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‘The Hands and the Feet’
Miss Ezz on Drowning in the LGBT Sea
© 2018 James LaFond
I just got a call, Jay, from this rather deep-voiced person, complaining that our security guard referred to them as a man. What am I supposed to say, “Yes ma’am?”
This customer is clearly not a woman. You ought to see the size of her hands and feet. You can’t hide that. What woman wears a size 14? You can’t even hide that in boots. And even big women don’t have big hands. This is just ridiculous.
I’m a diverse person. I don’t care what you want to be. It’s fully your right to by whatever you want. But that’s not enough. Someone mistakenly calls a man a man and its law suit time?
So what is it all about? Why can’t accepting them and not giving them any shit for who they are, why can’t that be enough?
-Miss Ezz, 11:45, Friday 5/4/18
The Crackpot Answer
It has never been about these suffering souls who feel they were born the wrong sex—and perhaps they were. It has always been about compromising your identity as a woman and my identity as a man and, with black lives matter, for instance, when saying all lives matter will get you killed, it is about attacking our identity as white people, saying our lives don’t matter.
Where this is going, if we don’t face an economic collapse of a world changing disaster, is this:
20 years from now, in these disunited and self-loathing states of America, compulsory pre-kindergarten will include initial screening for gender identity.
In kindergarten children will be instructed to examine their gender identity.
In first grade children with less than adamant same sex gender identity will be recommended for surgery and hormone therapy and the school system will lobby work with child protective services to bring the little lamb into the LGBT fold.
By second grade, boys showing a strong masculine identity will be drugged into submission, and encouraged to experiment with homosexuality through role playing marriage and home making with more feminized boys during classroom projects.
The upside, is if our children home school their children and keep them away from social media, our grandchildren will be the sheep dogs, the shepherds or the wolves, not the gender compromised sheep. Ultimately, the gender politics so recently forced upon humanity is the end game of social atomization, an attack on the foundation of human identity. As with racial politics this is partly about dividing the slaves at setting them at each others’ throats and partly about erasing identity.
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jacob     Jun 27, 2018

I think the real hidden enemy is the food supply, that makes men sissies and women crazy bitches because of disrupted hormones
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