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'Your Mission'
Writing into the Censorship Night
© 2018 James LaFond
Listening to Banned on the Crackpot Podcast, it sounded like you were quitting to avoid censorship, when you said you would just write fiction after a certain point. Is this true?
Are you abandoning your mission?
-Banno's Ghost
Before opening this email, I was drinking rum and coke with a hunting man who described how, when hunting elk in "Grizz country" [excuse me while I shit in simian fear] he slept in his tent with a 9 mm pistol. His guiding boss once chided him, "What do you expect that pea shooter to do against a grizz when he comes for you?" to which the mountain main answered, "When that son'bitch drags me out da tent I'll stick it in his ear and squeeze off a half dozen."
There you go, that defiant protest against being consumed by the object of one's fascination applies to my dubious writing career as well—it just doesn't take half the balls.
In light of our mutual censorship, what follows is my long term writing plan.
-Travel writing is now done under an alias on an invitation only site, and should generate one modest book per year. This is to protect my hosts from harassment.
-I will complete my last how to fight book in late 2019.
-I will complete my last Plantation American history book in late 2019.
-I will complete my last Masculinity under Modernity book in late 2019.
The above subjects have been deeply plumbed and I feel confident that I will have contributed my aware share to the subjects in question.
-I will continue to write biographies of real, non-celebrity people, of a remarkable nature, like 'That Kind of Man' which I began to write tonight with coauthor Brody Bronquist, as long as I remain extant and at large.
-How to fight books will be replaced by such biographies of fighters.
-Plantation America history books will be replaced by novels and short story collections of Plantation America, with historical annotations.
-Masculinity writing will continue as fiction and as minor histories written to illuminate the deeds of little known historic figures. See A Sickness of the Heart and Our Captain.
No, Banno's Ghost, I am not giving up my "mission" but rather making plans for continuing the mission of preserving masculine identity and the deeds of men in the face of our soulless system, as the publishing environment constricts to strangle the dissident threads of our obstinant being.
Finally, writing fiction is the most comprehensive method of exploring the human condition and should permit deeper examination.
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