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Did you put all those knives in your pockets? Or clip them to your waist line? That's a lot of knives man.
Increase Mather XXI on 'to beat this thread to death'
~ Crackpot Podcasts ~
David Wheeler Cues The Crackpot On PIGs
Posted in Harm City on May 8, 2021 — 617 reads
A Podcast, An Audio-Chapter, A Novel And More Pulp Fiction Went Up
Posted in Blog on May 3, 2021 — 1002 reads
A Myth Of The 20th Century Listener Asks For A Crackpot Prediction
Posted in Blog on Apr 23, 2021 — 756 reads
The Backstory To The Prophetic 2048 Novel Ghost Snatcher Is In Play And Discussed On Myth Of The 20th Century
Posted in Fiction on Apr 17, 2021 — 363 reads
A Talk With Rusty About Knives It Seems
Posted in Modern Combat on Apr 12, 2021 — 420 reads
She Would Sound Like This: A New Podcast With Lynn Lockhart
Posted in Blog on Mar 26, 2021 — 488 reads
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The Masculine Axis is the center; the center of gravity, the axis of rotation, the polar reference of the world we live in.
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