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Crackpot Mailbox: Terminus Est Wants To Know About 'LaFond Fiction'
Posted in Fiction on Nov 19, 2018 — 179 reads, 1 comment
The Crackpot Mailbox: The Leveller With An EndTime Heads Up
Posted in Fiction on Nov 16, 2018 — 319 reads
A Reader Querry
Posted in Blog on Nov 15, 2018 — 232 reads
Are You Really So Threatened By The Existence Of Black People?
Posted in Harm City on Nov 14, 2018 — 437 reads, 3 comments
Thanks To A Generous Reader
Posted in Blog on Nov 14, 2018 — 270 reads, 2 comments
Thanks Owed Back In The Mutant Node
Posted in Harm City on Oct 29, 2018 — 362 reads
Help Me Determine If A PDF Platform Is Defrauding Me
Posted in Blog on Oct 16, 2018 — 213 reads, 1 comment
About The Site Glitch Of 10/11/18
Posted in Blog on Oct 11, 2018 — 261 reads, 1 comment
The Complete Listing From DarkEyedGirl, Crackpot Books, Punchbuggy Books, Forever Autumn Press, Nerd Church And Hun House
Posted in Blog on Oct 10, 2018 — 232 reads, 1 comment
A Letter From A Subsidy Publisher
Posted in Fiction on Oct 10, 2018 — 295 reads
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It is 1868 and Captain Richard F. Burton, intrepid secret agent, undefeated swordsmen, towering intellectual and famed explorer wastes away as the British Counsel to Sao Paulo Brazil... Little does he know that he is being sought by a duo of unlikely time-travelers: a mathematics professor and a murderously eccentric criminal. Also see:
The Man Cave

The Combat Space

Baltimore Travel Guide

Guest Author Ron West

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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