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307: the Juked Murder Count
Crackpot Mailbox: WellRead Ed and James Look at the First and Second Place Middleweight Winners
© 2019 James LaFond
Big cities, defined in the Murderbowl as over 500,000 inhabitants number about 30 in these disunited states. Those giant cities of New York, Chicongo and LA occupy their own heavyweight division. According to the FBI way of looking at things, according to cattle management factoring, the most vicious municipalities per capita will tend to be small cities like Saint Louis and Flint, with murderous little niches like Capital Heights Maryland even worse. These facts do hint that the crimes per 100,000 model is not an accurate way of qualifying aggression, but rather one that serves the human farming social model. The FBI defines small cities as 50K and up and big cities as 100k and up. The latter does not take into account the spatial factor, so at the Murderbowl we split the municipalities according to weight classes:
Heavy- 1 million+
Fly-up to 20k
Within these parameters, Baltimore once again finished at 307, even though the real kill count was closer to 317. But the rules are the rules. That said, if Baltimore, with a population disputed somewhere around the 600,000 mark, logs 300 or more kills, it's a cinch, with the rest of 500k plus cities in distant second place and beyond. I'm sure that numbers are being "juked" and murders misreported in other municipalities as well, for the bare reason that all American police forces have a vested interested in under-reporting, suppressing and re-categorizing violent crimes.
The edifice of our Civic Lie soars higher, grinning leeringly down at it's subjects...
The murder curve in Harm City looks like this in reverse:
■ 2018: 308 victims [edited down by at least 5]
Thousands of Section 8 Rentals are moved from the City to the County
■ 2017: 342 victims
City-to-Suburban Crime Wave hits surrounding Baltimore County, with combined Urban aggression far in excess of the Purge Year of 2015 per 100,000 in murders and in violent street crime against non-criminals soaring, with suburban home invasions and gang muggings surging in the surrounding municipality.
■ 2016: 318 victims
Approximately 5% of Citizens Flee Baltimore
■ 2015: 342 victims
The Purge/Riots/Uprising/Unrest in April/May 2015
■ 2014: 211 victims
WellRead Ed
When you're number two...
Inbox Dec 28, 2018, 11:39 AM (4 days ago) try harder. North Dindustan News.
Detroit ranks as 2nd most violent big city
"Murders in Detroit were down to 267 in 2017 from 303 the previous year, according to the FBI's 2017 Uniform Crime Report. But the overall number of violent crimes increased slightly.
"In 2017, 13,796 violent crimes were reported — murder, rape, assault and robbery — in the city compared with 13,705 in 2016, the FBI reported.
"Detroit's rate of 2,057 violent crimes per 100,000 people placed it second-highest among cities with more than 100,000 residents, below St. Louis and above Baltimore, Memphis and Kansas City."
Due to the heroic level of police misreporting in Baltimore, where the murder rate is far ahead of other violent crimes, where home invasions are at zero because the BPD does not recognize that crime, I dispute these numbers and suggest murder rate as a better measure of other violent crime, news of which is ruthlessly suppressed by the police and the press.
Later in the year I will post the final results by weight class.
Manny Soprano is working on a shot versus killed comparison between Harm City and Chicongo.
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