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Weed, acid, women. I'm a bit jealous and feeling even "moar stupider". Mine was only a 7. James, even greater then your clarity of thought, is your discipline to separate true masculinity from chasing and keeping the V. Taboo You is a struggle for me to grasp. But I will. I learned those damned multiplication tables by searing them into my brain. Should work again.
~ Video Reviews ~
Richard Jewell And Barney Fife Versus Deontay Wilder In Reparations Recovery Bushwhacking
Posted in Blog on Sep 14, 2021 — 1862 reads
Hobo Survival Training Videos
Posted in Modern Combat on Aug 23, 2021 — 2474 reads
And Other Discussions With Brian Jewell And Mister Grey
Posted in Harm City on Aug 22, 2021 — 2360 reads
The Crackpot And The Intervening Fist Sifu Brian Jewell On Video
Posted in Harm City on Aug 8, 2021 — 2704 reads
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