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Paleface Son versus Hoodrat
A Harm City Testimonial from a Father and Son
© 2018 James LaFond
James, I cannot thank you enough!
I send both my college-age sons your Harm City training scenarios on a regular basis, and I also send any relevant videos from other sources – trying to “train” them despite being 1500 miles away. Today, after sending the video below, I got this message from #1 son (older by 5 minutes) describing a successful resolution to an obvious situation.
Please notice that he specifically credits you by name! I could tell them about kicks, sticks, and dirty tricks until I was blue in the face, and they subconsciously say “It’s just ol’ Dad. Whadda he know?” But coming from you, he listened AND APPLIED THE LESSON. I really feel that you made the difference in this situation.
Background: Son is 6-2 and 180, with what I would call the classic Navy SEAL physique. He is on a soccer scholarship at a PAC-12 college, and this incident took place in the area around the campus. The area is partially-vibrant, but tame and healthy compared to Bodymore and Chicongo.
My response was to congratulate him for a job well done, and to suggest the following:
1. Don’t spit in the guy’s direction. Spit at an oblique angle so that he gets the message but doesn’t consider it a challenge.
2. Start carrying something sharp, but deniable, in his pocket, like a sturdy metal pen, a bottle opener, or a stubby Phillips screwdriver. (Instruction to follow.)
3. Don’t shop alone at night. He lives in a house with 5 other soccer players. If necessary to go out at night, go as a pack.
Anything else you have to add will be more than welcome.
Please feel free to publish this.
Subject: Re: Situational awareness. Don't be this guy.
"Two nights ago I went to the Rite Aid across the street to get cereal. One cashier for the entire store so I was already not in the best of moods when I left. Waiting to cross the street (with back to the light pole) and lo and behold if the local 20 something ghetto sewer rat comes walking up from behind a bus stop about 20 yards away.
"Thanks to Mr. LaFond I do a quick scan to the opposite direction making sure that there are none of his dawgs coming around back of me. Wanna be Lil Wayne greets me with a "What up homie" from about 15 yards away. I then put down the cereal and give him the ol crazy white guy who just had to wait 20 minutes to buy some fucking cereal stare not saying a word. When he was 10 yards away I turned sideways and spit an impressive lugee in his direction. He stops, eyes me for a second and slinks back to the same bus stop he came from. Could have been nothing but can never be too cautious with a certain type of person nowadays."
Original Message from Dad
You don’t want to be this guy:
1. Walking with head in phone, so he doesn't notice he's walking into the middle of three guys WEARING BOXING GLOVES
2. Shakes hands with a stranger in the street
Normie on Twitter
“Welcome to the jungle. ;
White Devil Advice
Job well done, Shep Son!
I am thrilled to have been of some service in countering the ongoing purge of palefaces.
If it works, it was the right move.
That said, we can always improve.
Spitting as Ebonic Symbology
Spitting is actually a genius move with hoodrats, which I just lack the mesomorphic jaw strength to pull off with aplomb. Hoodrats usually spit in public. I have used bus stops that have been spat upon for so many years that the concrete is stained. To use spitting you must understand what it means to them. Primarily, spitting is a method of showing disdain and saying it is you against the world. To spit is to say, “I don’t care.” Therefore, spitting by a paleface, who are regarded as weak largely because they are so easily enticed to care, is a good thing.
Spitting in the hoodrat’s direction was a challenge, a jock thing to do and worked in this case largely because he did not have accomplices. Avoid spitting closely to him, as spitting is regarded as a serious form of assault and could be used against legally.
Spitting obliquely, as Dad suggested, will generally be interpreted as, “I care so little about this world that I’m going to stab your ass and do the time.”
Not coincidentally, your Marine veteran dad, correctly paired this with a suggestion that you carry a stabbing implement. The symbology of the oblique lunger launch is one of disdain for danger and a commitment to get nasty and nothing is nastier than fucking some one’s guts with a steel dick.
A third functional way of using spitting as a mute form of apish communication is to spit deliberately on the ground a step away from yourself and wait, using that glistening phlegm on the pavement as your line in the sand, which if he crosses you launch on him.
Deniable Hand Weapons
You must only carry potential weapons that make sense during the course of your day. Keep the screwdriver in your dorm room along with a hammer, for repelling borders. But unless you are hauling tools to a work site, having any tool on you and using it to defend will be construed as premeditation.
A pen is always a safe bet, the harder the better. They break when you stab skulls, so carry two.
The hand umbrella, held by the wire end, using the handle as a club head, is ideal. The dollar store ones will stove in a skull but will shatter and are no good against a group. You can buy nicer varieties marketed to business men, which are heavy enough to fell numerous foes.
A rolled up magazine, used to stab the solar plexus and face is nasty and can be used to club the temple and ear and stun.
If you have no improvised meat munitions with you at the store and sense trouble, then buy a can of meat or condensed milk: maceral, corned beef—even a can of greens, so long as it is rimmed, preferably top and bottom. Put that can in two plastic grocery bags, twist and knot it above the can and then knot it below the handle and use that as a flail.
Remember, hand weapons are for dealing with an armed man or group. You have to be able to claim disparity of force. That said, a hidden hoodrat hand may be regarded as holding a weapon with bad intention.
Good job, good son.
Congratulations, Shep.
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PR     Mar 17, 2018

