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Crackpot Podcast 41
James and Lynn talk about banned books, especially The Logic of Steel (pdf).
The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, a high country forager, and Lynn Lockhart, an expert on snack food.
01:00 James' embarks on his travels, internet safety, a new website
05:40 Book suppression, The Violence Project, The Logic of Steel
07:55 Banned books: Autumn in a Dying City, The Logic of Steel, The Fighting Edge, Barbarism vs. Civilization
15:35 Why is LaFond dangerous? Luke Ford interview
20:30 James condemns political violence, favors time traveling Native Americans coming to slaughter left and right
21:35 The Logic of Steel, Mr. Kenny, statistics
34:32 What does the Norman Bates grip mean?
39:30 Don't get Boned, The Boned Zone
44:40 Castalia House
47:05 Supplicant Song, The Violence Project
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black & pale
the combat space
the greatest lie ever sold
winter of a fighting life
Sam J.Aug 28, 2018

Nice. I hope things work out James. There are more and more people in the same spot as you. They are all looking fir alternatives and some will be starting. Won;t happen overnight though. I think in the long run it will be just like the major press. They will censor so much that when other alternatives are available they will abandon places like Amazon and YouTube. There's one service that you could get on now I believe. It's called zeronet. It even has Tor, [a system of scrambling where a person who's surfing is from], built in. It works like BitTorrent. I'll explain. BitTorrent is for file sharing. Let's say you want to upload a movie. You make a torrent which is a mathematical representation of a the movie file. It's exactly like a fingerprint on a person but done with mathmatics. So you can identify a file from it's torrent, [fingerprint]. Ok so you make the torrent then upload it to a server [called a tracker] that keeps track of where all these torrents are. Let's say someone likes the file and starts downloading. The "tracker will give that person you're address, ,just like a phone number, and you will start downloading the file to him. Here's the interesting part. The tracker can keep tack of millions of torrents and addresses where you can get that exact same file. So you might get a little piece form one person and another little piece from another. All the little pieces are downloaded from different people at the same time SO it's REAL fast if a LOT of people have the file. Now zeronet has done the same thing with web sites. You can upload your website, after all it's just another file. If people like it they can "pin" it. They have to click on the "pin" button to do so. When this happens the person who pins it copies your website to their computer and can then serve it to anyone else that wants it. In this way you can never be censored as long as people like your site and will pin it. This stuff is fairly new but it works right now. It might be good to look at this and if just one person likes you site and they have their computer on then anyone in the world can download it. Things like this are being done also with digital money like bitcoins but I don;t think it's as far along. It will happen though and not too far off. This means you could operate without patron or any of those other bastards and you could sell books online from you site that exists all over instead of one place they can block.

This is something you should look at for the future. No one would have control over your sites. You could also do all your videos there and never be censored.
Sam J.Aug 28, 2018

Oh by the way along with a recommendation to watch your video YouTube also says I should watch "Booger Ray on Johnny Carson".

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