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‘Black Magic’
The Art of Jason Lenox: Volume Two
© 2014 James LaFond
From a preproduction galley from Ugli Studios, reviewed on Adobe
When I was a knucklehead teenager in the 70’s my favorite pastime was checking out the book covers in the fantasy and sci-fi sections at the book store in the Washington Mall. Of the two prominent artists, Frazetta and Boris, I favored Frazetta, because of the sense of movement and emotion over the photographic likenesses of Boris. I have never been an art critic, and basically purchased my books based on the level of combat depicted on the cover, or my inability to stop wishing the babe on her knees next to Conan was kneeling next to me.
Jason has the unnerving ability to create female images on paper that you just wish would jump off the page onto your lap—and at the same time fear that they might. For, he has a nack for nasty babes. I am certain that he used my psychobitch ex-girlfriend for a saloon girl in Painted Ladies Of San Quentin, and his best female figure is a cannibalistic giantess from Attack on Titan.
Volume Two is a 32 page collection of work that Jason has done for various projects, such as the well-researched cover, Zombie Crusader. I would have to say my favorite item in this collection is Survivor. The best part about this collection is that it is chronologically scrapbooked. You get to see each piece go from pencil, to ink, to color, with Jason’s comments on the project in the staggered sidebar.
You can keep track of, or help, this kickstarter project at The link is on our network page. Personally, I’m hoping that Jason makes an e-book available. It would make a nice screen-saver collection.
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