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Shank You Very Much!
Media Priesthood Deepens Commitment to Making Self-Defense Impossible
Thank you Shep, for reminding us that Lefty Lucy never sleeps.
If one is to sheer sheep the rams must have their horns and balls removed or be separated from the herd.
It is very interesting that knife defense is one place where black urban liberals and white rural conservatives agree, that a man has to be able to carry a knife on his person as a last ditch recourse incase he is targeted for violence. Black men have been arming themselves with knives in droves in Baltimore ever since the BPD pulled out and turned over community policing to street gangs in 2015.
Stabbings are up and shootings are down. This is a good thing for men, taking more sissies off the planet at gut-spilling range.
In Baltimore it is effectively against the law to carry anything with an edge on it except at home and at a job site where it is a necessary tool. yet men are disobeying the law in massive numbers, to their credit.
The efforts of various NGOs to make certain that black men and white men hate each other has blinded each to their common cause, even as the Government itself hands over control of society to our women.
Idiot apes, Yeti and Yorilla, snarl at one another while their women usurp their roles at the behest of their common enemy. This happened to other Native American before us—extinction even pending.
We are the subject of a war of eradication, a war against MEN and it is the genius of our rulership system that we have been convinced otherwise.
I have a dream and that dream is this:
Dear Censor, what follows is a fictional diatribe engaged in in order to discredit my just posted opinion.
When the SYSTEM crashes the hipster ghost folk and mulatto mafia who have been its staunchest foot soldiers in the war against the human races and genders, will be assailed on all sides, by Redneck Rampagers from the country, Hispanic Hangmen from the labor-ready subdivisions and Ebony Eradicators from the sainted ghetto, all rising up in a cannibalistic frenzy to rid themselves of the lackeys of the system that hates them.
Under the God of Things
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Boswald BollocksworthSep 19, 2018

Oh boy you’re really going to get censored now, telling people to cool it with the race war and go after the nagging hags who want to treat us like the whole world is a Kindergarten!

Reading the WaPo article I kept thinking “the person who wrote this is just like a public school teacher”. Knives are dangerous!
BobSep 19, 2018

The NRA is one of the few *implicitly* white lobby groups to actually achieve success and hence the rash of shooting hoaxes, complete with Craigslist extras and Sam Peckingpah casualty numbers. With all the white noise of elite hysteria and finger-wagging that fills our airwaves and print.

It's heartening to see how much political influence can be achieved when a man seeks no recompense or public recognition. A real unsung hero.

The anti-abortionists, too, show that whites can market ideology if they feel strongly about something. Not slick like the Frankfurt School brigade, but just as energized.
Bryce SharperSep 22, 2018

I bring a pocket knife to work to open boxes and other packages. I do it frequently. My manager gets nervous and says something about it every time I use it. One day, I was using it to open a package and he and another manager said something about it. The shipping guy, who looked like he was no stranger to violence, said, "I keep tire chains in the trunk of my car even though I never drive to the snow." I laughed and said, "I was working on my house - THAT's why I had a screwdriver in my pocket, officer."

These secular church ladies and upper class managerial types live in a bubble world. They fork out huge sums of cash to live in "good (white) neighborhoods" with "good (white/Asian) schools" where the police protect them and their transgender children aren't bullied.

In retrospect, I would've been better off buying in a "bad" neighborhood, to a degree and having a cheaper mortgage and living around people who don't cry to the cops when someone has a weapon.
responds: Sep 23, 2018

Welcome to the dark side, where things are...

...Yes, Sharper.
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