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Bring on the Bots
Adapting To the End Time Count Down
© 2018 James LaFond
I shall update this document on the gaming page periodically.
Associates are continuing to fall by the wayside, as they know that association with an unrepentant wrongthinker will, in the now and the near future, be increasingly lethal to careers, reputations and access to media platforms. I do not blame them. I too am running from my own reeking name, taking up ghost writing and also counting down my exit from the nonfiction field, which accounts for exactly 94.7% of my readership according to our site analytics.
I also have to find a way of dealing with law enforcement censors, which will be coming on the heels of the media censors. At some point in the future use of pseudonyms online will be outlawed even as hate speech statutes are expanded to net "enablers" of hate speech. Earlier today I fielded a comment from a person or bot who suggested that I felt "threatened by the existence of black people." According to current media groupthink that is the same as charging me with conspiring to commit genocide.
While I previously approved every comment that did not target a guest author and did not call for murder, because I believe in free speech, I realize that few Americas actually believe in free speech and that those numbers will wane further.
Henceforth, I will not approve a comment which does not come with a first and last name that matches the email address. If, However, you wish to contact me through the comment feature or spark an article with a comment or question, feel free to do so and I will copy and paste your comment into my private documents for later use before deleting it from the backend. You may also email me at jameslafond dot com at gmail dot com. If you have preexisting contact with me through emails and wish to use an alias, that is fine. The important aspect is that you are not a mystery to me so I can't get burned protecting the freedom of speech of a fiction. Pen names worked like this. The publisher of Frankenstein knew that Mary Shelly was a woman and kept it secret. If I am going to support your alias I just need real contact so I am not defrauded by a deep state agent.
I have to operate as a self-publisher with the realization that the comment section will be used to take down this platform if steps are not taken to limit it's use by Deep State Agitators and freelance foes.
My time table for exiting various writing genres is as follows:
-1. As of November 15, I will no longer address politics, mass murder news [as I believe these to be Deep State actions in the main] or use the false racial terms of black and white, but true terms such as European American and African American and comedic metaphors such as yeti and ebon.
-2. As of January 1, 2019 I will no longer write about combat, about how to fight, except as a fiction exercise. If you seek advice, I will post a short illustrative story of the subject and a link to the numerous books on combat I have written.
-3. As of January 1, 2019 I will no longer report news of any kind, as this is a trap which will eventually result in the jailing of people found guilty of practicing journalism without a license.
-4. As of June, 2019 I will no longer be writing on masculinity directly, but address the subject via fiction, biography and mythic studies.
-5. As of November, 2019, I will no longer write American History except in fictionalized form, as my delving into the weltering bed of half-truth and lies that is so called "American history," is what has gotten me in trouble in the first place.
-6. By 2020, if I am still wheezing along, I will be writing only biography, fiction and mythology.
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LaMano     Nov 15, 2018

I'm hoping that this schedule is something less than a commitment and something nearer "trying it on to see how it feels" ... and I hope you won't feel compelled to follow it just because you've sort of said it!

Unless it's really really what you want to do ... a lot of us will really miss the current events commentary and analysis.
James     Nov 15, 2018

This is an outline of intentions which I will try to keep to.

I have abandoned many fiction projects in order to make a living writing nonfiction. But now, since the money is being taken out of the nonfiction, I might as well do what I want. I am also trying to avoid gaining new readers. That is where trouble has and will come from. The only reason why I ever wrote any nonfiction was to practice basic writing skills and hopefully become good enough at it to engage in the higher forms of writing.

I have been trying to find a platform that puts content behind a cheap paywall—like charging readers $1 month so that I could cover news there, but patreon won't let me do a second site and no one else is willing to front for me except Lynn and she is super busy already—this needs to be an article...
Ruben Chandler     Nov 15, 2018

Scary stuff James. You know I was directly targeted with a DOJ subpoena for speaking my mind although it, so far, has come to nothing. Is it the blue or the red pill we are supposed to take? Is it F451 or 1984 we are to read? I'll miss so much of your stuff. Thankfully I've been grabbing all that I've been able to before the coming crackdown.

Reverent Chandler
James     Nov 15, 2018

Ruben, good luck with the thought police.

I have taken the black pill.

I have 16 books completed and yet to be released.
Bob     Nov 15, 2018

To the extent that my comments might have contributed to this sad outcome, I apologize. Not that I resile from them, made in good faith as they were. But to expect someone else to take heat for my comfort is not fair.

In a broad sense, the battle is won by unity and resources and the enemy, rich in both, relentlessly searches out the weak nexus in the group/individual interplay. All large organizations (NRA excepted, and for how long?) with an implicitly white bias are gone and it's down to individuals punish one, teach one thousand. Depressing stuff, for sure, but sure to elicit a more robust defense strategy built on small groups with illegible and informal internal relations, and pragmatism over idealism.

I wonder whether 2) is not baby-out-with-bath-water. Isn't fighting likely to remain part of the acceptable public discourse even when the gulags are filled bursting with Alex Jones water-purifier owners? Bread and circuses till the very end, and then some.
James     Nov 15, 2018

I have gotten to the point with fight writing that I can't remember what I wrote when I started so am not looking to make a mess of it.

I will be training Tony Cox beginning in January, so I thought it would be nice if he wrote a training journal for guys his age taking up combat arts. He is a good writer so there is no reason for me to write the training journal when he could, freeing me for something else.

I am trying to stay one step ahead of the censorship here.

Now they are the thought police, in the future, they will be crusading thought knights, InfoTech professionals dedicated to our erasure.
Ruben Chandler     Nov 16, 2018

I have been out of circulation for such a time now that I feel I missed contributing in more positive ways that may have forestalled some of this. It is good to see Bob here btw......We have many good minds here I am sure there is something we can do. I have a good connection in France where I am sure we can do what we want to do. That said, I really came here to say how much I love your fiction. This is nothing more than putting us in the ring and as they say the fight is won or lost with the eyes. Can't we make them blink? I am old. I am going to die regardless. I am not afraid of whatever............shout out to Bob, and no it ain't your fault, no more than mine. Were we all just friends on the block, we could be we, should I not assume to much......isn't that what the web once was.......le outre secte
James     Nov 16, 2018

Thanks for reading the fiction, Ruben.

I'm not quitting just adapting.
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