14 MMA And Honor
Understanding The Postmodern Paradigm In Physical Culture
OCT/24/14 In The Age Of Black Superman
The Mythology Of Might, White, Right & Russell Crowe As Jack The Ripper As Larry Flint As James Bond
OCT/28/14 ‘How Men Select Each Other’
"What Is Masculinity?" - An Introduction To The Way Of Men
OCT/29/14 American Woman
Gonna Get You Killed
OCT/31/14 ‘A Forest Dark’
Dante’s Inferno: Canto I
NOV/03/14 A Sign Of Lonely Times
The Third Eye #3: ‘All You Need Is Hand’
NOV/05/14 ‘Welcome To Manginastan’
The Third Eye #4: A Man Question From Andrew Metzger
NOV/05/14 'The Dark Heart Of The Tale’
Rusty Burke On Robert E. Howard, G. K. Chesterton, And Tradition, Sentiment And History In Fiction
NOV/07/14 The Pale Usher
Moby Dick #1: Impressions Of Herman Melville’s Transcendental Journey, Front Matter Through Chapter II
NOV/10/14 ‘A Higher Dimension Of Life’
Men Among The Ruins: Post-war Reflections Of A Radical Traditionalist By Julius Evola
NOV/12/14 ‘I Gave My Word’
No Country For Old Men By The Cohen Brothers
NOV/14/14 The Extinction Of Man
The Third Eye #8: A Science-Fiction Writer’s Case For Gendercide
NOV/18/14 Death In The Ring
A Man Question From Adam
NOV/26/14 An Email From A Real Man
A Big Game Hunter Dares The Crackpot Author To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

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