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'In The American Wasteland'
An Example of Guerilla Masculinity in the Very Pit of Rampant Pity
When you see some ebon man defying and threatening pigs who are pointing guns at him you are seeing a state of agitated emasculation, inculcated by mothering—and soon he will be shot and charged, benefiting only his mother's law suit [that's how Momma hits the lottery] and some predatory social cause.
When you see some ghost man complaining that his social privileges have been taken and reassigned through now fault of his own, you see a higher order of emasculation, for just like the hoodrat has been betrayed and set up for failure by his mother, this ghost man has been betrayed and set up for failure by his much grander mother, The State, the Goddess whose toes he licks even as she replaces him with a rival paramour for her fetid and ephemeral affections...
The CIVILIZED world is a whore who casts men aside as quickly as efficiently possible.
The young man who founded and runs the Taboo You Facebook page understands this and has continually tailored his presentation of material generated by the unrepentant asshole who wrote Taboo You as a dissident guidebook in such a way as to surf the goon of goons, to ride the tiger of modernity like a trickster monkey rather than some bellowing ape bemoaning his eternally assigned and now vanishing status.
I didn't know what a meme was until about 10 months ago. But these are among the tools used by Bart and fellow time traveler Sam [who I think has developed some of those appearing there] as they fight the culture war instead of the entrapping political farce in which every dissident participant is a doomed puppet, either conscious or unconscious of the strings that bind him in the shadows above the stage of The Lie.
As to the specific artwork chosen for these memes, I'd say my favorite is of Zenobia and Conan by Gary Gianni, from his illustration of The Hour of the Dragon by Robert E. Howard with the salient quote by Arthur Desmond:
"Women of vanquished races are usually very prone to wed with the men who have slaughtered their kindred in battle."
I consider Facebook to be the single most disgusting social media platform out there and yet this young man has fashioned a portion of it into a spear pointed at the heart of the wicked whore who owns the weakest of us—meaning almost all of those who masquerade as men, the whore who will one Night melt and simper into oblivion and make way for a new age, an age of men, every sissy dog meat, with women whining at their feet.
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