I have a bit more advice on how to avoid becoming the Great White Defendant: wear a baseball cap at night to hide your face from overhead security cameras. A hoodie is even better, but your overall attire should make you look white to the cops. A pink sweater works. IDK. You can also wear some eye protection picked up from Home Depot that looks like glasses ravers and party people wear. Attired thusly, no one can tell if you're black, hispanic, Asian, or white and your successful stabbing will not come back to bite you unless you blab to your girlfriend or jock friends about it:

(these are for bi-focal wearers, but they make ones with no correction)

I'm not a fan of carrying screwdrivers and so forth unless you look like a criminal and will likely be searched. James looks like an assassin to timid Baltimore PD so he has to take appropriate measures.

If someone reaches for their waist band, it's on. Remember, the cops have gotten off shooting many unarmed white guys just for reaching for their waistband.

Make sure your dad has a lawyer you can call and ask for it if you are involved in an incident. Say nothing else. Run away. Don't turn yourself in if asked to.

Soccer players are not very tough so you guys should start a Tony Blauer PDR club.
Shep     Mar 17, 2018

I think this episode calls for a soundtrack. Since it's St. Patrick's Day, and since Sonny is half-Harp, I think we can adapt some of these lyrics from a different war-song, from a different place:

"Come out ya blacks and tans, come out and fight me like a man"

'Cause this time, "The IRA' made 'em run like hell away...
Shep     Mar 19, 2018

PR—message received and appreciated. I've already given him my pitch about avoiding entanglement with the criminal justice system. My concept is to run all-out for 5 or 6 blocks in a straight line to get outside the "containment" circle of cop cars, then make a right-angle turn, throw or dump the weapon, alter clothing if possible, then right-angle turn again in the original direction, but at a walk. One is under no obligation to cooperate with law enforcement.

Interesting you mention Tony Blauer—last time Sonny was home, I taught him the SPEAR concept. Not enough practice, of course, but it was a good intro.

The other half of his gene pool is Calabrese, so I'm counting on his natural inclination for omerta, rather than blabbing.

Also, don't let soccer players fool ya—some is, and some ain't. Google up Vinnie Jones for some laffs.
PR     Mar 19, 2018


I recommend ditching the weapon where they need divers to find it. Being in the PAC-12 implies he's near water. Alternatively, you can throw it down a sewer but someone might see him throw it there and they can just open the manhole cover and find it unless it has rained hard. Wipe the fingerprints, clean it with some sort of general purpose solve it, and bury it is another option.

Here's Blauer's new video on weapons defense:

Teh cops won't try too hard to find someone who gave a yoof what he had coming.
Shep     Mar 21, 2018

I like how the LaFondiverse comes together for mutual protection and support in between our sessions of cleaving the skulls of those soft, civilized Nemedian dogs! Both Paul (above) and I have benefitted recently as members of this mannerbund.
PR     Mar 22, 2018


Cops only come fast in the movies. In real life, they take minutes or tens of minutes to show up. Your son doesn't even really have to run away. He can walk.
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