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Uncle Satan
2023's Travel Writing, Bad Opinions and Urban Blight Journalism
Uncle Satan

The author is stuck in the East preparing for post-life malingering. These journals represent the writing that life forced upon him: Winter Met, Spring Migration, Immediate Post-Life, Out of the Cookie
Winter Met
Observations and Impressions of The Pacific Northwest: December 21, 2022 – March 20, 2023
Spring Migration
A Hobo Writing Journal: March 20 thru May 31, 2023
Immediate Post-Life
Summer Spent in the Murkan Mid-Atlantic: May 30 thru July 14, 2023
Out of the Cookie
From Baltimore to the Pacific Northwest by Crutch, Train and Cane: 8/22 to 12/31/2023

Dust Cover from Spring Migration
The author, after having his final stick fights and boxing bouts, is stuck in the East preparing for post-life malingering via medical care. The following journal represents the writing that life forced upon that addled mind as it sought to only complete history and fiction projects.
Written under duress at the behest of some crueler muse.
For the Brickmouse, who has offered his nice house as a berth for the recovery of an unworthy sack of skin.
Inspirational Quote
“My Aunt, God rest her soul, was one of the good people. Me, I’m one of the bad people and I’m still here. What does that tell you about this world? She was the bright Ying and I am the dark Yang. You, I can figure—you’re all smooth with the light, but then you’re dark like me. So, just in case, if I get whacked—that being a hazard implicit in being a jerk in our wonderful hometown—then I expect you to avenge me.”
-A Man I coached in Knife Fighting last night, being Monday, June 5th, as he dropped me off at the Brickmouse House

Note: I had already received a crippling injury and did not know it, and would be unable to walk by Friday the 9th. These men, and their women and fellow fighters took care of me over the next 4 months.

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