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The Hammer Comes Down
The Logic of Steel and The Fighting Edge Banned by Amazon
For nearly 20 years The Fighting Edge and the Logic of Steel were listed as Paladin Press books on amazon.
For the past 8 years both were out of print, being sold for $26 as kindle editions and going used for prices ranging from $30 to $249.
I decided to release the books as collectors items for $50 and $24 respectively as there are not many sales left to be had and I had only made about .50 cents a copy on the original sales.
Lynn wanted to promote the Logic of Steel and was only able to find the unavailable used book listing.
I checked on the backend of the site and found that these titles have been suppressed.
If you want to read this material I suggest our e-book from our own e-store linked below the Amazon listing at the bottom of this article.
The last book of mine which was suppressed brought a lie by evasion from the Amazon representative who would only tell me that I violated a publishing policy and would not name that policy.
Thanks, Lynn, for finding this out. It is obviously only a matter of time before I am banned from print publication.
Recently Amazon's subsidiary, Create Space, has changed their cover building guidelines to make it increasingly difficult for a regular guy without a tech staff to publish a book, a guideline obviously calibrated to favor publishing companies now using this POD platform. Indeed, I have recently been harassed by Balboa Press hounding me to let them re-issue Taboo You.
I'll keep writing, but expect the work to slowly be taken down from Amazon.
Thank you all for your support.
James, 6/28/18
The Logic of Steel Paperback
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JoeFourJun 28, 2018

Here's a link to a self-publishing author who gave the boot to Amazon...maybe you could use some of his ideas...
responds:Jun 29, 2018

Thanks, I'll check this out.

So far I haven't been able to find one of these platforms that is free other than amazon's. They all say they are free but are not.
PRJun 29, 2018

Now that Barely-Closeted Bezos has monopolized commerce in the US, it was inevitable that he was going to turn the Fag-o-tron up to 11. After I started seeing music recommendations for Pride Month on Amazon Music, I cancelled my Prime account which was going to cost $40 more this year after a $40 price increase 2 years ago.

A man nowadays needs to own his entire supply chain. Consider publishing through Wipf and Stock. Just get a developer to write you a shopping cart system for this site and fill the orders yourself. Ask for donations for the site upgrade. If you're looking for red-pilled developers, let me know.
responds:Jun 29, 2018

I have tried using the other POD platforms suggested by readers when the last book got suppressed, but I am unable to figure out how to use these sites, which are geared for first time writers and have a lot of hidden expenses and I have zero dollars to pay to have my books printed.

My books will slowly go extinct in print.

I'm a writer not a publisher and I'm not going to spend any brain power fighting these people. I'm just going to write and keep backups.

I just gave my own hard copies away. The failure of my writing income to grow means I will have no fixed address by January. I can't drag 150 books I wrote around with me in a suitcase.

Look for me to open two new publishing sites later this year.
PRJun 29, 2018

If filling your orders is a problem, we need to figure out how you can sell eBooks in such a way that your IP is protected and the eBooks can be read on the iPad and Kindle or other Android OS.

You still need a shopping cart system for the books, a donation widget, and all the back-end that enables them.

Like Vox Day says, you have to develop your own platforms. Stefan Molyneux's website guy might be a good place to start. Stefan saw the writing on the wall with YouTube and has a back-up in place.

There might be a way to deliver Kindle-formatted eBooks through Amazon's web services without selling on Amazon directly:

As it stands right now, all your promotion and marketing is through your website and you're only using Amazon for its content delivery and shopping cart system.

I say get donations, get this working to get your income up, and then you'll have more options.
responds:Jun 30, 2018

I'm just not capable of engineering any of this and lack even the desire to ask it to be done. I'm content if every book I write gets suppressed and pirated.

I'm reducing my living expenses by 90% as I write this.

Eventually patreon will be taken away along with paypal, which does not even leave a method whereby I could be paid from this site.

if you want to copy and past content from the front end of this site and print and sell it you have my blessing and I don't want a dime.

All a dollar is is membership in a system I hate.

Your concern is much appreciated, really.
Sam J.Jun 30, 2018

I did a little searching and found a better link for print on demand books.

I read another of their pages and it looks fairly good. I think the looks fairly good. If you want a discount there's one at a link at the bottom of this page which describes ingrams service. is an Amazon company. They don't have set up fees but...they're Amazon. So....not sure if they would be any help.

I looked at

and they have no set up fees.
responds:Jun 30, 2018

Thanks, Sam.

I really appreciate the support you offer here.
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