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The Walls of the Cyclops
Sat, Nov 24, 9:52 PM (23 hours ago)
Funny thing you mentioned the encounters the ancient people of Hellas had with the literal bones of the Mycenaean culture. Their architecture, their weapons and their cult objects. Historians are pretty sure at this point that the Greeks dug out Mammoth skulls and mistook the hole for the trunk as an eyehole. And for them it makes sense when you see the walls of the Mycenean culture and you think that just a big creature could build these walls. Just another example about how the rational people over the course of history forged myths, cause it was the rational thing to do at this point when there was no Richard Dawkins dickhead around to spoil the fun for everyone.
Anyway i was thinking about the bone armor of the Myceneans, the boar tusk helmet check it out, of late because it would make for a real awesome badass Conan the Barbarian Spinoff.
And just so if you have not read it already, read the Crossed Badlands Prehistorical Zombie Barbarian ... stuff
and here is some music
the last band besides Burzum that saves the bad reputation of Black Metal.
Interesting Article - I thought you might like it.
Science Has Chosen the Absolute Worst Year in History To Have Been Alive
Sam Blum
Men's HealthNovember 25, 2018
-Cinnamon Frail
These volcanic eruptions and the plague in the east where holy war waged between Christians and Zoroastrians were among the calamities which finished off the ancient world and paved the way for the rise of Islam.
Vox Popoli: The math of nuking Omaha
Sat, Nov 24, 7:49 PM (1 day ago)
-Manny Soprano
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