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Messing with My Kindle Editions?
A Reader Heads Up from a Besieged Author
© 2018 James LaFond
Today I received two notices from Kindle that I had successfully uploaded Doomfawn, a book which I do not think ever sold a copy in any format, and Into Wicked Company, congratulating me for successfully uploading these titles or for successfully modifying them.
I did neither. These titles have been on Kindle for well over a year, perhaps two years or more.
No other person than myself has access to this page.
Perhaps this is a glitch. I don't know as it is impossible for me to communicate with Kindle staff about this.
What I should do, is reread both of these Kindle versions to make sure they have not been altered. However, if I do that, I will not write again for 30 hours. It occurs that making me check to see if my kindles have been corrupted could effectively shut me down as a writer and just have me rying to police my collection, so, I will not check these editions.
If a reader, however, who purchased one, would be kind enough to do so it will be appreciated.
Thank you for your support, especially my esteemed Censor, who seems to find no end to ideas for promoting an image of this white trash scribe as a mind to be feared by the machine trying to eat it.
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