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'Worshiping the Perpetrator'
Ron West's Queer Chicken Dinner, pages 107-8
© 2019 James LaFond
Kerouac having convinced Cassady to abandon Robinson and his child again, they determine to party in San Francisco for two days and then head for Denver. A newly married friend is strong armed into leaving his wife, to chauffer them about the Bay Area bar scene, on account of Cassady having had his car repossessed.
Kerouac and Cassady now go looking to round up fellow dissolute excuse for humanity, to share in the upcoming debauchery. They find Hinkle’s wife at home, and she tells the men off, what a bunch of worthless fucks they are and how they destroy women’s lives, specifically naming Robinson and Henderson. Kerouac pins all accusations from Hinkle, together with responsibility for all episodes of their criminal behavior on Cassady, we know this is a lie because Hinkle has been in direct contact with Robinson and Robinson clearly points the finger at Kerouac being the instigator of the misery brought into her life. Kerouac is in the classic trap of having told so many lies he cannot keep track of them all, the original lies, the lies made up to cover for the lies in the first instance, his entire narrative falls apart for anyone who’d care to examine the facts as opposed to worshiping the perpetrator.
Kerouac, Cassady, Burroughs and Ginsberg are horizons beyond ethically filthy people. They are evangelists for a misogynist criminal immorality. That Ann Charters could, in her introduction to this book, have glossed over this fact with her passing, pale excuse “prevailing attitude towards women of that era” or whatever were the unconscionable and inexcusable verbiage she’d used, is little different to the present day Catholic church denial of reality in regards to institutionalized misogyny and resultant homosexual pedophilia, and to be even-handed, you will find similar denial in any fundamentalist group with a certain fable at the core of its culture’s founding, the lie of a woman responsible for all of our world’s ills on account of an apple and her collusion with a snake.
A recipe for abandonment wrought empathy and compassion only to see this put away by empathy and compassion.
What both is, and declines to be, truth?
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