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‘The Sissy-Fication Process’
The Modern Survival Manuel: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando ‘Ferral’ Aquirre
© 2018 James LaFond
Ferfal’s book cover caries the blurb: Based on First Hand Experience of the 2001 Economic Collapse in Argentina and after reading this over 4 hours on a stationary bike I can assure you that it is a gold mine of relevant, experience-based survival information.
In terms of where our experience overlaps, in hand-to-hand combat training, edged weapons and avoidance Ferfal checks out, especially his astute observations of doctrinal ninja knife bullshit. One does have to make adjustments for the setting, and in Argentina, apparently, the Latino culture and lack of swarming negroes makes it advisable to abandon the silent killer ghost non-response necessary among American Hoodrats and be more confrontational. If one tried to use Ferfal’s advice on dealing with verbal aggression, to say no, rather than yes, as if there is no third option, that tactic would get into untold brawls with verbal-escalating ebons.
The only other caveat in this 248 page survival guide is the advice to push back when being pushed, again, it seems, indicating more confrontational social sorting culture in urban Argentina than the predation matrix in urban America. When dealing with a negro that pushes you in Baltimore, if you push back you will be stomped out by a band of ebon avengers, as pushing is a way to get you to trigger their justification impulse.
When dealing with low IQ ebons, once you are pushed, cringe, go upright fetal, apologize under your weakening breath and make like the fading ghost of Christmas Past, as this will encourage the follow up attack to be unguarded, so that you can drop or gut the negro as he grins in anticipation of beating you down in front of his fellows. Then, when he touches you again and you drop him, his buddies will morph into spectators and make fun of him.
In a more serious situation after a push, you do not want that space between you as you don’t want his partners to see the knife ripping through his guts, but think you just punched him. Hold his body as a shield while you disembowel him so that you can dip the blade into at least one secondary actor as well to avoid prosecution. Which brings me to the fact that Ferfal does an excellent job of advising on legalities throughout the book as he realizes that most collapses will fall short of zombie apocalypse level barbarism—sadly so—and that law enforcement will be there in the aftermath to choose sides.
The richer veins of gold in Ferfal’s book are:
-The emptying of cities is unlikely, as cities are places of refuge so long as there is a government and the danger of rolling home invasions in rural areas turns the far suburbs into a wasteland
-Government interference and corporate power will make things harder, especially early on in the collapse
-You will be a lone actor most of the time and that the chances of forming a functional survival team beyond the bounds of your immediate family is highly unlikely
-As long as a government and corporate system remains in place, however weak and teetering, most families will remain atomized, as the man strikes out and the frail hunkers down and that this very place of refuge will be the most common target as home invasions will reach an intensity and frequency previously only seen in North America along hostile frontiers.
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Bob     Dec 17, 2018

I have fond memories of Buenos Aires. The inner city could be walked safely very late at night. But that was in the glory years following dollarization but before the collapse. Quite a contrast to Brazil, which had even then a serious (black) crime problem.
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