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On Foot
Crackpot Mailbox: Reasonable Bob Has Questions about Panhandling
© 2018 James LaFond
Bob commented on 'The Happiness of the Knife!' Dec-15-2018 1:32 AM UTC
On foot, I get it that beggars/panhandlers shouldn't be allowed close enough to strike without shifting body weight.
If a verbal command to stop or go away is ignored, is that carte blanche for a pre-emptive physical move against the approaching bum?
Shoulder stop, shin kick?
And sort out the legal niceties afterwards?
This is an old Harm City subject that could use a recap.
The walking pace of most homeless is slow, so a strong stride and a habit of walking at a distance from any and all pedestrians avoids most problems. Homeless tend to congregate on a particular side of the street, so use the other side.
Beware verbal commands against groups or larger individuals if they are ebons. Unless you look like some big beast like Tony Cox or are some easy going white negro like Big Ron who has that easy grace that telegraphs ass-kicking proclivities—in other words if you are a normal range man—a command to hoodrats in the hood can get you all the respect that Chinese Gordon got at Khartoum from the Mahdi. A silent, halting hand as your dominant hand goes unobtrusively to your pocketed knife, or other weapon, or chambers your cane or umbrella or flashlight is more effective and less inflammatory. The subconscious of low IQ actors is addressed with efficient and unobtrusive body language, which would be totally missed by most high IQ ghosts and unnoticed by high IQ drunks.
One time to use a commanding voice is if the maggot is going for your woman or child and you need to orient them on you, and in that case, as soon as they switch your attention to you, you keep your eyes on them as you redirect your commanding voice to instruct your non-combatant dependents. If you are travelling with a combatant than his and your role must have already been worked out or you just need to trust him to cover other angles and back you up.
The greatest danger is the walk-up panhandler, the healthy man asking for the time, directions, change, a smoke, etc. If he is attached to a flanking or trailing male of healthy appearance go to Defcon 3, using wide peripheral focus by keying on his chest, as if boxing, as this permits you to see his arm movement and his fellow's flanking motion without getting sucked into a stare down with the initiator.
If panhandling was just a closing tactic and he moves on you, do not kick unless you have 'sick,' one-kick stopping power. Knee strikes tent to glance off and shin kicks tend to initiate rage and a tackling attempt and your foot is withdrawing from under them. If you use the low kick you must follow up with a shoulder stop, a hitter's oblique sprawl, so you might as well just use the shoulder stop and goon surf behind him and away. With winter wear in northern climes shoulder stops can get messy as his coat slips on his shoulder, so use this on big-shouldered men stretching their garments and use a stiff-arm to the chest or head on slimmer actors.
For a slow individual approaching or beckoning, I prefer to keep moving and looking past them for accomplices.
Note, if they are weaker than you, passively polite or your are a dominant male in the setting, then charity is not a bad thing, particularly if this is near your place of business and the panhandler is someone you see regularly. I have used such men as scouts and informants. Recently, as my ability to get away from extremely youthful men is obviously zilch, I will engage them in brief conversation in the tone I use when coaching, asking their name, wishing them well, giving them directions—as I have begun being slotted as an old poor survivor, someone whose value is in the information they carry not their wallet, otherwise I wouldn't look like such shit. I recently told a panhandler of about 17—a fine looking athlete in a suburban blight zone—that I had no money but would give him a free boxing lesson at the local gym where I was headed, offering something which carries an implication that I am connected locally just above his social level.
Legal issues are more easily sorted with homeless and panhandlers as cops already regard these types as a nuisance and they provide a rare point of cooperation for free men and slave men. When diminished mental capacity is apparent you might wish to counsel or render aid if your successful physical action spelled disaster for the panhandler, especially if frail witnesses were present, police are on the way, your are well known in the area, or the homeless guy has some kind of mental or physical collapse. I've seen some of these guys go from beast to baby in a breath. The question in general is becoming more common, more critical and more nuanced—so distance-based avoidance is tactic one.
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Bob     Dec 17, 2018

Thanks. Fortunately most of the beggars in my area are usually sitting down and do not accost pedestrians. But one senses this will change come the next recession. I fear zombie dawn.
James     Dec 17, 2018

This will make it easy to identify a real threat.

It's past midnight and dawn in breaking, my friend.
Tony Cox     Dec 18, 2018

I’ve seen plenty of large, aggressive, and chronically homeless negros use aggressive panhandling as a way to commit soft mugging, basically “give me some money and I won’t hurt you, sir.” It allows them to pick multiple targets until they get a winner, and plausible deniability to the cops, “I was just asking for some change.” You know exactly what’s going on when these people approach, they are trying their best to be as menacing as possible. There’s also guys like a certain dude I hopped some trains with, who would ask people for money and take no for an answer, but ended up slitting a man’s throat and killing the man in front of his preschool age daughter, all for the sin of telling him to fuck off and get a job. So yes, courtesy is often a good idea unless you are directly threatened. Staying completely off their radar if possible is obviously your best bet though, even if you gotta walk 10 blocks out of your way.
Bob     Dec 20, 2018

Appreciate the advice, gents.
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