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Tricky balance. Harmlessness works with blue folk but marks you as prey to others. I'm weird, this stuff is fun to think about, adds spice to everyday life. As a scion of the solid middle class, I should fear the modern world. Actually it's full of interest.
New Ledford on Goon-Squad Aggressonomics
~ Book Reviews ~
Considering Robert E. Howard: A Well Of Heroes Epilogue 1
Posted in Blog on Sep 13, 2021 — 384 reads
The Heathen And The Thessalians By Robert E. Howard
Posted in Blog on Sep 9, 2021 — 576 reads
Spanish Gold On Devil Horse By Robert E. Howard
Posted in Blog on Sep 8, 2021 — 634 reads
Impressions Of Martial And Political Cohesion From Thucydides, Homer, Sophocles And Aechlyus
Posted in Histories on Sep 7, 2021 — 726 reads
Impressions Of Decisive Actors From Thucydides And Aechylus
Posted in Histories on Sep 6, 2021 — 741 reads
Bondage And Slavery In Thucydides, Aechylus And Sophocles
Posted in Histories on Sep 5, 2021 — 805 reads
Rusty And The Crackpot Are Slated To Discuss Our Most Syncretic Mythologist
Posted in Histories on Sep 1, 2021 — 1051 reads
The War Of The Poor By Eric Vuillard
Posted in Histories on Jul 31, 2021 — 2226 reads
The First In A Series Off Brief Videos Concerning Brian Jewell's Memoir Of Life As Pallid Prey
Posted in Harm City on Jul 30, 2021 — 2220 reads
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Tamar Jackson is the 11-year old subject of extreme bullying who is befriended by a 'mad-planning' rabbit. The rabbit offers his assistance as a survival expert in return for two favors that will forever put Tamar at odds with the world of grownups.
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